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Presentation at OTA09 of Ericsson Labs offering to empower developers.

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Ericsson Labs OTA09 090925

  1. Ericsson Labs Richard Carlsson Johannes Willig Over the Air 09.09.25
  2. Ericsson Networks Services Multimedia 2
  3. Open Innovation Mobile applications are today developed by anyone Support developers creating new innovations Feedback on new enablers developed
  4. Offering Development support Hosting & Test Showroom Appli cation s • APIs and coding resources • Deployment • Publish • Tutorials & Forums • Application servers • Feedback • Testing & evaluation • Developer Connection Download – Create – Upload – Publish – Evaluate 4
  5. The Power of the Network Knows – Who your users are – Where they are – Where they have been – Who they know Can – Push content to your users anytime – Handle payment and money transfer …and much more 5
  6. Developer Dilemma Web Java Android iPhone Telecom Hobby Researcher Student Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Operator Operator Operator Operator 6
  7. Simplicity for Experimental Developers Web Java Android iPhone Telecom Hobby Researcher Student Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Ericsson Labs Beta Telecom Beta Internet Enablers Enablers Capability Operators Providers 7
  8. Innovate with our APIs Mobile Java Push Mobile Maps Mobile Java Communication SMS Send & Receive Framework Web Location Web Maps 8
  9. Mobile Java Push Hosted platform for building and deploying innovative services based on file push Transfer content as soon as available Save device battery Reduce data traffic for user 9
  10. Communication (IMS) Framework A communication framework for device to device, server to device and device to server communication A communication framework built on IMS/SIP with API support in multiple client platforms – Android – Java ME – RESTful A hosting environment for server applications 10
  11. Mobile Maps Develop cutting edge mobile map applications with the Mobile Maps Java ME™ or Android components Highly customizable and dynamic maps easily included in any Java ME™ or Android application Powered by Idevio. Map data from TeleAtlas or OpenStreetMaps 11
  12. Web Maps Integrate powerful and flexible maps into your web applications using Web Maps Highly customizable and dynamic maps rendered in the browser Powered by Idevio. Map data from TeleAtlas or OpenStreetMaps 12
  13. Web Location A simple web interface to access the location of a user in the mobile phone network Maintain user integrity and privacy (end-user consent is managed by the API) • Your user visits your • Web Location asks • Web Location finds website your user if she the location of the user’s mobile phone • You show the user a agrees to be located website customized to • You ask the Web by your application • Web Location sends their exact location Location API for user location the location to you 13
  14. SMS Send & Receive SMS Send & Receive is a web API for sending and receiving SMS text messages. At your disposal you have the Ericsson Labs shared international number +46 73 7494050. 14
  15. Coming Soon Mobile Location Client-side side positioning of mobile users Streaming Media Streaming server for distribution, transcoding, and monitoring of media content Media Fabric Internet media content to any DLNA enabled device in your home 15
  16. DEMO
  17. Follow us Twitter | @EricssonLabs LinkedIn | Ericsson Labs 17
  18. Login – Search – Explore featured API’s, blogs and apps 18
  19. Target group 19