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Essay assignment research paper on afirmative actions -


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Essay assignment research paper on afirmative actions -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        1            rs     pe   Research paper on affirmative actions Pa Your Name University de Professor July 15, 2009 ra  pGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        2      Abstract rs Affirmative actions are the policies used by management for a variety of purposes to further equal employment opportunity. It has been developed due to the industry disputes due to the discrimination. It was first introduced by the President Kennedy in 1961 after the need of the pe industry. It has many benefits like Equal employment opportunity, boosting employees’ morals from diverse background, using the benefits of the diversity in the corporations and Pa similarly get the hidden tan talent of the people. Now a day affirmative actions are very common among the corporate world keep them above the charts. To show, that they are with human rights. In this research paper we focus on the diversified Fannie Mae, a real major de firm in the USA, who has used affirmative action to satisfy and to clear disputes of their employees from diverse backgrounds. rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        3    Affirmative Actions:   Affirmative actions are basically the policies that promote equal employment opportunity rs while taking race, ethnicity or gender into consideration. The focus policies are health and public education and from employment. It helps to maximize diversity in all levels of society, pe along with its presumed benefits, and to reduce perceived disadvantages of discrimination. History of Affirmation Actions:   Pa In its chaotic 48-year history, affirmative action has been both appreciation and criticism for the question of inequality. The term "affirmative action" was first introduced by President Kennedy in 1961 to give proper attention to discrimination to solve the problems related to de this. It was developed and enforced for the first time by President Johnson. Afterward that has been getting great attention in the corporate world due to increasing cases related to discrimination. Now days many companies has a major focus on the equal employment ra opportunity. Benefits and the pitfalls of the Affirmation Action: pG     There are many examples where people of colour, white women, and working class women and men of all races who were previously unjustified from jobs or educational opportunities,To or were denied opportunities once admitted, have gained access through affirmative action. There is list of benefits that has been come before us after the discussions of experts. Some of them are listed below: GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  4. 4. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        4     It helps us to Take action to end racism is the challenge and responsibility of every single person in our society.  It offers equal employment opportunity. rs  It makes a firm to diversify, that a have a large number of benefits.  It shows up the hidden talent of the minorities.  pe Affirmative action has helped the income, promotion and labour force participation rates of both women and minorities. As it has a lot of benefits, there are many bad reviews against these policies. Many of them Pa review that affirmative actions are not implemented in real sense. It sometimes leads to hire the wrong people for a specific job. Similarly it gets majority to get angry when they see a person not of them, progressing and have a distinctive support of law and corporate. Similarly de many of the minority people use these policies in negative way. And by making it as a shield they do not work and have negative benefits while violating law and order. ra Relevancy and the current trends of the Affirmative Actions: Affirmative action is something which is now a day is considered as an essential thing withinpG an organization. Many of firms have developed equal opportunity employment staff within an organization to confirm the validity of the non-discriminating behaviour within the organization. These EECO1 are very active now days to fulfil the requirements of theTo affirmative actions. These actions are fulfilled by many ways. Many of the firms are getting diversified to get its potential benefits and implement the affirmative actions within the organization. The glass ceiling and glass walls are also being reduced by the enforcement of these actions. Minorities and the women now have the feeling of security and affiliation within the organizations.                                                              1  Equal Employment opportunity officers  GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  5. 5. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        5    Fannie Mae & analysis on the outcomes: Fannie Mae is implementing a wide range of diversity initiatives to boost profits in the rapidly shifting global economy by hiring workforce talent that reflects the demographics of rs their customers. These diversity initiatives are basically supported by enforcement of the affirmative actions and policies. In this way they have an opportunity to represent their pe clients from different cultures and demographics. When someone would feel affiliation with the firm and he would see the people from their own culture in the company. Similarly Pa Fannie Mae thinks that a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees can fully engage and contribute their ideas and perspectives toward innovative solutions. Because when you have people from different environment, cultures and races, you have more ideas, thoughts de and strategic ways. And that thing will help you to have something different from the industry and with unique innovative ideas. This strategic approach to diversity, beyond the hiring process and into core business functions, will fuel the success of Fannie Mae. And ra these innovative ideas can be used as the competitive advantage over the other companies. People as minorities have specific needs. People experiencing abuse or harassment haspG specific needs. Such people from different cultures, races and environments need assistance from the specific firm. They have been rejected by the others. But when they see that someone is giving them importance, their rights are secured then they work heartedly forTo them. Their motivation level and moral gets high. They give maximum output to the specific firm. They even ready to work for reasonable pay. So if we have an overview, the benefits of affirmative actions are to outweigh the costs of policies, programs, and accommodations desired by diverse employees. At the end a diversify environment with equal employment opportunity and full rights, the growth of the Fannie Mae got boost. And they got the benefits GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  6. 6. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        6    that their rivals are not getting like loyalty, job security, and efficiency and employees morale. rs pe Pa de rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  7. 7. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on Affirmative Action        7    References   rs Books:   R. E. Long. (June 1996). Affirmative Action. Publisher: H. W. pe Wilson)   F. J. Beckwith , T. E. Jones (November 5, 1996). Affirmative Pa Action: Social Justice or Reverse Discrimination? Website:   de ra  pG    To     GET YOUR WORK DONE BY