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Cultural considerations in international business academic essay assignment -


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Cultural considerations in international business academic essay assignment -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY "Cultural Considerations in International Business" As a prospective executive with BUMET International Inc., you were recently promoted to Asia Pacific Rim Director for the region that includes Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This region encompasses the most rs important production facilities for BUMET International Inc. with seven production facilities and over 24,000 employees. How should you alter your management style based on Hofstedes four value pe dimensions? Illustrate and reinforce your answer with any value dimensions referred to and with practical examples. Individualism v/s Collectivism Pa I have moved from that part of world where much importance is given to individualistic approach and people tend to make decision at their own and then those decisions were disseminated to others but Asia pacific region cultural values are based on collectivistic de approach and these people tend to believe in group thing and tend to negate the individualistic approach. In order to cope to this cultural issue, I would need to engage more people in decision making and have to give weight-age to their ideas and suggestion before making any final decision. ra Large v/s Small power distancepG The power distance among employees is large in west as compare to this region. In west people tend to believe that there boss is right and they follow them, even when there are not. The participation from the employees is very less in large power distance and only few individual have the authority to make decision and rest of them has to follow them, however in small power distance cultures like the Asia pacific more participativeTo behavior is expected and people feel the sense of ownership and belonging towards the company. So I need to bring in more discussion and would need to encourage more participation from employees in order to keep their motivation level up to the mark. Strong v/s weak uncertainty avoidance Employees with high uncertainty avoidance tend to stay with the organization for long as compare to weak uncertainty avoidance people. Asia pacific region is comprised of GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY people who are not very comfortable to face change and they tend to avoid it as much as they can. These people are not risk taking and like to stay away from it and show great deal of resistance towards change. The employees from low uncertainty avoidance tend to switch from one job to other more quickly as compare to others who tend to spend almost all their life in organization. The relationship between the employees and rs organization is very long term, so it is important to take into confidence all the employees in order to keep their moral high, which would ultimately leads to high productivity. pe Masculinity v/s femininity A masculinity concept is more prevailing in the Asia pacific region and these people tend to give more dominance to males as compare to female. Assertiveness, acquisition of money and status and achievement of visible and symbolic organization rewards are more Pa inclined towards male member of the society as compare to female. The female member of the society is not considering being good at work. However even in west the inclination is more towards the males and people over time have been using females’ member of the organization for sexual harassments. So I need to give importance to this culture issue as well and tend to act according to their norms and values as not to create de any conflict between myself and employees. rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY