SAP SD Cin process and their procedure


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SAP SD Cin process and their procedure

  1. 1. Page |1 The CIN Basic Process There are 4 different scenarios for CIN: Factory Sales STO (Stock Transfer Order) Depot Sales Export Sales Basic Tcodes used for CIN maintenance are: J1ID: CIN master data maintenance J1ILN: For getting the required Easy Access i.e. for Excise maintenance J1IIN: the main tcode for maintaining the BED J1IG: To capture the outgoing excise invoice under depot for STO scenario J1IJ: maintaining the excise invoice in Depot sales J1IBN01: Create excise Bond for export scenario J1A102: Processing ARE 1 document J1I5: Maintaining/updating the RG1 register J2I5: Extracting the RG1 register J2I6: Print utility program, executed after the extraction of data via J2I5 Four types of pricing procedures for CIN under TAXINN procedure:  Factory sales scenario : JINFAC  STO: JINSTO  Depot sales scenario: JINDEP  Export sales scenario: JINEXPO Processing: Factory sales: Create VA01 > VL01N > VF01 > J1IIN (enter billing doc. details) > system calculates BED > Click on Utilization icon > Specify BED amount under PLA a/c or amount Save it. Note down the excise invoice number Go to J1I5 > update RG1 Maintain selection screen with the classification key as IDH, select RG1 and execute. Go to J2I5 > Extract RG1 > Execute Then go to J2I6 > Print utility program > select RGI & execute maintain selection screen and execute. I.E. Billing > J1IIN(excise invoice) [J1I5, J2I5, J2I6] ҉ ۩ = ∑Ω₤∞∆Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (
  2. 2. Page |2 STO scenario: All the same as the STO between the two plants under one company code with SD delivery i.e. ME21N > VL10B > VL02N > LT03 > PGI > VF01 (F8) i.e. proforma invoice Billing will happen under the same J1IIN with reference to the proforma invoice number. go to J1I5 > J2I5 > J2I6 Capture the outgoing excise invoice under Depot with J1IG go to J2I6> select RG23D & execute. I.E. Billing(proforma invoice) > J1IIN (excise invoice) [J1I5, J2I5, J2I6] Depot sales: Pricing procedure ZINDEP maintain condition records under VK11 and CIN master data under J1ID VA01 > VL01N > VF01 > J1IJ go to delivery RG23D selection & specify delivery document number, excise group, series group select line item and go to details, specify quantity & save it Click on excise invoice icon select excise invoice number click on continued specify quantity; observe that system copies BED - save it. Go to J2I5 and then J2I6 for extracting and printing RG23D. I.E. Billing > J1IJ [J2I5 & J2I6] Export Sales: create the no. range for the object ARE1 Create excise bond under J1IBN01 note down the excise bond number. VA01 (Observe the no excise duty, VAT number) > VL01N > VF01 > J1IIN (create excise invoice) ARE 1 processing under J1IA102 and go to J1IA123 for updating it. I.E. Billing > J1IIN (excise invoice) ҉ ۩ = ∑Ω₤∞∆Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (
  3. 3. Page |3 Note: only in Depot sales scenario we have no encountered the trx code J1IIN i.e. creation of excise invoice but have used the trx.code J1IJ ҉ ۩ = ∑Ω₤∞∆Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (