Water Related Expertise In Toronto Region July09 Final


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The Toronto Region is a global leader in water-related research, industry and policy.
Located on the Great Lakes, the Toronto Region has a wealth of water-related research, industry and policy expertise.
Some of the key findings include:
• Home to 3 hubs of excellence within the region: Guelph-Waterloo, Burlington and Toronto
• The location of 160+ water-related companies that employ more than 30,000 workers
• Ranked #1 in international patent applications related to Membrane Separation, and is in the top 5 for patent applications related to adsorption; dialysis/osmosis/reverse osmosis/hyperfiltration; filtration; flocculation/precipitation; ion exchange; and sedmentation. Canada ranks in the top 10 globally in these areas.
• Ranked #1 in Canada for the most publications on water-related topics: adsorption; dialysis/osmosis/reverse osmosis/hyperfiltration; filtration; flocculation/precipitation; and sedmentation. Canada ranks in the top 10 globally in these areas.

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Water Related Expertise In Toronto Region July09 Final

  1. 1. Water-related Expertise in the Toronto Region July 9, 2009 TORONTO REGION RESEARCH ALLIANCE www.trra.ca
  2. 2. Agenda Key regional facts Global status in publications and patents Toronto Region’s niche strengths State of the industry Companies and labour force Overview of regional assets Research institutes and scientific expertise Government programs and incentives www.trra.ca
  3. 3. Water Technologies: Internationally-recognized R&D cluster in the Toronto Region www.trra.ca
  4. 4. Key Facts Pivotal North American location The Toronto Region is located on the shores of the Great Lakes – the world’s largest fresh water source Sophisticated customer base Suppliers of drinking water and wastewater services to one of the largest population centers in North America Major industrial sectors such as agriculture, food processing and advanced manufacturing www.trra.ca
  5. 5. Key Facts continued Well-served by an established water infrastructure Opportunities for technological and infrastructure upgrades Potential for development of new rehabilitation and monitoring technologies in an aging water system Dynamic environmental hub Over 150 companies providing wastewater, water treatment and filtration related products and services www.trra.ca
  6. 6. Global Status in Research and Patents
  7. 7. Toronto Region: A global leader in water-related patent activity Patent Applications in International Competitive Regions 160 148 140 129 120 100 80 66 60 41 40 40 33 21 20 15 14 9 0 n e l n nd l rf o ue es ou se io on to ky do al Lu ag eg Ba Se g hl To el W in H R At ss il m h  o  e  Du nt ut Th W ro  So To w Ne Source: WIPO, 2009 www.trra.ca
  8. 8. Strengths in Water Research Adsorption Dialysis/Osmosis/Reverse Osmosis/Hyperfiltration Filtration Flocculation/Precipitation Ion Exchange Membrane Separation Sedimentation www.trra.ca
  9. 9. Global Ranking: International Patent Applications Toronto Region Rank with International Competitive Patent Subject Regions Adsorption 3rd Dialysis/Osmosis/RO/Hyperfiltration 4th Filtration 2nd Flocculation/Precipitation 2nd Ion Exchange 4th Membrane Separation 1st Sedimentation 6th Source: WIPO, 2009 www.trra.ca
  10. 10. Global Patent Analysis: Top 8 Companies in Water Technologies Lanxess Lanxess 2 4 BASF BASF 2 1 3 Reckitt Benckiser Reckitt Benckiser 7 US Filter Co. US Filter Co. 1 2 4 1 Siemens Siemens 1 6 1 2 4 1 GE/ Ionics Inc. GE/ Ionics Inc. 11 1 2 11 1 Nalco Chemical Co. Nalco Chemical Co. 1 1 13 2 2 Veolia Water Systems Veolia Water Systems 4 1 3 4 2 8 Adsorption Dialysis/  Filtration Flocculation/  Ion‐exchange Membrane  Sedimentation Osmosis/  Precipitation Separation Reverse  Osmosis/  Hyperfiltra tion Key Technologies www.trra.ca
  11. 11. Toronto Region Niche Research Strengths Membrane Separation Number of publications '98-'08 159 160 149 120 97 84 82 81 80 69 66 65 40 0 ti ka g on ty ad e e n na ijin or d gio  Ci a ej w he Os p in Be Ta ar gli e ga sc nc  R Dh on Sin En o Ci nt Jh ro To Source: ISI, 2009 www.trra.ca
  12. 12. Toronto Region Niche Research Strengths Dialysis, Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis, Hyperfiltration Number of publications '98-'08 65 58 57 56 60 38 33 29 40 26 23 21 20 18 20 0 en ra es yo t its a va re on g ice ai ni n t al po av W he k w iji gi sh iw or To W Re Ku Be  H ga  S a lif Gl   ar th w er o  n Ca ah Si ou Ne Be nt M ro  S w To Ne Source: ISI, 2009 www.trra.ca
  13. 13. Toronto Region Niche Research Strengths Flocculation / Precipitation Number of publications '98-'08 400 379 349 304 300 200 122 116 98 95 90 100 81 66 0 n n t se ow a ia m ng ei ch io o on rn ou ip ale iji cs eg c re el os Ta if o Be Tu ul Ut s R rc ru M To o  l Ca Ba nt Je ro To Source: ISI, 2009 www.trra.ca
  14. 14. Water Policy Water policy & administration publications by top 10 competitive cities in Canada (1979-2009) 200 187 150 Publications 117 100 58 46 43 50 25 24 24 19 18 0 l n n r a on on i ty g ea x ve w to io pe a to  C tr ta lif st eg ou on ni on ng ec Ha a Ot R nc in sk m eb o  Ki M W Ed Sa Va nt Qu ro To Source: ISI, 2009 www.trra.ca
  15. 15. Water Policy is a Government Priority “The Water Program of Ontario, supports the goals of protecting the water that Ontarians drink by developing legislation, policies and programs, monitoring water quality and enforcing regulations to ensure protection for drinking water from source-to-tap and protection and conservation of Ontario’s water resources.” Ontario Ministry of Finance More than $172 million will be used to support the Water Program (Ontario Budget Estimates, 2008-2009) $259 million for water/environment infrastructure expenditures (2009 Ontario Budget) www.trra.ca
  16. 16. Industry Status
  17. 17. Water-related Companies in the Toronto Region 159 companies in the Toronto Region* 100 90 90 80 70 60 60 50 40 29 30 20 16 15 10 7 2 0 Professional, Manufacturing Wholesale Trade Other Services & Construction Utilities Transportation & Scientific & Technical Industries Warehousing Services  * Some companies may be involved in more than one area. Source: Industry Canada, 2008 www.trra.ca
  18. 18. www.trra.ca
  19. 19. Strong Labour Force 134,030 administrative employees, labourers and scientific personnel in Canada (2006) The Toronto Region boasts 23% of the total water labour force and over 8,200 university graduates (all levels) related to water sciences in 2007 Toronto Region 30,590 Quebec 30,305 Alberta 16,840 British Columbia 14,570 Manitoba 4,920 Saskatchewan 4,115 Nova Scotia 3,470 New Brunswick 2,155 Source: Industry Canada, CUDO, eInfo, KPI Ontario Colleges, 2008 www.trra.ca
  20. 20. Research Institutes and Scientific Expertise
  21. 21. Centre of Advanced R&D: 19 Water-related Research Institutes Notable research groups and institutes Canadian Water Network (CWN) NSERC Chair in Water Treatment University of Waterloo Groundwater Research and Remediation Research Group Waterloo Aquatic Toxicology & Ecosystem Remediation Laboratory Water Policy and Governance Group Environment Canada, National Water Canadian Centre for Inland Waters Research Institute (Burlington) University of Guelph Guelph Institute for the Environment (GIE) Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre University of Toronto Drinking Water Research Group (DWRG) Munk Centre for International Studies McMaster University (Hamilton) United Nations University: International Network on Water, Environment and Health Worsfold Water Quality Centre (WWQC) Trent University (Peterborough) Institute for Watershed Science Walkerton Walkerton Clean Water Centre www.trra.ca
  22. 22. NSERC Funding (1998-2008) Other Provinces 8% Total Amount $16,833,231 British Columbia 12% Quebec Toronto Region 7% 47% Alberta 9% Ontario Rest of Ontario 17% The Toronto Region was awarded $8.1 million by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation in the same time frame. Source: NSERC, CFI 2008 www.trra.ca
  23. 23. Expertise* 400 350 300 28 26 250 50 Projects 200 37 41 150 100 16 50 12 0 $‐ $5,000,000 $10,000,000 $15,000,000 $20,000,000 $25,000,000 $30,000,000 $35,000,000 $40,000,000 Funding Received ($) Source water quality‐ surface and ground water Recycle and Reuse Detection and Measurement of Emerging issue pollutants (PPCP, EDC, nano‐particles, pesticides, etc.) Removal of Emerging issue pollutants  Water related policy and management Water treatment technology Other * Some experts may be involved in more than one research area Source: University Websites, 2009; NSERC, 2008 www.trra.ca
  24. 24. Expertise by Institution University of Waterloo 36 Canada Centre for Inland Waters 31 University of Guelph 24 University of Toronto 21 Guelph Institute for the Environment 13 McMaster University 9 Trent University 6 Ryerson University 5 McMaster Institute of Environment & Health 5 Waterloo University Consortium for Field Focused Groundwater 4 Contamination Research 155 experts Wilfrid Laurier University 1 www.trra.ca
  25. 25. Main Locations Toronto Guelph-Waterloo Burlington www.trra.ca
  26. 26. Government Programs and Incentives
  27. 27. Government of Ontario Green Energy Act (GEA) Ontario Research Fund Innovation Demonstration Fund Investment Accelerator Fund Business Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Program Next Generation of Jobs Fund: Strategic Opportunities Program Ontario Business Research Institute Tax Credit www.trra.ca
  28. 28. Government of Canada Sustainable Development Technologies Canada Scientific Research & Experimental Development Expenditures NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program New Environmental Technologies Evaluation Financial Support – Science & Technology Canadian Environmental Technology Information Centre www.trra.ca
  29. 29. Water Issues Developing world Developed world Clean water Source water quality – surface Disease control and ground water Source water protection Recycle and reuse Detection and removal of emerging issue pollutants (i.e. pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), endocrine disruptors (EDC), pesticides, etc.) Water-related policy www.trra.ca
  30. 30. Summary Established research infrastructure 150+ experts conducting internationally recognized R&D at 19 water-related research institutes Global leader in water-related patent activity Top 3 ranking in areas of membrane separation, filtration and flocculation Strong industry and appropriately trained labour force 150+ companies and over 8,200 graduates in water related engineering and science programs Drinking water, bulk transport and source protection are government priorities www.trra.ca
  31. 31. “…There are several large multi-national companies that do their manufacturing in Ontario. Toronto Region universities will create innovative new technologies for them in global applications. We are and will be the leaders in water protection and assessment…” Marc Savos, University of Waterloo Canada Research Chair in Water Quality Protection Scientific Director, Canadian Water Network www.trra.ca
  32. 32. For more information, contact us: Toronto Region Research Alliance MaRS Centre, Heritage Building 101 College Street, Suite HL30 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L7 Email: info@trra.ca Tel: 1 416 673 6674 Fax: 1 416 673 6671 www.trra.ca