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The Gladrags Legacy- Chapter 8: I just can't wait to be heir
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The Gladrags Legacy- Chapter 8: I just can't wait to be heir


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  • 1. The Gladrags Legacy
    Chapter 8- I just can’t wait to be heir
    Or, In which the author attempts a musical number : S
    Aloha! This is the 8th chapter of my legacy, where the theme is musicals. As you can tell, I have tried to do a small musical number. And it’s not very good. Oh noes! But no matter, we shall power on! It is quite short, and the plots are sketchy but bear with me, it will get better next chapter. When we left, Zazu had just got into private school, Shenzi was being extra cutesy, and Tigger had promised Cecilia Pennington that he would uncover Rumo’s affair. But what happens this chapter? Who knows? I do, but that’s beside the point.
  • 2. Timon grew up, but has... Odd habits. What are you doing Timon?
    “The Quibbler says if yooowub your face on kitty, it tuwns your ears gween!”
    ... Right.
  • 3. Simba continued the Gladrags family tradition of glitchy faces when they score.
    “WOOP! I win!”
  • 4. *GASP* You stay away from my simmies nasty burglar!
    Luckily we have an alarm system. Phew! (I usually forget- the day one of my families was wiped out because I forgot to put a fire alarm or a phone in still haunts me *sniff*)
    “Shenzi saw burglar! Shenzi called the police!”
  • 5. You’re going down for a long time, chubby cheeks.
    “That’s horrible!”
    You just tried to rob my family’s house!
    “But that was just uncalled for!”
    “Even I admit that was cold, Bethan.”
    Shut up!
    “What a bully”
  • 6. Humphrey
    The cats grew up! And... Are really boring looking. They look exactly like Fred! How with Tigger’s genes can you look so ordinary?
    “I agree with the burglar, you are mean.”
  • 7. “Hello Mr Doggie!”
    I am no dog, foolish girl. Still, she has treats.
    “You’re name is going to be Kimura*!”
    Ugh... My name is not Kimura, it is Balin. What is it with this family and weird names?
    *Kimura is named after Mr Kimura from AzumangaDaioh, a creep semi perverted teacher obsessed with teenage girls. Who I still love, ironically. Look him up.
  • 8. “And he’s coming up the last straight, Gladrags in the lead, he’s set to break the world record...”
    “YEAH! I win again!”
    He’s becoming quite competitive. It’s a tad worrying O_O
  • 9. Time for Zazu to grow up! I wonder whether she’ll luck even cuter?
    Yay! Miraculously she’s not a knowledge sim, though to my own incompetence I didn’t write down her aspiration of LTW to put on the powerpoint. My bad.
  • 10. Timon is as sweet as ever. What you doing now dear?
    “Curing Mr Teddy!”
    “Of what? Are you playing doctors?”
    “His wackspuwts!!” She hit the teddy against the floor. “His head was full of them!”
    ... Right.
  • 11. Zazu looks fetching in her new glasses. All she ever does is study and skill, I’m getting worried for her social life.
  • 12. If Tigger was going to stop Rumo’s affair, he needed information. Information on the other bird. The only way he could think of to get it was to call in a favour from an old friend.
    “Kat*, you came!”
    “Anything for you Tigger. Now the woman you’re looking for, she’s a red bird, by the name of Becky. She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.”
    “And making love at midnight?”
    “You betcha. Now, I must continue my surveilance. Adieu!”
    *Agent Kat is a character in wonderfulweirdo’s lesser known series, The Spiderpigs. Read it, Be disturbed by it, Love it.
  • 13. And like that, Kat had vanished like a phantom down a back passage...
    Tigger sniffed. “So much to learn...”
  • 14. He located Becky’s place of residence easily, it was incredibly close to where Rumo was perched.
    “HEY! You, Becky!”
    “Yes?” She had an American southern accent, a real contrast to Cecilia’s posh english accent.
    “I know what you’re doing with Rumo, and it’s not right.”
  • 15. She gasped. “How did you find out?”
