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The no bs_way_to_make_money_online

  2. 2. All rights reserved. No part of this document or accompanying files may be reproducedor transmitted in any form, electronic or otherwise, by any means without the priorwritten permission of the publisher.This ebook is presented to you for informational purposes only and is not a substitutionfor any professional advice. The contents herein are based on the views and opinions ofthe author and all associated contributors.While every effort has been made by the author and all associated contributors topresent accurate and up to date information within this document, it is apparenttechnologies rapidly change. Therefore, the author and all associated contributorsreserve the right to update the contents and information provided herein as thesechanges progress. The author and/or all associated contributors take no responsibilityfor any errors or omissions if such discrepancies exist within this document.The author and all other contributors accept no responsibility for any consequentialactions taken, whether monetary, legal, or otherwise, by any and all readers of thematerials provided. It is the readers sole responsibility to seek professional advicebefore taking any action on their part.Readers results will vary based on their skill level and individual perception of thecontents herein, and thusly no guarantees, monetarily or otherwise, can be madeaccurately. Therefore, no guarantees are made.2.
  3. 3. Table of ContentsStep 1. pg. 6Install Wordpress …………………………………………………… pg. 7Congure HTML …………………………………………………… pg. 8Create Aweber Page Auto Responder………….. pg. 9Uploading Your Site ……………………………………………… pg.14Alternative Solution ………………………………………………. pg.15HTML 2 WP Plug-in ……………………………………………… pg.17Step 2. pg. 22Promote Your Clickbank Product ………………. pg. 24Step 3 pg. 28Sign Up For Free Article Spinner…………………... pg. 29Doc Sharing Sites ………………………………………………… pg. 30Alternative Solution ……………………………………………… pg. 313.
  4. 4. This ebook was written because I know the struggle of learning the ins and outs of InternetMarketing. It is especially difcult for newbies to get online and make any real money.Well, I should know, as it took me a couple of years, before I actually made any money. Thatsbecause I kept getting information overload, not to mind you, the con8icting advice from all ofthe gurus.Now, I know everyone bashes the gurus, I guess there has to be a bad guy, but I did learn fromsome of the gurus. After awhile, you learn which ones actually care about their customers.I read all the books, watched the videos, and then I tried to put some of the things to work, butit still didnt work. I then realized that I was taking in too much information and going about itthe wong way.I needed to hunker down and actually create a system to wealth. I then begin putting togetherthis strategy that you are about to read, that will allow you to scale it to as big as you want.Imagine being able to create wealth on demand.No hype.I mean literally create the nancial freedom, you know, you nally deserve. What if you coulddo it all by the end of the month! Would you take the time to implement what I am about toshare with you?I am asking, because I spent a lot time away from my precious family, in order to get everythingset up for this and I really want to help you succeed, so make a promise to me and yourself, thatyou will look into this, because this may be the last product you need.Some people will only do this. Some may go off into the deep abyss of Internet Marketing, but ifyou create enough of these systems, which are so new, I havent named them, you will succeed.Fresh of the press, into your hands. This is a way to eventually create wealth on auto pilot. Yes itdoes take a little elbow grease at rst, but it is well worth it. Set it up once. Then maintain it fora little while. Maybe check in on it.After that, you can choose to let it grow organically. Go on to create another system if you like.The best part, as it doesnt take a long time to set these up. I also show you how you can getsomeone else to do most, if not all the work for you.Just follow the simple steps that I laid out for you. I leave nothing out. This is a whole systemthat you can ramp up and see dividends in a small amount of time. You can grow it big as youlike and nally quite that job, that you hate, “but pays the bills.”4.
  5. 5. This is easy enough that even a child can do it. Follow each steps below and you will havemoney 8owing into your bank account in no time.If anything becomes too complicated or you dont want to do it yourself, I discuss the cheapestprice to hire someone to do it for you.So, what are you waiting for? Lets get into this and make it happen, your future bank accountlies in your hands.Thanks for reading.Best,IM.Derelle1 Lambo Liftlye COMING SOON...!5.
  6. 6. Step1For step 1 we want to go and search for MMR related to a chosen niche. MMR works wellbecause you already have a product to sell, to give away for free to your list and best of all, itcomes with all the les needed to create a professional squeeze page, purchase page and thankyou page. Overall it is a great turnkey business.Below you will nd some places to search for MMR or Master Resale Rights products. Makesure that you search for products related to your niche and products with sales page. Alsomake sure that it comes with a squeeze page.http://master-resale-rights.comhttp://www.bigproductstore.comhttp://www.plr365.comhttp://bigcontentsearch.comI am assuming everyone knows how to purchase a domain and a website, so I will not becovering that in this ebook, but you can go online to nd how to or visit any video sharing siteand nd out information on how to buy a domain and hosting for that domain.Once you have your domain and hosting account set up, you will have to locate your Cpanel,in this Cpanel you will want to look for WordPress.6.
  7. 7. Install WordPressIf you have any issues with this make sure to contact customer service of your hosting account,and they should be able to assisst you with this.Also, as I have not tested every hosting account online, you want to make sure that your hostingprovider has the ability to install WordPress, it will be helpful if the host provider has one-clickWordPress install, which I nd is the most easiest way to get WordPress set up.Some of the best hosting providers are,,,, being online, youll probably hear about these particular hosting providers themost, I have used all of them except Host Gator. I was using Just Host at one point, but now Iam using Blue host and is one of the hosting providers that has simple scriptinstall. All you have to do is click a button to install WordPress onto your domain, which makesthis very easy.7.
  8. 8. Once you ll out all the information (site name, site description, admin name and password)thats needed, in order to get your WordPress site up and going, you want to go to yourWordPress admin and login.You will be able to do this by going to your domain name. There should be a button to click thatwill lead you to your admin login page it should read http://yourdomain If you dont see it, then you could type or copy and paste in your browser the followinghttp://yourdomain and you can go there and put in your username, aswell as a password, to gain access to the dashboard of your admin panel of your WordPresssite.Congure HTML PagesBefore we get into uploading our pages to Wordpress, we have to congure our HTML pageswith code from, so we can get paid. We will also need to put our auto respondercode into our squeeze page.Now you need to set up your code so that you can get paid instantly. In order to sellthe products that come with MRR you would need to have a PayPal link. If you dont have aPayPal account it is very easy to set one up to at Sign up for an account, it is freeand it would allow you to get paid instantly.8.
  9. 9. Watch the video below to learn how to get your buy now button code in order to place apayment link on your webpage. I highly advise you to sign up to watch the video below. It is awalk you by the hand, step by step video that shows the whole process from start to nish ofhow to set up Pay Pal code in MRR. The video is thorough and last 2 hours. If you havesomething to do, you may want to put this off to later.Go Here=== people in IM use Since it is the most popular, it will be the focus in thisbook. Although, not only for that reason. It is also because the video presented below isutilizing Aweber.Create Aweber Squeeze Page Auto ResponderWatch this video. Add Aweber Optin Code to Generic Squeeze TemplateWhen you get to Aweber make sure that you take the time to learn about how to get everythingset up properly. They have all the training material that you need. If you have any questionsmake sure to contact Aweber customer support and they will help you resolve your issue.If video cant be seen, do the following.When you get to the last step in Aweber, which is publishing your opt-in form.9.
  10. 10. Go to I Will Install My Form. Click on Raw HTML Version.Look for this code below, within the code given in the box. Highlight only this much of thecode (see below).Copy and Paste your code to your notepad or other saved document to use later.form method=post class=af-form-wrapperaction= type=hidden name=meta_web_form_id value=606356137 /input type=hidden name=meta_split_id value= /input type=hidden name=listname value=yourlistname /input type=hidden name=redirect value= /input type=hidden name=meta_adtracking value=Web_Form_Name /input type=hidden name=meta_message value=1 /input type=hidden name=meta_required value=name,email /input type=hidden name=meta_tooltip value= / --------------------------- stop copy here --------------------------------------------You might see this div style=display: none; below the form method (the top line of code).10.
  11. 11. Just delete it. If you dont, it will not allow your name and email box to be seen on your MRRsqueeze page opt-in form.Get Kompozer. Open the software.Click open and go to your squeeze page ,le. Now you should see your squeeze page on thescreen. At the lower left of the screen, you will see design, split and source. Click on sourcetab.Now you will see a bunch of code. Dont let this freak you out. After awhile, believe it or not,you will began to understand it. You can use this tool to make sure you dont mess anything up.Just copy and paste your whole page HTML code and it will show up on the lower window. right now.Look for something like this in your code below.11.
