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Accenture selling-more-with-mobile-solutions

  1. 1. Selling More withMobile SolutionsBuilding the right strategy,innovation agenda and salesrepresentative experience
  2. 2. As consumer behaviors and preferences dictate enterprise technologytrends in unprecedented fashion, companies of all shapes and sizes arestruggling with how to effectively enable their sales teams with mobilesolutions. The challenges that must be overcome by sales leaders and CIOsalike are threefold: defining a proactive strategy before it is defined bysales representative behavior, continuously innovating by exploiting thenewest capabilities of mobile technology, and committing to developinga distinctive sales representative and customer experience. The key toaddressing these challenges lies in taking a disciplined approach to mobility.The upside for capitalizing on this opportunity is significant.Page 2 | Selling More with Mobile Solutions
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  4. 4. The explosion of mobile devices, Fueling the behavior is the rate measurable business value. Simplythe increasingly improving wireless at which mobile and cloud-based transitioning standard sales forcenetwork capabilities, and the CRM technologies are evolving. automation functionality to mobileadoption of cloud technologies With smart phones getting smarter, devices underutilizes the technologyin the enterprise have resulted in tablets becoming ubiquitous and and by-passes the real potentialeasy-to-provision and easy-to-use CRM vendors releasing quarterly of mobility. For every basic salesmobile sales tools. In organizations enhancements, there is an insatiable automation capability—accounteverywhere, sales professionals demand for new and improved management, contact management,are writing the mobile strategy, by capabilities. The ‘shiny object pipeline management, activityself-selecting sales tools onto their syndrome’ of mobility is here to stay, management and forecasting—company-owned and personal mobile at least for the foreseeable future. successful mobile solutions can helpdevices. While well intentioned, High performing organizations will improve the workflow of the salesthese sales representatives are need to show sales representatives professional.often making decisions based on a committed path to mobility The opportunity for the organizationspersonal preference, without regard improvements to quell the demand— that effectively capitalize on thisfor company security, data rights, and they will need to keep their growing trend is important. Highprocess consistency and total cost promise. At the same time, these performing organizations will useof ownership. High performing organizations will need to create mobility to increase deal size,organizations will need to move a deliberate and well-planned decrease sales cycle timelines andquickly in defining a strategy that approach that exploits the newest profitably improve sales activity.keeps pace with these trends. innovations in mobility to solve Additional benefits will include sales pressing business challenges. representative satisfaction and Perhaps the most important reduced attrition, improved customer challenge to overcome with mobile experience, and unprecedented sales solutions is the development transparency, traceability and of a distinctive experience for both predictability for company executives. the sales representative and the customer that can be proven byPage 4 | Selling More with Mobile Solutions
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  6. 6. The Mobile-Enabled Sales Professional is the “New Normal” Recognizing employee preference As further substantiation, according to for mobile devices, organizations are the CSO Insights 2012 Sales Performance exploring initiatives using smart phones, Optimization Study, which is sponsored by and increasingly tablets, to achieve core Accenture, 97 percent of firms are actively objectives such as improving productivity using or starting to use tablet devices in or mobile-enabling sales representatives. their sales organization.2 (See Figure 1.) This The introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010 number has increased significantly since further spurred this activity, adding to the only one year ago, when only 45 percent question about how tablet devices would of survey respondents had provided their be used for business transactions. Now sales forces with mobile-enabled sales the answer is emerging: tablets are quickly capabilities.3 However, nearly half of the becoming the de-facto enablement device organizations surveyed in 2012 do not for mobile workforces. Gartner corroborates yet have a formal program around tablet this by predicting that by 2014 as many usage.4 (See Figure 1.) as 20 percent of sales organizations will consider tablets to be the primary mobile platform for their sales forces.1 Figure 1: Sales forces are using tablets more frequently but without defined policies. What percentage of your sales force is Which of the following statements best currently using tablet devices to support describes your company’s policy towards their sales activities? tablet device usage in sales? Do not know 3.1% >75% We have 12.5% <10% 51-75% no program 9.4% 31.3% 22.6% Formal program We are 41.9% 26-50% 12.5% starting a 10-25% program 31.3% 25.8% Informal program 9.7.9% Source: CSO Insights 2012Page 6 | Selling More with Mobile Solutions
  7. 7. Innovations in Sales— Locating nearby opportunities capabilities to deliver content.Exploiting the ‘Cutting A leading telecommunications For example, the instant- company is taking advantage on capabilities of the AppleEdge’ of Mobility of location-based services on iPad make it easier for salesImproved representative Apple iPads to show nearby representatives to launch quicklyeffectiveness opportunities and unclaimed into customer presentations.One leading company is leads. With this information in In addition, tablets can deliverconsidering leveraging location- hand, representatives can take rich, interactive media based onbased services to notify sales advantage of downtime between customers’ preferences as theyrepresentative when they are near sales calls to prospect qualified select content that is directlyan account where they owe a leads that are in close proximity. relevant to them. This mightfollow up. Driving more timely and include collaboratively building a Remote presence customer’s quote or proposal inconsistent follow through can liftthe performance of the sales teams, Several high-tech companies real time, or viewing a customer’sincrease customer satisfaction and are exploiting the connectivity order history to answer questionshelp to improve sales. and rich media capabilities of during the meeting. tablets by implementing live videoNew levels of flexibility conferencing to enable their sales Real-time order placementA leading global pharmaceutical representatives to bring remote An organization is enhancingcompany is redesigning its subject matter specialists directly the use of its existing enterprisetraditional sales tools for tablet into the customer conversation. systems by building a front-facingdevices to create new levels of In this case, mobility is making ordering application for the Applerole and geographic flexibility. it possible for the sales iPad. The application leveragesBy disaggregating the individual representative to deliver answers the 24x7 connectivity of tabletsfunctions into smaller, bite-sized at the point of need and minimize and allows sales representativesfunctions, the company can use one follow-up work. to place a customer ordercommon sales force automation immediately after making the Richer customer dialogue sale. This makes it possible for theplatform to deploy differentcombinations of sales force A number of companies are organization to realize revenuetools to different types of sales exploring ways to make sales more quickly and allows the salesrepresentatives across the globe. representatives’ conversations representative to confirm orders more interactive and engaging with customers on the spot. by using a tablet’s touch screen Page 7
  8. 8. Rising to the ChallengeMobile devices will be a part of a long-term Figure 2: The introduction of tablets is changing computing behavior.sales enablement strategy. To effectivelyenable sales team with mobile solutions, An example:sales leaders and their technology partnershave their work cut out for them.Define a proactive strategy 4.2 hrs./dayto meet the opportunity, 3.5 hrs./dayand equally the challenge, ofquick user adoptionHow do companies balance strategy withspeed? In the past, organizations deploying Laptop Smartphone Laptop Tablet Smartphonenew, application-centric technologiesto the sales team typically have beenchallenged with mediocre user adoption. Device Sessions Duration Device Sessions DurationTablets, however, with their unique user- Laptop 7 24.0 minutes Laptop 4 36.0 minutesfriendly nature, are bucking this trend; the Smartphone 26 1.5 minutes Tablet 12 7.0 minuteshardware is promoting adoption of once- Smartphone 19 1.2 minutesscorned CRM software, and altering howsales representatives divide their work time. As reported by mobiles sales force workers.As shown in Figure 2, a Gartner study of alarge sales force found that representativeswere spending 20 percent more computing Source: Gartner, June 2011time per day when they used a tablet, asmart phone and a laptop, as opposed to asmart phone and laptop alone, to executethe same or similar activities.5This preference for tablets bodes well for However, the rapid pace of adoptionorganizations, giving them the opportunity also poses a challenge for sales andto drive higher sales process and sales operations leaders. According tomethodology adoption rates for sales forces recent research by Morgan Stanley, salesdeploying mobile sales force automation. representatives are increasingly using theirHigher adoption of these tools can result own tablets to access sales tools, storein more consistent sales processes, customer and account information, andincreased sales productivity, and improved manage sales activities—and it is happeningpredictability and management insights. quickly.6 (See Figure 3.) In many cases, salesThese are the potential benefits that sales organizations do not have line of sight ortools should drive, but today often fail to control of this activity. Instead, sales teamsdo so given low user adoption. are defining the mobility strategy organically.Page 8 | Selling More with Mobile Solutions
  9. 9. Figure 3: The number of employee-owned tablets used in the enterprise doubled inone year.CIOs Surveyed on Tablet UsageAn example: 33% 16% 51% 71% 8% 21% Not Allowed Employee-owned Purchased for employeesSource: Morgan Stanley, 2011Without an intentional and well-planned • With customer data being accessed and and connected in emerging markets?strategy, this ‘Wild West’ approach to stored on mobile devices at the edge What happens when a sales representativemobile device usage can create issues for of the network, information security leaves the company? How do organizationsboth the sales and technology teams to issues can put organizations at risk if deliver a consistent experience toovercome. These issues include: unsecured devices are lost, stolen or used representatives, regardless of their chosen improperly—giving rise to possible legal device? Should companies standardize• Adoption rates for the sales tools might and other risks. on a single platform or allow many? High climb, but utilization of important performing organizations have answered aspects such as activity management To help mitigate these potential risks, sales organizations should take control of their these questions as part of an enterprise may plummet, with sales representatives mobile technology strategy, collaborating capturing and managing their activities, mobile strategy by defining a deliberate plan, and working closely with technology with sales leadership and CIOs to lead to a follow-up, and notes on their independent successful path forward. smart phone or tablet applications. and information security counterparts. These risks are possible to overcome• With the availability and ease of and should promote, rather than stifle, installation of small, independent mobile innovation. Additional device questions sales applications, representatives may to answer include: Who will own the even download other sales productivity device—the organization or the individual tools, creating an uncontrolled plethora sales representative? How can companies of tools being used by representatives verify mobile devices are both accessible across the organization. Page 9
  10. 10. Continuous innovation Figure 4: CRM implementations do not always deliver desired results.defines the winners What measurable improvements in performance are you seeing as a result ofThe rate at which tablet devices, cloud implementing your CRM system?computing and social media are evolvingrepresents a new paradigm. In response, Improved Sales Rep/Manager Communications 57.4%high performers commit and undertake anagenda of continuous improvement, and opt Improved Forecast Accuracy 47.1%for speed and agility over completeness and Reduced Administrative Burden on Sales 35.3%perfection. The best companies recognizethat technology is stale almost from the Reduced New Sales Rep Ramp-up Time 22.8%moment it is launched, and that salesrepresentatives’ behaviors are changing at Improved Support of Channels 19.9%an unprecedented pace. These organizationschoose to embrace the challenge and focus Improved Best Practices Sharing 19.1%on a promise of ongoing, rapid innovation.(See sidebar entitled “Innovations in Sales— Improved Order Processing Accuracy 17.6%Exploiting the Cutting Edge of Mobility” forexamples of how companies are pursuing Improved Win Rates 16.9%mobility sales solutions.) Other 15.4%Organizations can help enable this newapproach to sales by maintaining a Increased Revenues 15.4%relentless focus on what is new aboutmobility for today, and by staying ahead Shortened Sell Cycles 11.8%of the curve for what the future holds. Keyaspects of this innovation agenda include: Increased Margins 3.7%Bring innovation for today Source: CSO Insights 2012It would be unproductive for organizationsto simply re-enable sales representativeswith current sales force automation than 15 percent responded that these Continue innovation for tomorrowfunctionality and stop there, but it is implementations resulted in increased There are many new capabilities on thetempting for companies to do this by revenues.7 (See Figure 4.) horizon for mobility that will continue topiloting mobile devices without exploiting drive change in how sales organizations willany of the leading-edge features that Investing in re-enabling sales force use mobile tools. For example, near-fieldmobility has to offer. These efforts fall functionality on a tablet device can communications will allow mobile devicesshort of expected return on investment, be exciting and is often justified with to physically pass information between eachwhile burdening the sales force with softer benefits such as convenience, other. In the future, consumers may see anadditional tasks and unwieldy tools that do connectedness and portability. However, advertisement for a product and touch itnot drive results. mobility technology brings some truly with their phone, generating a real-time, new capabilities such as location-basedCase in point, implementing new CRM tools ‘hot’ lead sent immediately to the nearest services, 24x7 connectivity, richer andwas a top priority initiative for more than sales representative based on the location as more interactive media presentation, and40 percent of chief sales officers surveyed determined by their mobile device. emerging technologies like QR codes andfor CSO Insights 2012. Unfortunately, near-field communications. High performingonly 17 percent of respondents indicated companies will figure out ways to exploitthat previous CRM implementations had these capabilities in order to solve their mostimproved win rates and only slightly more important business challenges.Page 10 | Selling More with Mobile Solutions
  11. 11. Why Sales Representatives • The site is unattractive andTypically Hate their Sales requires a manual to get started.Tools • The software is generic and requires a work-around to doMore often than not, sales the specific things we wouldrepresentatives consider their really like to do.8sales force automation tools These adoption issues runto be a burden. Why? Business parallel to the reasons why salesauthor and thought leader Tammy representatives often do notErickson has some possible like to use sales tools built byanswers in her Harvard Business the sales organization. WhenReview post that examines why implementing mobile sales tools,organizations may fail to get organizations can avoid theseemployees to adopt social media pitfalls by providing value directlytools: to sales representatives at every• “Often we are instructed to interaction with the sales tool. use it by someone in authority, rather than invited by friends.• Little of what we actually get paid to do (or believe we get paid to do) requires information or input from the vast majority of other people on the network.• Participation feels like dropping pearls into a black hole. There is often no sense of getting something in return for sharing an idea or suggestion.• We have no control over who sees our information and little idea what ‘they’ are doing with it. Page 11
