Basic trx. codes in sap sd


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Basic trx. codes in sap sd

  1. 1. EC01 – Enterprise Structure; OVT0/OBD2 – Define a/c groups; XDN1 – No. range for customer a/c group; OBAR – Assign the number range to the a/c group; VOR1 – Common Distribution channel; VOR2 – Common Division; OVAM – Combine Dchl.; OVAN – Combine Division; OVAO – Combine Sales org.; OVAZ – Set up sales area to sales doc. Types; OMSY – Maintain Company codes for materials management; OMS2 – Quantity/Value updating; VN01 – Define number range for SD documents; OVAU – Define order reasons; OVAZ – Assign sales area to sales document types; VOV4 – Assign item category; VOV5 – Assign schedule line category; VA11 – Create Inquiry; VA21 – Create Quotation; VA01 – Create Sales order; MMBE – Stock Overview; MB1C – To initialize the stock; VL01N – Delivery; MB1B – Stock transport order movements. MMBE – Stock overview; MB03 – Material doc. is generated; FB03 – a/c ing doc. is going to be generated; VF04 – Billing due list is going to be updated; VF01 – Create billing date; OVKK – Pricing Procedure determination; V/08 – Define pricing procedure; VOFM – To write routines; VKOA – Assignment of G/L a/c; VK31/VK11 – Maintain condition records; V/03 – Create condition tables; V/07 – Create access sequence; V/06 – Define condition type; V/08 – Define pricing procedure; XD01 – Customer master creation; MM01 – Material master creation; MD04 – Transfering the sales order requirement to MRP; FD32 – Maintain customer credit master; VKM4 – Release all S&D document which are blocked; VKM3 – Release sales document which are blocked; VKM5 – Release sales doc. blocked for delivery; OVA8 – Defining automatic credit control; VV11 – Maintain condition records for output; VB11 – Create Condition records for material determination; VA51 – Create condition records for item proposal; VB41 – Create condition records for cross selling; VB01 – Create Condition records for listing/exclusion; VD51 – Create CMIR; CS01 – Create BOM; VA41 – Create Value contract; VA41 – Create contracts document type GK for master contract; VV21 – Maintain Condition records for delivery document output; OVLK – Delivery documents; OVLP – Define item categories for deliveries; VOFA – Define billing types; CT04 – Create Characteristics; CL02 – Create Class; VCH1 – Create Batch condition records; MSC1N – Create Batch master; VF31 – Generate output for billing documents; VBO1 – Create Rebate agreement; VBN1 – Create condition records for free goods; CU41 – Create Configuration profile; CU01 – Create Object dependencies; CU50 – Simulate configuration profile; ME21N- Create purchase order; MIGO – Inbound delivery recording transaction code; MIRO – Invoicing transaction code; V/LA – Create pricing report; V/LD – Execute report; MMPV – To change the fiscal year posting periods; MMRV – To allow posting to previous period. J1IBN01 – Export excise bond; J1IJ – Depot trx. Code; J1IG – STO capturing outgoing invoice; J1IIN – Factory sales tcode; J1I5 – Update RG1; J2I5 – Extraction; J2I6 – Print utility program; J1ID – Customer master data under CIN.Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (