Chisel Sharpener by GSharp ToolsEveryone who uses chisels knows that sharpening them can be a time-consuming and inconveni...
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Chisel sharpener by_g_sharp_tools


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Chisel sharpener by_g_sharp_tools

  1. 1. Chisel Sharpener by GSharp ToolsEveryone who uses chisels knows that sharpening them can be a time-consuming and inconvenienttask thanks to heavy, cumbersome and/or expensive equipment. But now, Sharp Edge, aninnovative, simple and easy-to-use chisel sharpening product is set to change all that. Sharp Edge,which sharpens chisels and plane blades from 3mm to 85mm wide, is the first product of its kind andthe only chisel sharpening tool with a unique sharpening angle that can be varied from 23 to 90degrees.Designed and manufactured by UK-based G-Sharp Tools, Sharp Edge is a light, robust and easilytransportable sharpening product that is perfect for carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers, boatbuilders and even for the miniature world of dolls-house builders. Sharpening chisels with SharpEdge is now a quick and simple task, resulting in both time and cost savings for professionals andtheir customers.Sharp Edge offers a flexible product that safely and consistently allows you to sharpen chisels at afull range of angles. The precise angle measurements are marked on a sliding hone support, allowingthe user to easily change the incline and to achieve exactly the desired angle every time. Mostimportantly, the tool also ensures accuracy of your work by making a square edge across the widthof the blade.Sharp Edge is an extremely robust and high-performance product that belies its size andappearance. Constructed with composite materials rather than heavy metals, the chisel sharpenerutilises extremely durable diamond hones to create the perfect sharpened edge and is alsoincredibly safe as the blade remains static at all times. It provides more accuracy than othersharpening products and can be set up at your work station in seconds. It is lightweight and easilytransportable, as well as easy to use, whether you are right or left handed.The Sharp Edge Chisel Sharpener comes complete with all that is required to sharpen your chisels:The sharpening tool; four nickel plated mono-crystalline 200 course – 1500 grit diamond hones –which is the best surface for sharpening chisels; three self-adhesive diamond micro finishing stripsand a unique backing-off tool to remove the burr produced while sharpening and to polish the backof the blade.The product’s design ensures that both functional and environmental performance is optimised andits carbon footprint is extremely low at 1.06 Kg CO2e.Gervase Evans, inventor and creator of G-Sharp Tools, said: “As a cabinet maker myself, I designedSharp Edge because I was getting extremely frustrated with other products on the market. I wanted sharpening tool that was dependable, easy to use, lightweight and adaptable. I thought there hadto be a simple way to sharpen, and then I had my Eureka moment – and came up with a designwhich had all these qualities.He continued: “Using Sharp Edge significantly speeds up the time it takes me to build furniture, as ithas dramatically reduced the time I spend sharpening my chisels. The speed and ease of use will be amajor benefit for all who use the product and I am confident that it will become a tradesman’s must-have tool.” 1