    “I have my ways. Stay away from him, he’s a married bird!”
    “But he loves me, he told me so! He’s going to leave Cecilia-”
    “Haven’t you heard of the sanctity of marriage?!”
  • 16. “We’re in love, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”
    “Stay away from Rumo, or you’ll have me to answer with. Right?!”
    He walked away.
  • 17. Timon grew up into a highly colourful little child.
    “YAY! Now I can search for Crumple Horned Snorkacks!”
  • 18. “Hey Zazu!”
    “Hi Simba. What are you doing?”
    “I’m just thinking about the heir poll.”
    “What about it?”
    “What to do when I win!”
    Zazu laughed “You haven’t won yet, Simba! It could be me or Shenzi or Timon.”
    “Sure, Zazu, if you want to believe that.”
    His behaviour might be seen as annoying, but Zazu loved how confident Simba was.
    “So what are you going to do if you-”
    “When, I’m heir.”
    “Yes, when you’re heir.”
    “I’m going to be the best heir ever! Just you wait and see!”
  • 19. I’m gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!
    “But Simba, you don’t realise that there’s only a 25%-”
  • 20. I’m gonna be the main event, like no king was before, I’m brushing up I’m looking down, I’m working on my roar!
    Oh I just can’t wait to be king!
    Everybody look left
    Everybody look right
    Everywhere you look I’m standing spotlight!
  • 21. “Not yet!” Zazu cried. He’s going to be so disappointed if he’s not heir she thought.
    Ah well. Let him enjoy himself.
  • 22. Oh I just can’t wait to be king!
    Oh I just can’t wait to be king!
    Oh I just can’t wait...
    ... To be king!
  • 23. At about 11 at night- hence the jammies- there was another birthday party. This time is was for Shenzi. I love her to bits, so here’s hoping she’ll grow up well!
    Again, I can’t remember her aspiration or LTW. Sorry : (
  • 24. “Bubbles BubblesBubbles! The Snorkacks will love these babies!”
    “Kimura! You came back!”
    Naturally, human girl. No wolf can resist the taste of Charleston Chew!
    “We’re best friends, isn’t that right Kimura?”
    Whatever. Give me another chew!
  • 25. “Olga! Olga! I got an A+!”
    Simba?! A little thing called privacy?
  • 26. Becky had been thinking about when Tigger had confronted her. She loved Rumo, and wasn’t going to back down without a fight. What she needed was a cat on her side...
    “She did?” Humphrey was stunned by Becky’s story.
    “Yes. She’s really controlling, and never lets him do anything.”
    “Poor Rumo...”
  • 27. “We met and fell in love. He’s going to leave Cecilia for me, but he’s worried about how she’ll react. Then people come round accusing me of breaking up marriages!”
    “How awful!”
    “I know...”
    “You poor thing. Don’t worry, he’ll leave her soon.”
    “But that’s the problem, she wont let go. She’ll sink her claws into him and either persuade him to stay or take him for everything he has!”
  • 28. “I want to talk to her and say that she has to move on, but she looks a lot stronger than me. What I need is someone to do it for me...”
    “... How about I do it?”
    “Really? You’d do that for me?”
    “Yeah! I’ll make sure that Cecilia understands that she’s been treating him like dirt for too long!”
  • 29. What’re you doing, Timon?
    “I’m going fishing for plimpies. I’m going to make Plimpy soup and sell it!”
    Oh, that’s good. What are you going to buy with the money?
    “Some radish earings, and another month’s subscription to the Quibbler if I’m lucky.”
  • 30. “Vroom, vroom vroom! When I’m heir I’ll have lots of money and buy myself a big yacht! Yeah!”
    The ghosts have taken to haunting the microwave. They’re still p*ssed at me for deleting their beds.
  • 31. Zazu continues to study constantly.
    “Come dance sweetie!” Dunstan called.
    “Not now dad, I’ve got to max cooking!”
    “A ghost! But I did what it said in the Quibbler, the ghosts are supposed to like me now! Great Grandma, why?!”
    “My bed! That’s why!”
  • 32. “...And she knows all about it!”
    “Really? Poor Cecilia...” Audrey sighed. “I always knew that Rumo was no good. Ever since my first exorcism.”
    Tigger moved swiftly past exorcism. “So that’s why we need to stop it!”
    “I’m in.”
  • 33. “Kimura, Shenzi got you more Charleston Chews!”
    Good work, human female.
    “Who wants a belly rub!”
    I do! This one has been good to me... It’s nearly time.
  • 34. Zazu got a part time job in the Education Career.
    Unfortunately Dunstan came home from work at the same time, and it glitched. He came back from work at the same time as Zazu in the end, which whilst annoying got him promoted... As did Zazu : )
  • 35. “And she’s threatening to ruin him if he leaves! WHY CECILIA, WHY?!?!”
    *ahem* “So, will you help me get to Cecilia?”
    “Of course!” said Norma.
  • 36. This might be a good time to show you all the fights that’d have happened between the cats:
    Humphrey Vs Norma- Norma won
    Humphrey Vs Liz- Liz won
    Liz Vs Norma- Liz won
    Humphrey Vs Audrey- Humphrey won
  • 37. Team Cecilia
    Team Becky
    This is getting tense. At the moment, the cats are divided between Team Cecilia and Team Becky. Liz is as of yet undecided. She may be supreme fighter, but she’s not taking sides. Who shall Rumo choose, his wife or his mistress?
  • 38. Should I even ask?
    “Burnt muffin is good for cats. It gives them a glossy coat.”
    YAY! Zazu got promoted, another cause for celebration. It seems like nothing can go wrong for the Gladrags family at the moment.
    *whisper whisper*
    Why shouldn’t I say that?
    *whisper whisper*
    That’s a stupid superstition. Honestly, just because I said “nothing can go wrong for the Gladrags family” doesn’t mean-
  • 39. “Kimura!
    Stop calling me that ridiculous nickname child.
    “You seem jumpy tonight. Shenzi will give you a belly rub.”
    I’ve just about had it with all this third person rubbish.
    Shenzi kneeled down and patted his head.
    “Turn that frown upside down!”
    “Kimura’s ” matted brown fur was a blur. He bit Shenzi’s hand, his sharp white teeth glinting in the darkness.
    “Ow!” She examined the small cut on the end of her finger. Crimson blood was oozing out of the wound.
    “Bad Kimura!”
    She ran into the kitchen, and fixed herself up with a plaster.
    “Why would Kimura hurt Shenzi?”
  • 40. At that moment, Caractacus came into the kitchen. “Hey Shenzi! What’s up?”
    “Shenzi was...” Shenzi hesitated. Should she tell her father about the dog that had bitten her? “... Cutting vegetables and Shenzi caught her hand on the knife.”
    “Oh, you poor thing. Let’s make it better.” He tickled her ferociously.
    “Dad! Stop, stop it tickles!” She giggled.
    “That’s just what you want me to do.” he smiled. When she was laughing so much that she was doubled up on the floor, he stopped.
    “Thanks dad. You always know how to make Shenzi feel better.”
    “No problemo! What are dads for?”
  • 41. That night, Shenzi couldn’t sleep. She got up and made some juice, thinking about that night.
    There was something not quite right about Kimura...
    The room began to spin. She clutched her head. Faster and faster, the colours of the kitchen and living room blurred together, making her nauseous, until everything went dark.
  • 42. She fell to the floor, not knowing that that night’s events would change her life forever.
  • 43. Oh the awfully plotted drama! So Shenzi fainted, yes, I wonder why? *COUGH*
    I hope you had a nice Easter! I certainly did, chocolate eggs galore. The most important thing that I’ve done is bought a cuddly AleksandrOrlov meerkat. Yes you may think it’s a con, but it’s just so freakin’ adorable!
    And now, for your pleasure, all the pictures I have that are on a white background.
    There must always be office equipment