  12. 12. These kinds of innovations will drive Unfortunately, this approach has a The rich media and real-time connectivityappreciable new opportunities for sales downside: low adoption of the CRM tools capabilities of mobile devices help salesorganizations. Leading organizations will by the sales force, as they see these representatives to use the mobile devicenot only exploit what is new about mobility tools as only data capture avenues for as the facilitator to the, but will also build a culture and process management. (See sidebar entitled “Why Representatives can use a tablet togetherthat encourages continuous and iterative Sales Representatives Typically Hate their with the customer to configure solutionsinnovation as the technology develops. Sales Tools.”) To reduce this risk, some in real time, review pricing options companies have made sales representative and capture signatures to close deals. adoption metrics part of the performance In addition, they can leverage videoCommit to a distinctive, management process. However, using the technology to include remote participantsvalue-led experience ‘stick instead of the carrot’ typically has who may offer specific experience.To help improve sales effectiveness through failed to yield the benefit sought by either And with a constant connection tomobility, sales organizations need to the organization or an individual sales the underlying CRM systems, salesfocus on creating a unique and productive representative. representatives can also answer questionsexperience for sales representatives that about cases or order status in real time. High performing organizations will takedirectly improves their workflow, while also a different route and focus on how their For the broader sales organization, anadding value to the customer dialogue and mobile sales force automation tools Internet-connected mobile device caninteraction. Developing this distinctive, can provide direct value to the sales instantly aggregate data across multiplevalue-led experience for both sides can representatives themselves. For every input sales conversations to help companiesresult in immediate and long-term payoffs sales representatives are asked to provide, identify best practices, refine salesas companies will be able to sell more they should get a useful and tangible processes and methodologies, or reviewprofitably in a shorter amount of time. output from the sales tool. For example, if marketing content and overall go-to-Achieving this dual purpose with mobility recording a follow-up task for a customer market strategies. Organizations can alsorequires sales executives to: enabled the mobile device to alert a collect voice-of-the-customer data from representative when near an account with how the customer is actually interactingEnsure sales tools provide clear value an overdue task, the representative would with the sales representative and thedirectly to the sales representative be more likely to use the task functionality. mobile device, rather than gathering itMany organizations have deployed CRM Providing this distinctive sales representative anecdotally from the sales with the intent to collect experience is an important piece of aninformation from the sales tools, and effective mobility sales program.provide business insight to executive-level management and headquarter Enrich the customer experienceprocesses. Information collected from the We often hear that sales representativessales force is often used to drive more can be accused of talking too much, andaccurate pipelines and forecasting, provide not spending enough time understandingbetter customer and offering insights customer issues and business needs. Anfor marketing, or round out activity and interactive mobile platform can help theperformance management data. sales representative follow a balanced approach of assessing a customer’s needs, and presenting the features and potential benefits of an offering.Page 12 | Selling More with Mobile Solutions
  13. 13. Take a Disciplined Approach to MobilityMany organizations find themselves Integrate with current CRMenamored with mobility. They want to toolstry the ‘shiny new object’ and jump intosmart phone and tablet pilots, or full If new mobile tools are deployed toimplementations, without adequately the sales force without investing indefining the purpose and proceeding with integration with current CRM tools, thediscipline to deliver value. sales representative experience will fail to meet expectations. This lack of integrationFocusing on the following success factors can result in lower mobile tool utilization,to plan and implement a mobility strategy which will limit the value gained and setwill help organizations to successfully a perception among the sales force thatdeliver a distinctive experience with can be difficult to overcome in subsequenttangible business value: efforts. Ensuring that mobile tools fit into aEnable process with seamless sales representative experiencetechnology to help achieve is critical to the potential success of anystrategic objectives mobile sales enablement initiative expected to deliver tangible outcomes. To do this,As Gary W. Loveman of the Harvard organizations will need to understand theBusiness School aptly observed: “Gains mobile strategy and roadmap of the salescome not because of technology, but force automation vendor that will be used.because it supports breakthrough ideas In some cases, an off-the-shelf solution willin business process.” This axiom serves meet the core needs of the sales force andtrue with mobility; deploying tablets can be fully integrated with other tools.alone will not improve sales execution, However, there will likely be differenceswhich Accenture defines as the planning, in timing as well as role- or function-design and implementation of selling specific needs for which companies willmethods, sales and sales supporting have to build custom tools. In these cases,processes,enabled with appropriate selling organizations should factor integrationtools. Determining where mobility fits efforts into the solution plan.into the overall sales execution approachis a critical component for achievingmeasurable results.Organizations can begin their mobilityinitiative by establishing a strategy witha clear definition of the targeted benefitsand a focus on overcoming the challengesoutlined above. Sales leadership shouldhave a crisp understanding of which mobilecapabilities will be truly new, and howthese capabilities will deliver value bothacross the enterprise and to individual salesrepresentatives. Page 13
  14. 14. Summary Mobile solutions have the potential to create dramatic benefits for a sales organization. Effectively planning and then executing a strategy that is focused on the sales representative and customer experience, through alignment with existing process, methodologies and technology, is critical to help drive success. As smartphones and tablets evolve, CRM and cloud technologies become more powerful, and consumer behaviors continue to drive enterprise innovation, the opportunity for defining a mobile-enabled sales strategy has never been greater.Page 14 |Selling More with Mobile Solutions
  15. 15. References Contact Us:1 Gartner, “iPads: Customer-Facing Selling For more information about the AccentureWill Drive iPad Use for Sales,” May 20, Sales Mobility offering and how Accenture2011, by Robert P. Desisto, ID: G00213136. can help your organization improve sales with mobility, visit or2 CSO Insights 2012 Sales Performance contact:Optimization Study Yusuf Tayob3 CSO Insights 2011 Sales Performance Partner, Accenture Sales Execution andOptimization Study Enablement yusuf.a.tayob@accenture.com4 CSO Insights 2012 Sales PerformanceOptimization Study Ray Pressburger Accenture Sales Mobility Offering Lead5 Gartner, “Enterprise Applications for ramon.w.pressburger@accenture.comTablets,” June 13, 2011, by Scott D. Nelsonand David A. Willis, ID: G002140746 Morgan Stanley, “Tablet Demand andDisruption,” February 14, 20117 CSO Insights 2012 Sales PerformanceOptimization Study8 Harvard Business Review, HBR BlogNetwork, “Why We Use Social Media inOur Personal Lives—But Not for Work,”February 16, 2012, by Tamara J. Erickson Page 15
  16. 16. About the Accenture Sales About Accenture MobilityMobility Offering ServicesThe Accenture Sales Mobility offering Accenture is focused on helping its clientsprovides clients with a good perspective to achieve breakthrough growth throughouton where to focus sales mobility efforts to the rapidly changing mobile ecosystem. Thehelp to maximize value and solve the sales Accenture Mobility Services group offersorganization’s challenges. We have an array five mobility services including consulting,of assets, including: software services—applications, software• Pre-designed sales mobility solutions services— devices and platforms, managed services, and business integration services.• Mobile sales effectiveness framework These are designed to help organizations• Collaborations with sales force embrace business to employee (B2E), automation providers. business to consumer (B2C), business toThe Accenture Sales Mobility offering is business (B2B) and machine to machinebacked by the CRM and sales enablement (M2M) business opportunities. Accentureexperience of Accenture’s global Sales offers mobility and embedded softwareTransformation and Mobility Services services across a wide range of industries,practices. devices and platforms, including Symbian, Microsoft® Windows® Mobile, Windows® Phone, Android™, Blackberry®, iPhone®, Java™, Linux and MeeGo™.About the Accenture Sales About AccentureTransformation Practice Accenture is a global managementThe Accenture Sales Transformation consulting, technology services andPractice helps sales executives improve outsourcing company, with more thansales performance by realigning strategic 246,000 people serving clients in moreresources, managing sales force behavior, than 120 countries. Combining unparalleledharnessing sales talent and enhancing experience, comprehensive capabilitiesoperating capabilities. We help companies across all industries and business functions,improve outcomes across a wide and extensive research on the world’sspectrum―such as refocusing from sales most successful companies, Accenturevolume to sales margin, shifting from collaborates with clients to help themselling products to selling solutions, and become high-performance businesses andcreating efficiencies in the sales cycle― governments. The company generated netto drive change in leading indicators of revenues of US$25.5 billion for the fiscalimproved revenue. year ended Aug. 31, 2011. Its home page is © 2012 AccentureAll rights reserved.Accenture, its logo, andHigh Performance Deliveredare trademarks of Accenture.