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Parallel Session Recycling: Wim Hardeman, Director of Operations, Cyclus Elmina, Ghana, Recycling Initiative in Ghana
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Parallel Session Recycling: Wim Hardeman, Director of Operations, Cyclus Elmina, Ghana, Recycling Initiative in Ghana


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  • 1. From Cyclus NV toFrom Cyclus NV to Cyclus Elmina Plastic Recycling LtdCyclus Elmina Plastic Recycling Ltd November 2010
  • 2. AgendaAgenda IntroductionIntroduction Cyclus N.V., TheCyclus N.V., The NetherlandsNetherlands IntroductionIntroduction CyclusCyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling LtdLtd,, ElminaElmina GhanaGhana FocusFocus onon Joint ventureJoint venture RecyclingRecycling processesprocesses ProductsProducts andand marketsmarkets of Cyclusof Cyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling LtdLtd TheThe effectseffects of Cyclusof Cyclus ElminaElmina in thein the regionregion
  • 3. Cyclus N.V.Cyclus N.V. Specialist in:Specialist in: Waste management andWaste management and collectioncollection MaintenanceMaintenance of publicof public placesplaces forfor locallocal govermentgoverment StaffStaff 170170 contractedcontracted personalpersonal 4545 casualcasual workersworkers RegionalRegional waste management andwaste management and consultingconsulting •• AdvisingAdvising locallocal govermentgoverment and privateand private companiescompanies TurnoverTurnover €€ 3737 millionmillion 157.000157.000 ton perton per yearyear wastewaste collectedcollected andand processedprocessed
  • 4. FromFrom TheThe NetherlandsNetherlands to Ghanato Ghana Cyclus Elmina
  • 5. CyclusCyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling ltdltd Specialist in:Specialist in: CollectionCollection of plastic waste inof plastic waste in southsouth of Ghanaof Ghana Recycling of plasticsRecycling of plastics forfor locallocal and internationaland international marketsmarkets StaffStaff andand labourlabour 7070 personalpersonal 4545 agentsagents ((independantindependant)) 200200 labourslabours inin collectioncollection CollectionCollection capacitycapacity •• 400400 tt//yy in 2009in 2009 •• 12001200 tt//yy in 2010in 2010 •• 20002000 tt//yy in 2011in 2011
  • 6. CyclusCyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling ltdltd JuridicalJuridical formform Joint ventureJoint venture betweenbetween Cyclus NV theCyclus NV the NetherlandsNetherlands andand VanholdVanhold constructionconstruction LtdLtd GhanaGhana OrganisationOrganisation:: Managing director DutchManaging director Dutch DirectorDirector shareholdershareholder GhanianGhanian TechnicalTechnical director Dutchdirector Dutch General managerGeneral manager GhanianGhanian FinancingFinancing PsomPsom projectproject TotalTotal investmentinvestment €€ 1.51.5 milmil InvestmentInvestment hardwarehardware €€ 1.151.15 milmil
  • 7. CyclusCyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling ltdltd Meet CyclusMeet Cyclus ElminaElmina filmfilm
  • 8. CyclusCyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling ltdltd KnowledgeKnowledge supportsupport locallocal partnerpartner LocalLocal networkingnetworking JuridicalJuridical supportsupport LocalLocal salessales BridgingBridging culturalcultural differencesdifferences KnowledgeKnowledge support Cyclus NVsupport Cyclus NV RecyclingRecycling technicstechnics International businessInternational business OrganisationalOrganisational andand financialfinancial coachingcoaching SynergySynergy KnowledgeKnowledge transfertransfer FlexibilityFlexibility inin shiftingshifting marketsmarkets
  • 9. CommonCommon practicepractice beforebefore start of the projectstart of the project Dumping and burning of waste.
  • 10. TheThe approachapproach ofof Cyclus Elmina (1)Cyclus Elmina (1) 1. Collection 2. Processing 3. Sales
  • 11. TheThe approachapproach ofof Cyclus Elmina (2)Cyclus Elmina (2) - Input - Output - Quality Control
  • 12. Collecting AreaCollecting Area’’ss Western Region Central Region Accra
  • 13. The different plasticsThe different plastics BottlesBottles; HDPE en PET; HDPE en PET Film; HDPE en LDPE, watersachets,Film; HDPE en LDPE, watersachets, packagingpackaging materialsmaterials,, etcetc Hard plastics; PP en HDPEHard plastics; PP en HDPE
  • 14. RecyclingRecycling lineline PETPET bottlesbottles aoao
  • 15. RecyclingRecycling lineline plastic filmplastic film
  • 16. RecyclingRecycling injectioninjection plasticsplastics
  • 17. EndproductsEndproducts of Cyclusof Cyclus ElminaElmina ScrapScrap; PET; PET ScrapScrap; HDPE, PP; HDPE, PP AgglomoraatAgglomoraat; HDPE, LDPE; HDPE, LDPE BuildingBuilding materialsmaterials;; blocksblocks andand tilestiles EnergyEnergy
  • 18. Markets of CyclusMarkets of Cyclus ElminaElmina PlasticPlastic industryindustry GhanaGhana International PETInternational PET marketmarket LocalLocal marketmarket of buildingof building materialsmaterials
  • 19. LocalLocal effectseffects CareCare forfor aa healthyhealthy enviromentenviroment VisibleVisible improvementimprovement of theof the enviromentenviroment DecreaseDecrease ofof useuse ofof naturalnatural sourcessources byby reusereuse.. JobJob creationcreation Directe jobDirecte job creationcreation forfor somesome 7070 poplepople IndirectIndirect jobcreationjobcreation forfor somesome 4545 agentsagents and 200 collectorsand 200 collectors EducationEducation aboutabout thethe importanceimportance of wasteof waste collectioncollection andand recyclingrecycling GovermentGoverment SchoolsSchools HouseholdsHouseholds KnowledgeKnowledge support tosupport to otherother recyclingrecycling initiativesinitiatives ngongo’’ss etcetc
  • 20. .. CyclusCyclus ElminaElmina Plastic RecyclingPlastic Recycling LtdLtd Caring partner, open for collaboration