Capstone reflection paper


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Capstone reflection paper

  1. 1. Reflection Paper 0 Capstone Reflection Paper Ms. Latorya Hedgepeth Ashford University
  2. 2. Reflection Paper 1 Billy Wilder an Austrian-born American motion-picture scenarist famously stated thequote that “Hindsight is always twenty-twenty” (Wilder, 2011). This quote is hits very close tohome now that my time at Ashford University (AU) is drawing to a conclusion. I knew that theprocess ahead would be difficult yet I was full of optimism and hope at the future that a masterdegree would afford me for a chance to have a better life. I was not sure that I could succeed atAU because all of my classes were held online and with students and instructors from around theworld needless to say this placed a lot of doubt in my head that I could even be a successfulstudent at AU. Now that my education at AU is over I realize how this process had made me abetter student and future educator and trainer. It has inspired me to continue learning andimproving daily for my education started at AU but it is only the beginning and not the end. I came to attend AU by accident as that I had never considered pursuing my educationfuture than my undergrad degree which I received at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU). Ihad dreams of pursing my political science degree by securing a government job and eventuallygoing to law school. Unfortunately I graduated at the start of the 2008 global financial meltdownand with future job prospect dash and a bout with uterine cancer in the coming year allculminated in epiphany that I did not want to be a lawyer or some worker bee stuck in a cubicalfor the rest of my life. I wanted to make a difference and with my passion for history and civicsand with my natural tech savvy ability I decided to become a teacher and this help me make thefinal push to attend AU and receive my MALT Teaching and Learning with Technology degree. During my time at AU I learned a lot about myself and how to interact with otherstudents from around the world. I learned about e-learning, web 2.0, and other new and emergingtechnologies that will shape how individuals will learn in the future. In having to compile severalof my works to place in my E-Portfolio I found it difficult to decide on just what to use as to best
  3. 3. Reflection Paper 2show that I had master all the learning concepts and theories that AU had asked me to master. Inthe end I decided to include several PowerPoint presentations that I created for several differentcourses that demonstrate my mastery of creating effective trainings and understanding of howstudents learn best with technology. While these presentations depict only a slim portion of whatI was able to learn here it most accurately portrays how far I have come as a student. I can not underestimate the power that the written word has and I learned a lot throughthe many online discussion board in each course. Every discussion pushed me to consider othersopinions and opposing theories each week and allowed me to use divergent thinking in order tocome up with possible new solution and ideas previous not in my current world view. Thewritten assignments as well pushed me to further my written communication skills and focusthem so that my point is clearly expressed and remained on topic. I find that it was theculmination of the weekly discussion, textbook readings, and various assignments along with thefriendly and supportive teaching and administrative staff that helped me to reach my goals at AUand I would recommend any one to attend. I know that what I have learned here will continue toinspire me and the students that I someday hope to be teaching and for that I am glad that Iattended AU.
  4. 4. Reflection Paper 3BibliographyWilder, B. (2011). Billy Wilder Quotes. Retrieved October 2011, from Think Exist: