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  1. 1. Octopod Mobile Application Development Platform @octopodmobileOctopod. Mobile multi-platform solution octopod.mobile
  2. 2. What is going wrong?Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution
  3. 3. It’s too complicated!6 different OS10+ screen dimensions30+ screen resolutions2000+ different mobile phones= at lest 50 kg of devicesfor test “Hello World!” AppOctopod. Mobile multi-platform solution
  4. 4. Comparison of technologies for developers MEAP Octopod Functionality Syclo Sybase Kony One Cross-Platform PhoneGap Appcelerator Native SDK iOS SDK Online constructors Android SDK KitApps WP7 SDK MyAppBuilder Ease of use Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution4
  5. 5. Benefits of the Octopod Platform Key benefits: • Really Native Apps • Make once, deploy everywhere • Application management from the server side • Easy updates Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution5
  6. 6. Value for the customer• 98% mobile users coverage• Time to Market is x6 times as fast• Costs are up to x6 times as low Business API Octopod Business DB server 3rd party API’s Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution
  7. 7. Milestones The Octopod raised $1M seed funding from “The Untitled” Venture Company The Octopod Platform entered the market estimated by $1Bn with $500m addressable market An agreement about using the platform in first ISV partners’ projects (Manzana group, DocsVision) was made. Jelastic with 25.000+ clients is now our partner. Gained traction from clients and developers 500+ Octopod SDK downloads/month 10+ Apps launched Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution7
  8. 8. Achievements and clients  Technology is proven  1000+ developers onboard  Cash flow positive  SDK available for FREE Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution8
  9. 9. Clients Web Ready 2012 Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution9
  10. 10. Clients Government of LO district Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution10
  11. 11. Clients Endorphine.me Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution11
  12. 12. Clients Cinema Emotion Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution12
  13. 13. Clients DocsVision Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution13
  14. 14. Clients Enterprise inhouse services Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution14
  15. 15. Cash flow sources Enterprise solutions & services - $15k+ Standalone - $1000 one time fee PaaS for developers - from $85 app/month Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution15
  16. 16. Our sight to the future • Global market roll-out: EMEA, North America, Latin America • 10 000 active developers • 10% of Platform penetration in all new applications or 50 000 released apps based on the Octopod Platform Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution16
  17. 17. Octopod co-founders Ilya Kurilin, CEO 15 years of managing mobile and internet projects. Expertize in sales system build up and online • Our team has been creating and monetization. developing multimedia mobile Maxim Rudenko, CIO services since 2004 Technical expertize. 10 years of managing of high-loaded multiuser system development. • 2008 – we launched first carrier- independent mobile TV running Kirill Shmarkovskiy, CTO on J2ME, Windows Mobile, Ideologist of the project. 12 years of Symbian, Android и iPhone projecting of cross-platform mobile with 7M+ users solutions and CMS building. Ekaterina Teplova, HBD • 2011 – started working on the Business-communications. 15 years Octopod Platform of managing of media internet and mobile projects development. Octopod. Mobile multi-platform solution17
  18. 18. QUESTIONS? Ilya Kurilin CEO ilich@octopod.com @octopodmobileOctopod. Mobile multi-platform solution octopod.mobile