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  1. 1. This Mini-Video Will Explain Some Of The Many Exciting Features Of This Amazingly Advanced New Technology Brought To You By RepStars International In Their Exclusive Automated S.P.O.T. Marketing System ™ You Too Can Use This Amazingly Advanced Automated System, For BETTER SHARING of All Your Business and Personal Interests, While Simultaneously Building Multiple Income Streams Just For Sharing What You Love To share ! ! ! http://FreeAutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http://AutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http://PowerMarketing.RepStars.Biz
  2. 2. Use This Automated System and Free Automated Tools,   For Better Offering of Any Current Product Or Service,   Or To Share Our Amazing System As Your New Products and Services.   Or For Sharing Your Favorite Non-Profit Organization or Church; For Finding Volunteers, Doing Fund-Raisers Or To Support Your Favorite Author, Artist, Musician or Band, Or To Simply Tell People About Your Favorite Recipe or Vacation Spot.     Just Using These Free Automated Marketing Tools To Share Your Favorite Anything,   Can Bring You A Great Income While Doing It ! ! ! http://FreeAutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http://AutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http://PowerMarketing.RepStars.Biz
  3. 3. The Value Of The Amazing RepStars Automated S.P.O.T. System   To Effectively Run Business Successfully All Professional Marketers And Promoters Need Much More Than Just A Lot Of New Leads.   Without Leads You Won’t Have A Business For Long, But, Just Getting All Of The Leads Is Simply Not Enough.     What You Really Need Is A Highly Effective Marketing System Which Guides You Through All Of The Marketing Stages And Exposes Your Messages For You, While Self-Managing & Following Up For You Completely On Autopilot; A System Which Constantly Evaluates Your Effectiveness For You So You Can Make Any Appropriate Changes Early In The Game.     Are You Ready To Learn How To Take Your Business Offerings, Personal Interests And Your Incomes, To The Next Level?
  4. 4. If So, Investigate,   The Amazing & Exclusive RepStars "S.P.O.T. Marketing System ™"     RepStars "S.P.O.T. Marketing" is an Advanced and Powerful Turn-Key Internet Marketing System, which provides what you need to produce growing results from your simple efforts.     As a strong start to your marketing efforts you'll create SPOTs designed to fit into your marketing pages, and even embed them anywhere on the Internet.   Spreading your Marketing SPOTs strategically will attract more prospects and it will help you in finding your best target audience.   Customer conversion is then made easy with the RepStars Automated Marketing System.   It will instantly correspond by email for you or even automatically connect you with your new prospects by V.O.I.P. telephone systems using your Instant Call Back Feature, even while your prospects are still viewing your marketing pages and ads.
  5. 5. The Repstars Automated S.P.O.T. Marketing System Is A Powerful And Revolutionary Communications Tool Which Will Save You Money On Long-Distance And International Telephone Calls .     You Will Really Love It When You Understand How Easy It Is To Use And How Truly Effective It Is ! It Is An Automatic Presentation And Interactive Lead Capture Device Which You Can Use Anywhere On The Internet.   And You Will Really Love All Of The Many Other Features That It Works With.   Like Customizing Your Auto-Response Messages To Email People From It And Implementing The Brilliant Instant Call Back System.   You Can Even Place Your Own Text Messages In It, And You Can Add Your Own Choice Of Pictures Or Videos To It To Clearly & Effortlessly Get The Attention Of Your Audiences And Prospects.    Just To Name Several Of The Many Amazing Points About It !
  6. 6. S.P.O.T. stands for "Sales Prospect Orientation Technology"   S.P.O.T. Is An Advanced Widget Application Tool, Comprised Of Prospect Information Gathering Configurations, Embeddable Into, Or As An Overlay Onto; Any Website, Social Network, Forums, And Your Ad Spaces In Online Advertising Directories.   The Repstars S.P.O.T. Widget Is A Simple To Use, Multi-Functional Automated Tool, Which Captures The Attention And Contact Information Of Your New Prospects That Visit Your Marketing Webpages And All Of Your Other Online Postings. S.P.O.T.S Can Promote Your Business Or Personal Messages For You, Exposing Your Custom Text & Video Messages, When You Embed Them On Any Websites Or Other Social Network Pages, Portals, Forums Or Ads. Not Only Does Your S.P.O.T. Automatically Register Your Prospects For You And Send Them Customized Messages With Our Advanced Auto-Responders, It Also Does Your Follow Up For You On Your Calendar Events Schedule, Sends You Text Messages And Forwards Emails To You Too ! ! !
  7. 7. Here Is Another Absolutely Brilliant Feature   About The RepStars Exclusive Automated S.P.O.T. System   Talk about having major conveniences,   you can have the system call back to anywhere in the world   over the internet using V.O.I.P. Telephone Systems and save big money on your business calls!     When someone fills out the SPOT contact form with a phone number you can be automatically notified while they are still there reviewing your marketing pages and websites.   You can speak with them immediately, if you like, and you can customize the settings too!   You can even determine what days and times to be called or not.
  8. 8. Your marketing pages could be working 24 / 7 to automatically attract, educate and sell to new prospects or to share any promotional presentation.   You can customize your marketing pages to the specific product or promotion, specific target audiences, as well as specific foreign language groups, which will lay the foundation for a powerful web presence to position your interests above the competition.     But, To Be Really Successful Online You Need To Focus On Building Relationships.     Many people would much rather join a business opportunity under someone they know or under someone that will maintain contact, or at the least, under someone that they can see is doing what they say they can.   I will personally show you what I’m doing and how, I will maintain contact, ( even if necessary to be through one of my team associates from time to time ), and I will gladly interact in ways which allow us to get to know each other better.   By becoming part of The Best Network of Independent Business Professionals, you will be able to share the same playing field with people who have proven to practice the fundamental principles of business philosophy and ethics.   And You Will Be Able To Easily,   "Create Marketing Pages That Get The Kind Of Results That Move You."
  9. 9. This Big BIack Box Is One Of My Many RepStars Automated Video S.P.O.T. Widgets
  10. 10. This Is One Of My Many Video S.P.O.T. Widgets This Whole Top Half Is A Multi-Functional Video Player  Your Name & Email of Choice,  Will Be Added or Omitted By You,  At The Top; Above Your Choice Of Video. This Whole Bottom Half Is A Multi-Informational Recording, Reconnecting And Relaying Device.
  11. 11. RepStars Is Truly An Opportunity-Network Site, For Busy Business Professionals And Those Of You Who Are Planning To Be     You Can Easily Network With All-Star Representatives, Using The Most Advanced And Most Fun, Automated Internet Marketing System To Get The Results You Want !   Best Of All, With RepStars, There Is All Kinds Of Support Available To Ensure Your Own Preferred Level Of Success.     Become A Part Of The Best Network and A New Benchmark For Independent Business Professionals.
  12. 12. And just for signing up with me on RepStars, ( even a free services account ), I will personally share with you several free telecommunications resources which I also use regularly, INCLUDING YOUR OWN TOTALLY FREE, TOLL-FREE VOICEMAIL SYSTEM, FREE CONFERENCING SYSTEM & MORE.   These additional free things from me are NOT PART of the RepStars service tools & resources.   But they are totally free, there is no cost or obligation to you and you too can pay it forward and give them to other people as well ! ! !     So, find the link to, or the URL of http://FreeAutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http://AutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http://PowerMarketing.RepStars.Biz