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The ultimate list of forum niches part 1
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The ultimate list of forum niches part 1


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When you're carrying out niche research to create a new website it's important to find the best niche and the right one for you so you can make money online with your website. …

When you're carrying out niche research to create a new website it's important to find the best niche and the right one for you so you can make money online with your website.

This list of niches applies to forum websites but can also be applied to any type of site. Keyword research is vital to the success of your website so use this list to help you pick the best niche for your site.

Niche research as well as keyword research are the two building blocks that you must get right if you're going to publish a website.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design

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  • 1. The Ultimate List of Forum Niches To Choose From – Part 1 by Michael Sherriff One of the biggest problems facing us today when we want to make money online is choosing a niche, the right niche. I use the word niche here but some people may use the word “Market”, “Topic” or something similar. They all mean the same thing so there’s no point getting too hung up on deciphering the meaning of each. There are some things that you can do to make life easier and that is to choose something that you have knowledge of, experience in or that you enjoy doing. If you have any of these things then making money from your chosen niche becomes much easier and enjoyable. I have made the mistake of picking a niche because there was money in it. When it comes to getting down to business it’s difficult to get started and maintain momentum because you’re constantly having to research the subject and if you don’t really understand the topic you’re writing about it will show to others. It’s important that you pick something that you have a fair degree of knowledge about. You’ll also look more like an expert rather than someone who is just ‘winging it’. And if you’re still not sure if a topic is popular for a forum then simply pop over to Google and search ‘your keyword’ forum i.e: fish tank forum (by the way, that search in quotes gives over 200,000 results). Within 15 seconds I was able to come up with this list of forums relating to Fish Tanks; • • • • • • • • • • • • aquarium fish tank forum australian fish tank forum cold water fish tank forum diy fish tank forum fish tank forum singapore fish tank lighting forum fish tank setup forum freshwater fish tank forum large fish tank forum marine fish tank forum marine fish tank forum uk monster fish tank forum
  • 2. • • • • • • • • nano fish tank forum native fish tank forum planted fish tank forum reef fish tank forum saltwater fish tank forum small fish tank forum tropical fish tank forum tropical fish tank forum uk As you can see from that list there are some forums which people prefer to join because it’s a country specific forum. So, below is a list of topics that you can browse through for inspiration when looking for a niche on which to create your next forum on. And yes, all of these main topics have forums created already which will provides proof that these are viable for forums. Android: A popular topic with many sub topics. If you do a quick search using any keyword tool you’ll get a lot of ideas for creating a forum within the Android topic. Examples; galaxy nexus android forum galaxy note android forum galaxy s2 android forum galaxy s3 android forum galaxy tab android forum google maps android forum canadian android forum gps android forum hp touchpad android forum htc desire android forum htc desire hd android forum htc evo android forum htc inspire android forum htc one x android forum iOS: Same as above. This is a huge topic with many sub topics that are still large enough to create a forum on.
  • 3. Pc and Windows: I could create an article for this niche alone. Within Windows you have all of the different operating systems. Then there’s the niches of “end users” and “developers”. Examples; forum for windows 7 forum for windows phone forum for windows server forum for windows xp windows home server forum windows phone 7 jailbreak forum windows phone 7 user forum windows phone developer forum windows phone jailbreak forum windows phone zune forum Database and Programming: Within this niche you have all of the different programming languages which you can create forums for. SEO: Again, this is another large topic from you can create forum for. How about a Local SEO forum for your country or even city? Examples; adsense seo forum affiliate seo forum all in one seo forum all in one seo pack forum attracta seo forum australian seo forum bangla seo forum Blackhat seo forum iran seo forum irish seo forum
