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Ig1 assignment_2012_to_2013

  1. 1. Assignment briefQualification Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Unit 1:Pre-Production Techniques for the Creative Media Industries - PartialUnit number and title Unit 22: Single Camera Techniques - Partial Unit 29: Music Video Production- PartialStart date Friday 7/09/2012Deadline Monday 12/11/2012Assessor name Iain GoodyearAssignment title IG1 –MUSIC VIDEO RESEARCH AND PRE-PRODUCTIONThe purpose of this assignment is to:Develop your skills and technical code analysis of music videos.Develop your ideas generation and research skills.Familiarise you with script writing format and script drafting. Scenario A crucial aspect of any media production is the understanding of how codes and conventions are used to appeal to target audiences. For codes and conventions to be applied to the development/production of a media product research must first be undertaken. This process takes place early in the life cycle of a production and requires the development of a detailed understanding of audio and visual conventions specific to genre or type, understanding of how conventions appeal to target audiences and careful, detailed planning and careful consideration of specific media production needs. This assignment will require you to work individually and demonstrate that you understand how music video styles, codes and conventions are used by media producers to appeal to the needs of specific target audiences. This assignment will also require you to generate detailed and varied ideas for a music video production and produce pre-production documentation in the form of proposals, treatments, budgets and music video scripts. 1
  2. 2. Tasks Grading Criteria MappingTask 1Produce a comprehensive word-processedor voice recorded analysis of three Unit 22: P1/M1/D1music videos. Unit 29: P1/M1/D1Using subject specific terminology, you must gather moving images examples by Unit 29: P2/M2/D2music genre (type of music video) and comment on how styles, techniques andconventions have been used to appeal to target audiences.You must also comprehensively explain in your analysis what purpose(s) your musicvideo examples will serve for artists and audiences.Your examples must be from a range of music genres.You must include video examples AND still images from your chosen films tohelp illustrate your observations.*Your examples and analysis must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog.Task 2Showing creativity and flair generate ideas for a music video production. Unit 1: P2/M2/D2 Unit 22: P2/M2/D2These ideas can be presented in the form of sketches, hand drawn and digitally Unit 29: P3/M3/D3produced mind maps, mood boards, images you have gathered or found*All ideas generation must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog.Task 3Produce a report & a budget that outlines the specific requirements for a music Unit 1: P1/M1/D1video production with supporting research & staff and equipment costs: Describe what job roles will need staffing (director, camera person, sound recording, lighting) and be able to define the job responsibilities of that role. Equipment needed and daily costs (researched with links and equipment hire company quotes)Produce a budget expenditure spread sheet in Excel that outlines expenditure to abudget of £4000 and what this will be spent on.*Your budget and any company quotes & links must be evidenced on your IG1blogTask 4Showing creativity and flair produce a half a page proposal and 1 – 2 page Unit 1: P2/M2/D2treatment of your music video idea. Unit 22: P2/M2/D2This must be based on, and further develop some aspects of your ideas generation. Unit 29: P3/M3/D3Your treatment must include information of: Chosen music genre, Target audience, Target audience needs, How you plan to meet target audience needs through style, Comments relating to visual aesthetic and Reference to influences with clear explanation of why they are an influence 2
  3. 3. to your idea.*Your word-processed proposal and treatment must be uploaded to your IG1assignment blog.Task 5Produce a music video script based on your developed music video idea to near Unit 22: P2/M2/D2professional standards. Unit 29: P3/M3/D3Your script must be a 3 to 5 page document.Your script must contain clear scene headings, make specific reference to camerashots and feature detailed action description with reference to person(s)movements and setting.*Your word-processed scripts must be uploaded to your IG1 assignment blog.Sources of information This brief has been verified as being fit for purpose Iain Goodyear Date Date 3
  4. 4. Unit 1 Pre-Production Techniques for the Creative Media Industries (Level 3)P1: outline requirements and sources M1: explain in some detail D1: comprehensively explain andof requirements for a specific media and competently present present to a quality that reflectsproduction [IE] requirements and sources of near-professional standards fully requirements for a specific media detailed requirements and sources of production requirements for a specific media productionP2: generate outline preproduction M2: generate competent,carefully D2: generate thoroughanddocumentation for a specific media presented anddetailed pre- comprehensively detailed pre-production with some assistance productiondocumentation for a productiondocumentation for a specificmedia production with only specificmedia production, working occasional assistance independently to professionalexpectationsP3: apply pre-production M3: apply pre-production planning to D3: apply pre-production planning toplanning to a specific media a specific media production a specific media production to aproduction working with some competently with only occasional quality that reflects near-professionalassistance. [TW, SM] assistance. standards, working independently to professional expectations.Unit 22 Single Camera Techniques (Level 3)P1: describe the features of M1: explain the features of D1: comprehensively explainsinglecamera production withsome single camera productionwith thefeatures of singleappropriate use ofsubject reference to detailedillustrative cameraproduction with referencetoterminology examples andwith generally correct elucidated examples andconsistently use ofsubject terminology using subjectterminology correctlyP2: generate outline plans fora single M2: generate detailed ideas fora D2: generate thoroughly thoughtcamera productionworking within single camera productionshowing throughideas for a singlecameraappropriateconventions and with some imaginationand with only production showingcreativity and flairsomeassistance [CT] occasionalassistance andworking independently toprofessional expectationsP3: produce a single M3: produce a single D3: produce a singlecameraproduction working cameraproduction to a goodtechnical cameraproduction to awithinappropriate conventions standard showingsome imagination technicalquality that reflects nearandwith some assistance [SM] and withonly occasional assistance professionalstandards showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectationsUnit 29Music Video Production (Level 3)P1:describe the purposes of music M1: explain the purposes of music D1:comprehensively explain thevideos with some appropriate use of videos with reference to detailed purposes of music videos withsubject terminology illustrative examples and with elucidated examples and consistently[IE] generally correct use of subject using subject terminology correctly terminologyP2: describe the styles, conventions M2:explain the styles, conventions D2:comprehensively explain theand techniques of music videos with and techniques of music videos with styles, conventions andsome appropriate use of subject reference to detailed illustrative techniques of music videos withTerminology examples and with generally correct elucidated examples and consistently[CT] use of subject terminology using subject terminology correctlyP3:originate and plan a music video M3:originate and plan a music video D3:originate and plan a music videoproduction for a specific music track production for a specific music track production for aworking within appropriate effectively showing some imagination specific music track to a technicalconventions with some assistance and with only occasional assistance quality that reflects near-professional[CT] standards, showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectationsP4: work to complete production of a M4:work competently to complete D4:work to a technical quality thatmusic video working within production of a music video showing reflects near-professional standards toappropriate conventions and with some imagination and with only complete production of a music video,some assistance occasional assistance showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectations:PLTS: This summary references where applicable, in the square brackets, the elements of the personal,learning and thinking skills applicable in thepass criteria. It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrateeffective application of the referenced elements of the skills. 4