PurePulse, a greatleap forward in freshness                                                                               ...
PurePulse is able to                                                       460 millionextend shelf life by 21 days        ...
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PurePulse - cold preservation of drinks using electric fields (PEF 2.0)


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Normal drinks are pasteurized at temperatures above 75oC. As a result the taste an health aspects are completely destroyed. The new PurePulse technology from Cool Wave Processing makes it possible to do cold pasteurization below 45oC. It is the perfect cost-effective alternative for HPP/High Pressure Processing. More information can be found on www.purepulse.eu

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PurePulse - cold preservation of drinks using electric fields (PEF 2.0)

  1. 1. PurePulse, a greatleap forward in freshness Add up the benefits to you of a 21-day shelf life. Fresh juice tastes and looks so much more appealing than the juices that now dominate our supermarkets. Up until now, offering fresh juice in a manner that is safe and of economic interest has presented a formidable challenge. PurePulse makes it possible to give fresh juices a longer shelf life while preserving their vitamins, aromas, colours and flavours. Consumers are champing at the bit for fresh juice. Even so, supply is only limited and potential room for growth does not appear to have been taken up. The reason? Fresh juices require an expensive chilled distribution chain and, owing to their short shelf life, the loss percentage is relatively high. Consequently, it is no wonder that there are difficulties in making an advantageous business case for fresh juices.KEPT FRESH WITH
  2. 2. PurePulse is able to 460 millionextend shelf life by 21 days consumers within your grasp 21 21 21 21 21PurePulse makes it possible to give fruit juices a long shelf life while Preservation using PurePulse quite literally gives a wholepreserving their natural vitamins, aromas, colours and flavours. As a new dimension to your sales market. While the sales marketresult, this technology is able to open up markets and opportunities for fresh juices often used to be restricted to a radius of aroundthat were hitherto unfeasible. Using PurePulse preserved fruit juices 200 kilometres, using PurePulse now means being able to expandyields the following benefits: your potential sales market up to a radius of approximately 1500 kilometres. And that means being able to increase your• Simplified distribution market from 30 million consumers to as many as 460 million.• Larger sales market Technology that has come of age• Less lossAdd up the benefits to PurePulse has more than proved its worth in practice. For example,you of a 21-day shelf life. this technology has already been in use within the medical industry for years. The predecessor to PurePulse was PEF. PurePulsePurePulse extends the shelf life of fresh juices to at least 21 days. has fine-tuned PEF to perfection by employing a number of cleverIn a market where loss is one of the greatest cost items, each innovations. As a result, you will be able to achieve the same leveladditional day of shelf life is worth its weight in gold. Add up the of safety with less capital and considerably less heating while stillbenefits to you if your product had a 21-day shelf life! retaining even more of your juices fresh properties.Further information Specifications • Continuous processYou might like to hear more about the opportunities that • Capacity: 600, 1200 or 1800 litres/hourPurePulse can offer you. Frank Smeltink, the commercial director • Max. power: 16kW, 30kW, 50kWof Cool Wave Processing, will be happy to tell you all about them • Pulse duration: 1-4 μsecduring a personal meeting. • Temperature rise in processing chamber: 5-15 ° C • Electric field: 20 ‒ 40 kV/cm • Reduction of micro-organisms: 4-6 logAgro Business Park 106708 PW WageningenThe NetherlandsT +31 (0) 317 466 270info@purepulse.euwww.purepulse.eu