  • 4. Mac OS: This is a very good topic for a forum for a number of reasons but an important one is that Mac users usually pay more for a computer than people who buy Windows based machines. Graphic/Web Design: This topic can be broken down in to areas such as “Mobile web design”. What about a forum for WP Theme Designers? Examples; australian graphic design forum brisbane graphic design forum <insert country here> graphic design forum <insert state here> graphic design forum <insert city here> graphic design forum free graphic design forum free graphic design software forum freelance graphic design forum game graphic design forum graphic design illustration forum graphic design job forum graphic design printing forum logo graphic design forum motion graphic design forum photoshop graphic design forum student graphic design forum 3D and Animation: Examples; animation and visual effects forum animation design forum animation forum india animation job forum clay animation forum computer animation forum digital animation forum facial animation forum flash animation forum hand drawn animation forum london animation forum <insert country> animation forum <insert state> animation forum
  • 5. <insert city> animation forum stick animation forum stop animation forum Motorcycles: HUGE. For a start there are all of the different makes. Then there’s the different styles of motorcycles plus vintage models etc. Examples; adventure motorbike forum australian motorbike forum <insert coutry here> motorbike forum beginner motorbike forum learner motorbike forum bmw motorbike forum <insert make of motorbike here> forum bmw motorbike forum australia <insert make of motorbike here> forum <insert country here> classic motorbike forum cruiser motorbike forum custom motorbike forum diesel motorbike forum disabled motorbike forum <= Bet you didn’t think of that one dragstar motorbike forum electric motorbike forum <= This topic will only get more popular enduro motorbike forum female motorbike forum <= Great idea for a niche girls motorbike forum gold coast motorbike forum motorbike courier forum <= Great idea for a niche off road motorbike forum touring motorbike forum track motorbike forum trials motorbike forum vintage motorbike forum womens motorbike forum womens motorbike forum uk Off-Road/4×4: This is a topic full of enthusiasts and that makes for a great forum. Dig in to the topic and you’ll discover just how far reaching this goes.
  • 6. Examples; alabama off road forum alaska off road forum australian off road forum australian off road racing forum <insert country here> off road forum <insert State here> off road forum <insert city here> off road forum blazer off road forum bmw x5 off road forum cherokee off road forum chevy off road forum discovery off road forum isuzu offroad forum isuzu rodeo off road forum isuzu trooper off road forum jeep cherokee off road forum jeep commander off road forum jeep grand cherokee off road forum jeep liberty offroad forum jeep off road forum jeep patriot off road forum jeep wrangler off road forum jeep xj off road forum lada niva off road forum land cruiser off road forum land rover off road forum las vegas off road forum off road buggy forum off road buggy forum uk off road go kart forum off road go kart forum uk off road golf cart forum <= I didn’t know about this one until now off road lawn mower forum <=Yes there is a demand for this off road lawn tractor forum <=Yes there is a demand for this off road quad forum off road rc car forum off road van forum porsche cayenne off road forum range rover off road forum Hybrid Cars: This subject will become more and more popular over time
  • 7. Electric Cars: This is another subject that will also grow like the above Running/Jogging: Examples; alaska running forum austin running forum <insert country here> running forum <insert state here> running forum <insert city here> running forum australian running forum barefoot running forum barefoot running forum uk beginners running forum early morning running forum fell running forum hill running forum ladies running forum long distance running forum trail running forum trail running forum uk womens running forum Bodybuilding: This is a huge niche with a lot of potential for monetization inside the forum even if it’s free to register. Baseball: Examples; alabama baseball forum <insert State here> baseball forum <insert city here> baseball forum <insert team name here> baseball forum college baseball forum fantasy baseball forum little league baseball forum vintage baseball forum
  • 8. youth baseball forum youth baseball forum <insert city here> youth baseball forum <insert state here> youth baseball coaches forum youth baseball coaches forum <insert state here> youth baseball coaches forum <insert city here> You can repeat all of the above for Basketball and Ice hockey too. Nascar: Examples; custom nascar diecast forum custom nascar model forum diecast nascar forum fantasy nascar forum gran turismo 5 nascar forum nascar betting forum nascar camping forum nascar card forum nascar chat forum nascar collectibles forum nascar diecast cars forum nascar diecast collectors forum nascar diecast forum nascar fan forum nascar model car forum If any of the above niches are too small for their own forum then they’d make great sections to have in a forum related to the topic. I’ll be creating part two of this list in another post and linking to it from here. There is a section in the private members area of the Total Forum Blueprint that discusses niches in more detail. You can access that section by this link here if you’re a member. I hope this list helps you in some way. Michael