Natural beauty tips - how to be beautiful even if you are not!


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Here I give you natural beauty tips for getting an insight into how to be beautiful even if you have the kind of features that do not fit into the definition of traditional, classical beauty parameters at all.

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Natural beauty tips - how to be beautiful even if you are not!

  1. 1. Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful Even If You Are NOT!
  2. 2. Here I give you natural beauty tips for getting an insight into how tobe beautiful even if you have the kind of features that do not fit intothe definition of traditional, classical beauty parameters at all.I have lived these tips! They spring outof my personal experience with my ownlooks that went metamorphosingthrough the passage of years in my life.The other day I was talking to ateenager. During the course of our chat,she just mentioned that I, at age 61today, looked much more beautiful thanI did at age 20 (of course in my oldphotographs that she had a peep into!).And she was not kidding. I have thisspecial capability to read peoplesintentions from their words out of theirmouths. Yes, I have lived these tips. Ihave been there. I have done that.
  3. 3. Let me tell you what!Let me tell you what allthese natural beauty tipsare that give you aninsight into how to bebeautiful without evenapplying any external aidson to your skin.I am talking both aboutmales and about females.
  4. 4. Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 1What is it thatgets into the eyesand the mind asyou look atsomeone for thevery first time?
  5. 5. T h i n k!Let me tell you what; if youwere not able to pin point itsharp.It’s the EASE one carries alongwith oneself wherever onegoes.It’s an infusive EASE thatinductively turns you EASY tooin his or her proximity, almostinstantaneously so!
  6. 6. Being easy feels good. What else is the definition of beauty? What feels good is beautiful. Or not?An easy face is good to look at. Aneasy body is good to walk with. Aneasy tongue is good to listen to. Aneasy pair of eyes is good to peepinto. An easy mind is good tointeract with.What is good is bound to feelbeautiful to the eyes.How easy are you with your ownself, in your body and in yourmind?
  7. 7. How to be easy if you are not?Accept what feels to be uneasy,unconditionally. Once you accepted it as itis, focus on to it with all your physical andmental intention to sense it full, withouteither trying to avoid or suppress it at all.Let it pinch you the most it can. Feel it fullwithout diluting it a bit. The more itpinches, the more you sense the pinch.Let the pinch reach its climax.It won’t be able to stay there for long.Once it crosses a certain threshold, it willno more remain as the uneasy pinch thatkept troubling you all along to date.Once it’s gone this way, it won’t everreturn provided you always keep yourselfready to sense it full anytime, anywhere.
  8. 8. You will be a changed person.You will go easy.You will gobeautiful.
  9. 9. Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 2As it partly comes to thelooks of the face, there is abeautiful technique thatturns your face lookyounger than your age.A young face always looksmore beautiful than anaged face. Shakespeare hadrightly said so: “Age I DoAbhor Thee, Youth I DoAdore Thee”.
  10. 10. Celebrities, when start turning old, often go for faceliftoperations turning their facial skin to look younger onceagain; though it works for a year only, but then they againcan go for the next operation the next year. And they do!But they are just wasting theirmoney. There is a much betternatural technique available toalways keep the facial skin tautwhatever your age is and howeverold you have gone. It’s not only forthe aging, but also for the young.The young are never as young asthey should look to be. And if theyare not looking as young as theyshould, they are also not looking asbeautiful as they can.
  11. 11. I call this technique the natural facelift (withoutoperation!) that keeps anyone’s skin tautanytime and every time whatever one’s age is. It’ an ancient technique that opens the third eye and the crown chakras, stretching the face up and out; i.e., elongating and widening it together in one single go.
  12. 12. Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 3What opening the thirdeye and the crownchakras does to the face,opening the rest of thechakras does the same tothe body through itsheight and width. Itstretches the body up andout, elongating it andwidening it together,simultaneously.
  13. 13. I call it the natural body-lift (again withoutoperation!) which keeps it supple, agile andflexible along the passing years of life.A supple body is anytimemore beautiful than arigid body anyway.Natural body-lift just doesthis to it, healing it alongwith beautifying it too!
  14. 14. Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 4Eyes play a very centralrole in one’s looks. If theyare beautiful, no onelooks at the nosewhatever it is like whethersharp or snub.The sharpness of the eyesovershadows the snub-ness of every other part ofthe face.
  15. 15. When the eyes are sharp and focused, they develop a luster insidethem. It is such a piercing luster as renders any other eye makeupredundant as such. The eyes shine as if with a light of their own!The procedure involveslifting the lower eyelids upon their own through asubtle maneuver of thefacial skeleton that keepsthem (the lower eyelids)permanently in their liftedposition, imparting thesaid luster to the eyes24×7 all along the longyears of life.
  16. 16. Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 5Lastly, it comes tomaneuvering themind; since it is mindalone that puts itsshadow on to thestructure and thefunction of everysingle part of thebody.
  17. 17. A mind with stress over it renders the body fatigued too.And a mind that is notenjoying whatever it isdoing for whicheverreason it is doing, startsgetting stressed in thedue course of timewhether with anxiety offinishing it fast or withlethargy of not feelinglike doing it at all.
  18. 18. Are you enjoying what you are doing?If you are not doing so,either stop doing it forgood or else start takinginterest in it so that youmay start enjoying theentire action of doing it inits minutest detailswhatsoever. The joy lies inthe minute subtleties notin the obvious crude.
  19. 19. You can certainly come out of the mental stress that you are in.Once you do, you will lovelooking at your own beautifulimage in your mirror as I didmine when I changed myself justa few years ago!(You can use these revolutionarynatural beauty tips for gettinginsight into how to be beautifuland look so even without usingcosmetics though you alwayscan keep using all the cosmeticsof your choice along.)
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