Evaluation Question 4.


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Evaluation Question 4.

  1. 1. EvaluationQuestion Four
  2. 2. Question 4How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?
  3. 3. Construction Stage
  4. 4. Canon Digital SLR Camera Our short film was a stopframe animation therefore we used a Canon digital SLR camera to take the thousands of pictures needed. The reason that we used this particular camera is because the quality is extremely high and made our film look more professional.
  5. 5. Red Head Lights The use of the red head lights wasvery important during the production of our short film as they provided a good light source and ensured that there was no unwanted shadows in any shot.
  6. 6. iPhoto Once we had taken all of the photographs needed for our stop frame animation we uploaded them onto the computer and imported them into a specific album in iPhoto, this ensured the safety of our photographs as we were not the only group using that computer.
  7. 7. iMovie After importing all of ourphotographs into iPhoto, we then transferred them into iMovie so that we could put them in order and alter the timing between thephotographs to make the film run smoothly.
  8. 8. Final Cut Pro After the film was made, we transferred it into Final Cut Pro so that we could add a soundtrack to it with the use of Garage Band. Using Final Cut Pro also made it easier for us to convert the finished product into a QuickTime movie.
  9. 9. Garage BandOnce our short film was completed, weused garage band to compose asoundtrack that was appropriate for the film.
  10. 10. Adobe Photoshop CS5 I used Photoshop to edit the photographs that I used whenmaking my film poster and double pagereview. At first I found it quite difficult butonce I got the hang of it, it became a useful program to use.
  11. 11. Adobe InDesign I used InDesign when creating my double page article reviewing my short film and my film poster. I found it extremely easy to use and the finished products looked very professional.
  12. 12. Apple Mac My group and I often used the Apple Mac computers when constructing our short film as they had a lot ofuseful editing software onthem. I find that the Macs are a lot easier to use than a PC and are a lot more professional.
  13. 13. Dell PC We had to use then Dell PCs to complete our work because the Macs only had editing software on them therefore to complete the rest of our work we use the PCs in order to access programs such as Photoshop and InDesign.
  14. 14. Planning Stage
  15. 15. Google Google was the main search engine that I used when researching short films, it enabled me to find theappropriate websites quickly and easily due to the simple layout.
  16. 16. YouTube I used YouTube when planning myshort film as I viewed a lot of shorts on this site in order to gain inspiration and learn what worksand what does not work well whenproducing a stop frame animation. Ialso uploaded my finished film ontothe site as a way of distributing our finished product.
  17. 17. Blogger I used my blog on Blogger to upload and post about the things that I was planning to do with regards to our short film. Everything about our film was planned out first and published on my blog; this was very useful as it helped us to determine potential issues with the film before filming even started. My blog shows many examples of media convergence e.g. It incorporates the use of video, sound and text all in the same blog.
  18. 18. PreziPrezi is a presentation site that allowed me to plan out my thoughts and actions regarding our short film and order it in anorganised way that allowed me and the rest of my group to view and access our plans with ease. I then uploaded eachpresentation onto my blog to ensure that all of my planning was in the same place.
  19. 19. Glogster Glogster was used on my blog when I was planning making a poster for myshort film. It proved useful as it allowedme to see what worked and what did not work as a film poster.
  20. 20. Evaluation Stage
  21. 21. YouTube We used YouTube in the evaluation of our short film. We uploaded our video to the website in order to gain feedback from the general public about our film.
  22. 22. Facebook Facebook is another website that we found extremely useful when evaluating our work, wesimply uploaded our film in order to distribute itand awaited feedback. Overall we gained positive feedback about our stop frame animation. In this day and age, we communicate greatly viathe internet thanks to web 2.0
  23. 23. Overall I feel that PCs have made our lives so much more easy in the way that distributing our work and projects can be done in various different ways with great ease, websites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube allow prosumers to share their work and gain feedbackfrom other prosumers via the use of the internet. We are also able to edit our own work in our own homes with the use of editing software such as Photoshop andInDesign, all of which would not be doable if not for PCs.
  24. 24. During this course my IT skills have developed in a number of ways, for example, I am now able to use a wide variety of different computer software like Photoshop, InDesign, iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband and Final Cut Pro. I have also learned how to produce a stop frame animation and how to correctly use a digital SLR camera. Some problems that I encountered during this project include not being able to make the camera focus correctly, after a few photographs I had realised how to usethe device properly and I was able to focus the camera. I also has an issue with editing the film as I found it extremely difficult to use Final Cut Pro, however I overcame this as I eventually got used to the software.