The Power Trio - Integration Through SOA, Enterprise Mobility and Gamification


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The Power Trio - Integration Through SOA, Enterprise Mobility and Gamification

  1. 1. Who Must Attend? ¤ CxOs, Strategy heads, marketing & sales heads: To capture a greater market share through mobile & gamification as channels ¤ Line Managers, IT Directors. VP - IT & Business Heads: Facing integration & rationalization challenges at the back-end, with increased load & complexity at the front-end ¤ Customer Support Heads: To identify & implement means; to up the motivation quotient of their agents & employees
  2. 2. The Agenda Introductions @ 9:00AM. Torry Harris Desk • Integration through SOA at the back-end, for better customer delivery at the front-end. • A real-life Case-study & Demo on how Gamification could be leveraged for your enterprise • Enterprise mobility & its relevance to your business 1 2 Key Note Session @ 9:15AM. Karthik T.S – Head, Centre of Excellence
  3. 3. The Agenda Session 2 @ 10:00AM. Roman Rackwitz - Gamification Guru 3 4 Session 3 @ 11:00AM. Dan Bieler – Principal Analyst, Forrester Research • Increasing Customer Loyalty through Gaming principles & techniques. • Marketing and Branding – thinking out-of-the-box for your enterprise through Gamification • Myths and Facts about User Experience, strategies to embrace systems of engagement • SOA and its role in mobilizing the enterprise • Organizational & Cultural implications of the connected enterprise for CIOs.
  4. 4. Keynote Speaker Karthik heads the Centre of Excellence team at Torry Harris Business Solutions and has played various practical, hands-on roles over the last 13 years in the architecture, design and integration areas prior to taking on the responsibilities of spearheading organization-wide initiatives, building solution accelerators and automation for clients world-wide. Karthik focuses in the areas of SOA, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Big Data, User Experience and Gamification. He is a gaming & User Experience enthusiast and manages a team of talented designers in the User Experience space, recruited from the top design schools. Karthik T.S. , Head – Centre of Excellence, THBS
  5. 5. Speaker – Session 1 Roman Rackwitz is a Gamification pioneer from Germany. As the founder of Engaginglab, he is rated a Top 15 Gamification Guru in the world by Leaderboard and is a partner at the Enterprise Gamification Consultancy. Roman co-founded GamFed, the worlds first Gamification Association. Roman Rackwitz, Gamification Guru
  6. 6. Speaker – Session 2 Dan Bieler is a member of Forrester's Business Technology Futures team, which serves CIOs and their business partners by predicting the long-term business impact of information technology. His research focus is on as-a-service business models and tech-driven business transformation, analysing the changing market environment for communication service providers and their equipment suppliers. Dan analyses the potential for cloud computing and the emerging business models for communications service providers, as well as the role of network outsourcing. He regularly speaks at industry conferences and Forrester events and is widely quoted in the business and IT industry press. Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  7. 7. Register at: Better Technology, Better Business.