  12. 12. td background=images/optinbg.jpg (your optin has to have a .jpg, so you should see it.)div align=center brtable align=center border=0cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=302tbodytrtdThis is the top part of your opt-in form. Right below this paste your Aweber code. Some squeezepages tell you where to paste your auto responder code. This is for when they dont. Also, sinceI cant test every squeeze page, I cant say how similar yours may look. But you should alwayslook for images, optin, .jpg, center, cellpadding, cellspacing, td. These are an indication incode talk, that an opt-in box is near.Below is what should be under your Aweber code that you just pasted. This is the conclusion ofthe top half of the opt-in form. Make sure that you see table border or tbody or tr withname and email following thereafter.table border=0 cellpadding=2cellspacing=0tbodytrtdfont color=#ffffffface=arial, verdana size=2First Name:/font/tdtdinput size=20name=fname type=text/td (where you see fname, change it to name)/trtrtdfont color=#ffffffface=arial, verdana size=2Email Address/fontfontface=arial, verdana size=2:/font/tdtdinput size=20name=email type=text/td (where you see email, make sure it says email)/trtrtdbr/td12.
  13. 13. td align=centertable border=0cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0tbodytr/trtrtd align=centerinputvalue=Sign Up Now type=submit/td/tr/tbodyOnce you have everything correctly formated, save it, because you will be uploading this.Other email solutions would be Mail Chimp, Get Reponse, I Contact. These will be the bestshot for online marketing. If anytime you have problems with this, contact your email provider.For this strategy its best to stick with Aweber.To refer to video again go below:Add Aweber Optin Code to Generic Squeeze TemplateUploading Your SiteInitially for your WordPress site, you are going to want to have your squeeze page, also calledan opt- in page or landing page that should have your Aweber opt-in code in it, before youupload it to your Wordpress site.What this will do, is allow your prospects to enter their name and e-mail, in order to get a freereport, software or any other type of product that you would like to give them for free, forjoining your subscriber e-mail list.13.
  14. 14. Now one of the best ways is to put up a static HTML squeeze page on a WordPress site, thatonly focuses on your list building.Since most people know WordPress as a blogging platform, most people wouldnt think to putstatic HTML pages on a WordPress blog, but I nd this a more effective way of putting sites up,this is because WordPress has the ability to utilize many different plug-ins that can help with thepromotion capabilities of your site.If anyone has ever tried to nd a way to put a static HTML page on WordPress, they know thatthis is not the easiest thing to do, nor nd information about how to do it. It took me a while,but I nally found the best solution for putting a static HTML page on your WordPress.So now go to want to get this plug-in if you can afford it at this time, if not I will give you an alternativesolution, that should be within your budget.So now you want to get this plug-in and put it on your site and you can do this by going to yourWordPress dashboard, clicking on plug-in, add new. Then go to browse and where ever yousaved the HTML 2 WP plug-in after you bought it, upload it to your WordPress.14.
  15. 15. Alternative SolutionNow if for some reason you are not able to purchase HTML 2 WP right now, other alternativeswould be to go to and have a seller do this for you. You might want to ask if they canput in your Aweber optin code, as well as your Pay Pal payment code for your custom buybutton, so you dont have to.When you go to Fiverr, look to the right side of the screen and in that search box, put insomething like HTML to WordPress or upload HTML to my WordPress and there should berelated gigs that will show up.After that, look at the top of this webpage, nd lter gigs by rating, there you will see gigs thathave been rated by users as most popular.15.
  16. 16. If you are new to Fiverr, then you might want to stick with the top rated sellers at rst, to ensureyou get quality work done on your behalf up front.Now scroll to the selection that ts your needs. First look at the ones with 100 percent rating orsomeone who has a pretty good rating. Copy all the ones that seem like a good t and paste toyour notepad. You can read the comments and other things, to help you gage if this would be agood gig for you. Another thing to do is contact the seller to make sure they know exactly whatyou are looking for.Before you order the gig, you can talk to the seller to make sure that they are able to put upyour site within the allotted time and parameters that you set forth. Most gigs on Fiverr are vedollars, but you may see that some sellers charge a little bit extra, depending on how muchwork, and time it may take for them to do it. With what we are doing, it should only be a fteendollar gig, dependent on how fast you want it to take place and other technicalities, it might beslightly more. Discuss it with them by clicking the contact seller link located under the ordernow button.What we want is only 3 les to be uploaded to our WordPress site, that is the index ,le,squeeze page and the thank you page. So whenever you talk to someone on verr, just let them16.
  17. 17. know that these are the main 3 to upload to your site and they should be able to take care of it.(note: some MMR comes with more les, you can determine if you want to add them)HTML 2 WP Plug-inOkay for those who uploaded the HTML 2 WP plug-in, what you would do is go into yourWordPress dashboard on the left scroll bar menu.Look for HTML-2-WP. Click on that link.Here you will see a button, Choose ,le click on this to bring up a search for your les. Now goto where you saved your MRR on your computer, you would look for the index ,le. The indexle should be in the folder that came with your MRR content and the reason why we would useMRR content is because it is already professionally created, so you dont have to pay hundredsof dollars to have it created for you.17.
  18. 18. Upload index ,leNext you may see it contains a CSS le. Now you can upload your CSS les as well, if you haveany contained within your MRR folder.Now go to Upload Images. Click on it and make sure to locate all of your pictures within yourMRR contents folder, right click and save all of your pictures at once. Now upload all of thosepictures.Next you want to put in a page title. This is a title that will appear in search engines like Googleor any other search engine that people come search for your site. Keep note of this page title aswe are about to use it. You can use the name of your product or make one up.Put in your page meta keywords, this may also help some of the search engines nd out whatyour page is about to match with the users search query. After that you can post a quickdescription about what this page will be about in the page meta description.To the right of this, you will see a place that allows you to put short codes using your HTMLtemplates. If you need more information on this, there is a help link that will allow you to learn18.
  19. 19. more about short codes, right now were not really interested in it.And the next step is to put in the name of your new template in order to locate it. After thatclick Convert HTML to Wordpress and Save Page Template.Now go to pages in left side bar menu. At the top of page Click on add new.When you get to this page, you want to name it the same as what you used as the page titlewhen you uploaded the le on the HTML 2 WordPress page.To the right you will see Template, click and scroll down to nd the name of the template thatyou will be using for this page.If you are not ready to publish the page and you are still working on the page, then you wouldsave it as a draft. This will allow you to look at the page to see if everything was uploadedcorrectly. To view page click preview.19.
  20. 20. When you have everything set up properly, click publish. However, dont click publish just yet,if you have not congured your Aweber code or Pay Pal code. These need to be saved in yourles BEFORE uploading because these les will be live and ready once you click publish.If you have not put in the codes, you will not get any subscribers and purchases. So make sureyou put in the Aweber code and Pay Pal code before you upload your squeeze page and thankyou page.In order to make the real revenue at this, what you want to do is go ahead and have pre-writtene-mails that will be placed in your auto responder, this will be follow-up messages to yoursubscribers and or customers. So, you may be thinking that you do not really want to write abunch of emails and I can understand that if you are busy.Since we want to make this as streamlined, as fast as possible, to move on to our next niches, ifsomeday we would like to do so or we could just stay with this niche and continue to feed it.Go to this link save $10 and get these auto responding e-mails or nd a place that sells follow up emails.Here is another email follow up product, so you will always have the right email at hand. that you have to do is change these e-mails up a little bit, you want to to make them more20.
  21. 21. personal. Take 3 to 5 of these e-mails and place them in your auto responder.The rst e-mail (not your welcoming email) is to be sent out the next day, after your subscriberssign up to your list.Thereafter, make sure your e-mails are spread out for two days intervals, this will give your listthe amount of time to actually nd your e-mails and read them.Make sure that when you close out your e-mails, that you let them know, you will be sendinganother follow-up e-mail with more information in a couple of days. If you send out higherquality content, then your e-mail lists will be eagerly awaiting your e-mails because they knowyoure not just trying to pitch another product at them, but actually are trying to help themachieve the nancial freedom that they are looking for.However, we are Internet marketers, and we do this to make money, so therefore we have toalso make it worth our while. So after all your e-mails have been set up with high quality, usefulinformation, then we can start recommending products that will be helpful to our list.21.
  22. 22. Step 2If you have been in internet marketing for awhile, then you know, there are many factors thatcome into play when trying to make good money online. One of those critical factors ischoosing the right product. Some products will sell better than others, keep in mind, “will thisproduct sale well?”, “will this product have your bank account exploding with commissionedsales?” Initially, you will also want to advertise a product that customers would actually want tobuy and it will be useful to them.So the question is how do you go about choosing a good product?If you look at the Clickbank Marketplace you will be able to see all of the products available forsale, with a variety of different niches. Each of which has its own subset of topic, specic to theniche. You can nd different statistics as well, that will help you choose the right products.When you look at the specic niches products, you will want to look at the statistics to see howwell the product is selling, as well as what royalty percentage you will receive in thecommission. One of the most important statistics to look at is gravity.Gravity measures how popular a product is with the afliates who are promoting it. The gravityis calculated based on the number of afliates who have made a sale on the product recently(over past 12 weeks). A high gravity score means that there have been many afliates that have22.
