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  • 1. Things No One Told Me in University About Business By: Marc Belaiche President TorontoJobs.ca
  • 2. About an (Accounting) EDUCATION.....
    • Degree/Diploma
    • Professional Designation
    • Stay in touch with your friends/classmates
    • Learn as much as you can about Accounting and Business
    • It’s what you do after education that matters
  • 3. About WORK......
    • Keep Resume Up-To-Date
    • Show your interest in work to get promoted! Do more than what is minimum!
    • No job is perfect
    • Seek guidance/mentor
  • 4. About WORK......
    • Use recruiters to help you
    • Can do well working for “the man”
    • Learn the way companies operate/why they do things a certain way
    • Hidden Job Market
  • 5. About STARTING A BUSINESS......
    • Start small – part-time/summer job
    • Do your research/don’t start something on a whim
    • Do something you know and love
    • Learn from all your experience(s)
  • 6. About STARTING A BUSINESS......
    • Learn from mistakes (past and current)
    • Follow your gut
    • Get financing
    • Underestimate Revenues, Overestimate Expenses
  • 7. About STARTING A BUSINESS......
    • Get advice, but make your own decision(s)
    • You don’t need an idea that no one else has ever done before
    • Understand financial statements
    • Think Big/Expansion
  • 8. About STARTING A BUSINESS......
    • You will feel like you’re all alone
    • Understand cash flow
    • Shoot for the Stars, Settle for the Moon
    • Tax system favours Business owners
  • 9. About STARTING A BUSINESS......
    • Most millionaires own businesses
    • Understand how financial info affects decisions
    • You will fail – it’s how you bounce back from failures
    • Be patient
  • 10. About STARTING A BUSINESS......
    • Have people give you guidance
    • Have budgets/targets
    • Think outside the box – remember, you’re different!
    • Rich Dad/Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
  • 11. About FINANCES........
    • Get your finances/credit in order
    • Pay off debts as soon as possible
    • Start your RRSP early
  • 12. About LIFE.....
    • Politics
    • Learn to sell
    • University/College time is the best
    • Be Nice
  • 13. About LIFE.....
    • Network! Network! Network!
    • Have an Open Mind – your Career may go in many directions
    • Follow your dreams
    • Avoid Negative people
  • 14. About LIFE.....
    • Fly with the Eagles
    • Don’t rush an important decision
    • If you don’t understand something, ask
    • Take time off/travel to clear your mind
  • 15. About LIFE.....
    • Have fun
    • Read a lot about your chosen career/industry
    • Learn from others who have been there
    • Create your own luck
  • 16. About LIFE.....
    • People that move up are connected
    • Be confident
    • Keep Your Life Simple/Free of Clutter
    • Speak clearly/communication
  • 17. About LIFE.....
    • Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses – a lot of them are broke!
    • Use professional correspondence in business emails
    • Set Goals
  • 18. Questions/Comments? About TorontoJobs.ca