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Charisma 2014 - New product features


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New features in Charisma 2014, presented by TotalSoft CEO, Liviu Dan Dragan

New features in Charisma 2014, presented by TotalSoft CEO, Liviu Dan Dragan

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. New features in Charisma 2014 Vlad Cristuţiu Product Management
  • 2. Workflow (1) Overview  Process Designer  Task Management  Events Management  Native integration with Charisma entities
  • 3. Workflow (2) Why?  Creation of processes  Tracking processes  Changing standard flows
  • 4. Workflow (3) Example
  • 5. Workflow (4) Notions Events  Business  Time User actions  Transactions / Documents  Task-uri Automatic actions  Reports  Data processing
  • 6. Workflow (5) • Step 1 • Uses Workflow • Defines procesele 2 1 Notions • Step 2 • Analyzes • Searches for improvement solutions • Modifies existing processes
  • 7. Strategic business planning Performance indicators management Dan Giuşcă New Projects Manager
  • 8. Concept  Implementing the strategy should be a continuous process  The company's strategy is the responsibility of each employee  Aligning processes with corporate strategy  Translating corporate strategy into operational terms
  • 9. Mobility 2014 Bogdan Grigorescu Mobile Apps Product Manager
  • 10. Mobility  Charisma Web Leasing on mobile devices  Charisma Cash Flow  Payments analysis and approval on smart phone  Integrating My Tasks with Charisma Dashboard
  • 11. Charisma Web Leasing On the spot financing offer!  Car dealer can send the acquisition proposal for a car, by email, in 3 Steps  Car choice and configuration  Financing configuration  Send offer and documents to the client, by e-mail
  • 12. Charisma Web Leasing Features  Status of the lead, from the offer up to the fee payment  Special offers and new product information  Dealer motivation by providing promotional tools: smartphone / tablet  TTY reduction by notifications on the financing files
  • 13. Charisma Web Leasing Benefits  Increased number of leads  Innovative tool with competitive advantage  New sales channel – the configurator and installments calculator are available as separate applications in App Store/ Google Play Search for the vehicle Configure payment schedule Ask for an offer  TTY reduction  Sales force and approvers will be notified and will act immediately, forwarding the file along the flow  Enhanced company image
  • 14. Mobile Cash Flow Expand Cash Flow features on mobile devices  Accounts current cash status  Analysis of receipts and payments from the beginning of the month to the current date
  • 15. Mobile Cash Flow Expand Cash Flow features on mobile devices  Plan payments and estimate receipts per week  Postponing payments
  • 16. Mobile Cash Flow Expand Cash Flow features on mobile devices  Cash flow scenarios to estimate the period one can benefit from a certain amount of money  Partners financial history Charisma
  • 17. My Tasks Integration with Charisma Dashboard  Notifications in real time, regardless of the location of the current ERP activities users are responsible for  Completion of activities, with implications concerning the ERP  Creation and delegation of tasks to other users
  • 18. Planning budgets Vlad Cristuţiu Product Management
  • 19. Planning budgets Accounting and financial planning for the next period  Multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency  Top-down or bottom-up construction, with the possibility to review, approve, reject  Multiple versioning  Specific ways of calculating per budget line  Automatic generation of new budgets from previous ones by multiplication, addition, division at budget line level
  • 20. Technology Optimizations  Redesigning web applications  Focus on PERFORMANCE  ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, KendoUI, Knockout  Using the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3)
  • 21. Cloud  Enterprise Partnership with Microsoft for providing Cloud services (Azure)  TotalSoft solutions in cloud  eProcurement  Charisma Medical Software  Insurance Engine  Future plans  Charisma ERP  Disaster Recovery
  • 22. Cloud  Benefits  Scalability on request  Costs optimized according to the loading