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3 essays

  1. 1. Silent Hill 2: Revelations 3DThis sequence begins with a signifier of medium shot with a man strapped to a table.This signifies he is vulnerable, weak and in danger. From his facial expressions he‟sscared and frightened. An example of a denotation is the low key lighting; thisrepresents a creepy, gothic and dark atmosphere. This foreshadows death for themale character. The non-diegetic music is form of instruments played at a low deepbase; this effect creates tension and suspension for the audience.A cut is made and it appears as a medium shot with nurses wrapped up likemummies. This conveys the nurses are not human and they are from a differentspecies which is creepy and chilling. The scariest aspect is being in the room withsomething that‟s unknown to you and could hurt you in any way.Further into the sequence the nurses started to react to the sounds they hear in theroom. One of them had a knife in her hand. This shows they are protective ofthemselves because they are blind from their vision they don‟t understand what isgoing on around them.
  2. 2. In the background there‟s a denotation of an X-ray of a person‟s skull. This connotesthe building use to be a hospital. From my perspective the picture looks dementedas if the place is made for torching innocent souls.Further along the scene a woman crawls up from the side of the bed. She whispersto the man “where my father is?” this rhetoric device explains she‟s on a mission tofind her father. In my opinion the place is cursed with evil forces which make badthings happen to good people.Shot reverse shot occurs between the characters; the man replied “I know whereyour father is? He is in the cemetery beneath the amusement park.” This indicatesthe guy probably met the father before he got locked up. I think every character hassomething the demon wants. In the end both of the characters make a deal, shehelps the man escape and he looks for her father with her.
  3. 3. Stills from the actual movieA detonation presents itself as the girl is pullingthe ropes off the man. This connotes the speedof her motivation was fast because she is panicking. The sound in the backgroundcreated a dramatic effect of fear and panic. This horror movie played with theaudiences‟ emotions, one time they were trying to escape and the next thing youknow the evil forces were trying to attack them.Another signifier is drawn up when the man fell off his bed in slow motion. This effectconveyed the conventions of anticipation and the moment of a cliff-hanger. Theprocess of this incident creates surrealism for both the viewer‟s and the audience.These stills are useful to be shown because they indicate what has happened and itgives you better insight. The colours in the sequence are brown and grey to create mystery.
  4. 4. An example of a denotation illustrates on the screen with a medium shot of the mangetting up with belt attached to him and the woman pulled the bed it towards them.This connotes their reacting fast to prevent themselves from getting murdered. Aninteresting theme in this movie is the connection between the characters; both ofthem hardly know each other but their sensitive and caring towards each other.Lastly a scene is demonstrated with a med shot, the woman quoted “we need aknife” this shows she is trying to find a way out. She dived onto the ground andreached out for the weapon near the nurse‟s feet. This connoted the bravery and thecourage of a female character; she is obliviously dominating the man. This filmdecided to do a role switch which was very interesting and links to our trailer„Diamond Rush. „The end of the sequence was left with a cliff-hanger, the editing andthe camerawork was cleverly directed to play with the audience‟s mind and to leavethem in an unstable condition.
  5. 5. These stills create fear, tension, suspense and many more emotions …..Bourne LegacyBourne Legacy is presented as a med shot of a woman’s face. She looks worried andoverwrought. This connotes the woman could be involved in a dangerous situation. A gangor the police could be after her. This foreshadows somebody could get hurt. Thebackground is dark and dull. This indicates mystery.A signifier is portrayed with an establishing shot; a group of police officers are wearing blackbullet proof vests. In my opinion they are preparing to arrest a hazardous suspect. The shotreverse shot from the house and to the woman shows a connection. She knows the personwho’s inside of the building. Dramatic irony is running through the film to film to keep theaudience feeling tense.
  6. 6. The camera cuts to a detonation of a med with the woman screaming “Aaron Run!” Thisindicates the woman wants to protect him from going to jail. Her role as a female characteris represented to be courageous is well. This woman is risking her own life which implies shewill end up in danger is well.A signifier is dominated on the screen, Aaron is facing the window. This signifies he isalerted by the scream. The low key lighting changes the mood into a mysterious effect; itconnects with the conventions and codes of a thriller.As the scene goes on, a signifier of a long shot appears with the woman running away in ahurry. This shows the woman is in a hurry to escape in order to save her life. During thisscene I felt nervous for the woman. It was unpredictable whether she was going to getcaught or not.
  7. 7. A denotation is demonstrated with a long shot of a police man looking at the womanrunning in the market. This connotes he believes she is a suspect and he is after her for anykind of information. This is the woman’s downfall, if she gives a statement in she could facejail time for acting dodgy and secretive in the first place.As soon the scene cuts away, the paste of the editing goes fast. Another signifier isdisplayed with Aaron climbing on a gate. This signifies time is running out and he needs tofind a safe place. Non-diegetic music is playing in the background this has a great impact onthe conventions of a thriller. The music is fast, energetic and adventurous.A signifier is illustrated with a med shot of the police officer’s breaking into the man’sapartment. This connotes the representations of hierarchy. The police have the power andauthority to do anything without owner’s consent.