  23. 23. sold this product recently.A low score means that not many afliates have sold this product recently. It does not take intoaccount the total number of sells for a product, only the number of afliates have sold itrecently. You will look at this as a good indicator of what products to choose from. A productwith a high gravity is a good product to choose from.However, you dont want to choose a product with a gravity that is too high. A gravity score thatis too high, means that you will be competing with the other afliate marketers, who may havemore resources than you. You should start off by choosing a product with a gravity score of 20to 50, as you get more experience, you can then experiment with the range of products andgravity scores.When looking for the best niches you want to go into the niches with money to spend. Someniches have more paying customers than others and there are certain niches that are morepopular than others. Some of the most popular niches are health, weight-loss, video gamesmake money, relationships and just generally what you would think average people would belooking into online.One of the other great things to look at when searching for products on ClickBank, is to look forthe average sale, this will tell you how much you will receive as an afliate. Higher numberswill be the best option, most Clickbank products will have a pretty decent return. You should23.
  24. 24. note to get a sale anywhere from $15-$20 on the low end and of course however how you highaim for.Now when you have found a product that you would like to promote, one of the next steps is toactually go and generate a hoplink. As an afliate, this pretty much is the way that you will getpaid, when someone clicks this hoplink. If a customer buys a product off that page, you willreceive a commission on their product, if the customer buys it.To generate a hoplink you must nd a product that you want to start promoting on theClickBank Marketplace. Once youve done that, nd a product that is the same niche as yourMRR.Promote Your Clickbank ProductWhat you will see is a place where you will be able to put your account nick name. This is youraf,liate ID.24.
  25. 25. If you want, you can also have a tracking ID, this becomes helpful when you have links indifferent places and you want to track which links are making the best prots for you.This isgood to know, so you dont continue to invest time and resources to promote a particular link.However, its nots needed for this, so you can skip it if you like.Click create in order to get your hoplink. This is your special link because it is the link thatconrms when someone has purchased the product that you will be promoting.Now open up notepad or some similar writing application. Here you want to post your hoplinkthat you received from ClickBank. Copy and paste that on your notepad, so you can use it at alater time.Now go to the product description and you should see a link provided by the vendor. Copy andpaste this link into your browser. Here you should see a page with all of the afliate tools tohelp you market the product.If there is no link in vendors product description, then you have to scroll down to the bottom ofthe page and look for a link, that says af,liates. Click this and you will be taking to a pagewhere hopefully you will nd many different resources for helping you promote your product,with things such as articles, e-mail swipes, e-book and other product graphics for things such asbanners, that you can add to your website.25.
  26. 26. That being said, however, we are looking for promotional tools. You should be able to see onthis page somewhere, where the vendor has promotional tools set up for you to copy.What you want to do is copy and paste some keywords from the vendor, if any are provided,onto the same notepad that you have open already with your niche product pasted in. You wantto be able to keep all the information in one handy place, so whenever you need to go back tolook for any information, you can have it at one place and this helps speed up your process alot quicker.The key to this is to use the product that you found on Clickbank. The one that you have copiedand pasted to notepad. This product should be consistent with the niche you are in. This willmake it more relative to your list and help you make more money.Find afliate products that matches the same niche that you are in, this makes your subscriberlist more highly targeted and more susceptible to buying whatever it is that you are offering.Also, make sure that whatever af,liate products that you are sending to your list, that they aregood products. We talked earlier about the ways to go about nding the right products.You should also pick a product that gives a nice commission and one that people are actuallylooking for. You can go to the popular forums and blogs in your niche to nd out what peopleare most interested in.26.
  27. 27. Another idea is to nd products with reoccurring commissions, so you can continue to get paidfrom that initial sell.Now go to your Clickbank product af,liates page, if you have not yet. On the afliate page,you should see some e-mail swipes, nd ones that you nd the most interesting and paste thoseinto your notepad.Now personalize with your information. Of course you want to put your af,liate link or hoplinkin the email. You would also put your signature at the end to let your subscribers know thatthese messages are coming from you. You can even re-write the emails to make them even morepersonal. Its up to you how little or how much you want to alter the emails.Since Clickbank gives a long unattractive link, I suggest using a link shortening service like: you know any HTML, you can mask your links by highlighting the word, then click the chainlink symbol in your HTML editor. Then copy and paste your hoplink or vendor afliate id.Make sure that you have your Clickbank af,liate ID (nicknameId) placed within your links, thisis how you will get paid by Clickbank.27.
  28. 28. Step 3Now we are at the last leg of the race. This is where the tires meets the rubber! Here is how wewill be generated more leads to our list. Here we want to continue to stick with the niche thatwe chose.Sign up for this free article spinner.Go here == http://contentprofessor.comThis is the only spinner I know that works for both Mac and Windows, that does the jobneeded, plus its free, so cant argue with that. Dont let free deter you although, this is one ofthe best spinners out there because it has a global user synonym generator.You can pay to get it upgraded, but you dont have to. What we are doing doesnt require it.http://contentprofessor.comYou should watch all of the training videos and download the ebook manual for the software,this will help you learn everything about getting started quickly and getting your army of reportsor mini ebooks out there.Remember, the more of these you create each day, the more people will see these reports andyou will put links at the end of these ebooks with a call to action (go here to nd out more,more tips, go here!, etc.) to generate leads and also afliate commissions.28.
  29. 29. To learn how to use the Content Professor software login:Go To=== Training Center (Free)Watch the videos and read the ebook manual.On this website, what we want to do is nd all the articles that we can, that relates to our nichethat we chose already. Out of these articles, we want to create our own army of mini ebooks. Sotake each article that you found for your particular niche. (You can use the keywords that youcopied to nd related articles to your niche.)Take these and have the articles spun into as many articles as you need. You can generatehundreds of articles in minutes! Then take each article, copy and past e information from each orjust add them together as is. Create as many variations of these small reports as possible.These mini e-books or reports can be broken down into 3 to 4 pages. With all of the articlescreate a 3-4 page report. You can make it more pages if you want, but this should be theminimum.When you spin these articles make sure to proofread them, to make sure they are legible, thebetter the quality of your articles, the better your small reports will be, thus more people willread. The higher quality of the information, the more apt people are going to click on the link.29.
  30. 30. You can create as many of these small e-books as you would like, of course the more of thesethat you create, the more people that will be able to see it and come to your site.Take all the mini e-books or short reports and place them on all of the document sharing sitesbelow.scribd.comwww.docstoc.comwww.slideshare.netwww.crocodoc.comwww.Issuu.comwww.docshare.comwww.wepapers.comwww.myplick.comwww.powershow.comwww.slidesix.comYou do not have to put them on all of the document sharing sites, but the more sites that youuse, the more people that will have a chance to read the report and go to your af,liate link.To get more out of your free reports and gain more subscribers :Get this free money making guide about short reports.Go here ==
  31. 31. Alternative SolutionIf you dont want to post your reports manually yourself, I have an easy out for you. All youhave to do is go to and you will nd that there are people that will upload yourreports to the many different document sharing sites. Just remember to always look for thesearch criteria that we already talked about.The seller should give you an attached le, showing you all of the sites that they posted yourfree report to.Continue to write reports, have them pinged at and share them for freeon social networking sites. Make sure the link to your squeeze page is in the report.There are of course more ways to drive massive amounts of interested qualied leads to yourpages, but that would take another book.I have a site, that I have not, as yet of this writing, fully put up. However when you get this, itshould be up. Bookmark it, and come back, trust me it will be worth it.Go here == http://im.derelle1.com31.
  32. 32. I will be sharing in depth information, on how to get massive trafc to your opt-in pages.I know how tough it is out there in the IM in world. Therefore, I rather give value, rather than totry and exploit people. If you found this ebook helpful, please come by and say hello, even ifyou dont subscribe to my list, for more secret guru underground ninja traf,c strategies, Iunderstand.I am sure you see the overall potential of this system, to create a path to nancial freedom. Thisis a way to not have to build laborious backlinks and worry about the next Google update. Justfocus on your one site and one niche, keep creating mini reports with your links, you will getbacklinks from this. This will help your site rise organically because it is natural trafc that willbe sent from everywhere. This is 100% better than spammy backlinks to your site.Of course the more diverse your links, the better and this will help boost your site to the top ofGoogle faster. This allows your site to operate on auto pilot after a certain amount of time.Best,IM Derelle1http://im.derelle1.com32.
  33. 33. Free Bonus*** Click below to get your free Siphon website and join me! The buzz on this is growing like mad so *now* is the time to get in early...33.