  8. 8. The camera cuts to different scenes, the editing starts to become hectic. The male characteris portrayed as a flexible, courageous, brave and athletic man. It’s like he has beenprofessionally trained my agents to deal with certain situations.Next few scenes:
  9. 9. Moreover into the sequence the camera goes back to the woman, there is a medium shot ofher woman running. Meanwhile another lady is reporting her escape. The performance ofthe female characters shows their alert, fearful and is panicking about the situation.Specifically the main protagonist doesn’t want to get caught.In these two scenes you clearly state the denotation; first of all she’s running through analleyway and ends up getting caught. This location focuses on character’s being trapped.The movement and the posture of her body are attentive and cautious.More action sequences!However as the scene goes along a signifier appears through a long shot, the man is slidingdown a pathway. This signifies the surrealism of action movies; it always has beenmelodramatic in order for the audience get excited.Here is a signifier of a fighting scene; this signifies the form of ideology which gives thecharacter a chance to be a hero for the day. This again focuses on the ideology of maledominance
  10. 10. The last scene is captured around a sequence of shot reverse shot. The man quoted “areyou alright” and she replied “yes” with a sigh of relief. This signifies the man saved thewoman. Both characters relied on each other; no character was higher than the other.There was a connection between them and involving a power struggle but victory didoverpower the sequence.The Apparition Each textual analysis tells a different story but all of them link because they all deal with the same theme thriller.The Apparition is presented as a signifier of a med close up; the man has his eyes’closed. This signifies the man is dreaming. In the background he’s leaned up against awhite wall and you can see his shadow behind him. This is disturbing to watch becausehe could be sleep walking which means he can’t control his behaviour at night timeAnother denotation of a med shot is occurred, this time the man’s eyes are open. Thisportrays he is no longer sleeping. From his facial expressions he looks scared andfrightened. The diegetic sound could have woken him up; he is probably beingtormented by supernatural activities.
  11. 11. In addition a denotation of a medium shot is displayed; the man is stiffened against thewall. This connotes he is shocked or possibly permanently scared by the wholeexperience. This scene is mind playing and leaves the audience anxious to see the nextscene.Here is a signifier of a point of view shot; the man obliviously saw his own body. Thissignifies the character is either going through déjà vu or is having hallucinations. Thisrepresents the man might have a mental disorder. The atmosphere inside of the room isplaying on his sickness especially since it’s dark and entrapped.An establishing shot is displayed; the signifier appears to be with a man sleeping on hissofa. This signifies he is seeing himself in a different format. The representation is wiredand creepy. This creates the idea of a psychological thriller as something is controllinghis mind. The room has low key lighting to indicate darkness and death. The reflectionat the window developed a supernatural effect.
  12. 12. As we get more into the trailer, we can see a denotation with a long shot. The man is onthe ceiling looking down at his body. This connotes a twin effect; the visualization is adominant aspect because it brings out themes for i.e. ghosts and black magic. Maybe thehouse is cursed and is waiting an innocent soul.Further along into the sequence there’s an establishing shot, the med shot shows theman stuck to the ceiling whilst a woman is sleeping in her bed. This clearly indicates theman is having a bad nightmare; he is powerless and can’t control what’s going on.As you can see there’s a signifier of a medium shot with the girl sleeping in the bed. Thesheets are wrinkled and drawn onto her body. This signifies the spirit is tormenting herwhilst she is sleeping. This image is disturbing and leaves the audience feeling uneasy.
  13. 13. The teaser trailer goes on showing a detonation; the sheets are slowly covering up thegirl’s body. This connotes deceased spirits want to communicate with her. Hervulnerability makes it easier for the spirit to get to her and go onto her body.The camera cuts to the man, he is in the same position. This signifies the man is lost inhis sleep, can’t seem to wake up. This builds up tension and curiosity for the audience.In these two stills you can see her face is being covered with the blanket. This connotesthe spirit wants to suffocate her. I think this brings up the theme of revenge, the ghost isangry about something. The unknown presence isn’t going to stop until they get whatthey want.
  14. 14. A detonation with a shot reverse shot is displayed in the scene; I believe the man isusing his dreams to kill people. This foreshadows the woman’s death. I sympathize forthe woman as she’s the innocent victim in all of this.The last scene represents a denotation; the girl is being attacked in her bed. Theisolation around the frame develops the idea of loneliness and separation. During thisclip I felt fuzzy and anticipated.
  15. 15. Conclusion of process: