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Funbox - Leading Performance Display Trading Desk / RTB


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Funbox is Australia\'s leading Independent Trading Desk/ Display Network

Funbox is Australia\'s leading Independent Trading Desk/ Display Network

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  • I got vital information about Funbox. Thank you for the presentation Tony.
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  • Change contextweb to pulsepointThere a limited number of requests that an exchange can accept in any one moment…
  • Add in extra buying models – cascading – cpm, cpc, cpl, cpa conversion rate & CPL key parametersSell the solution rather than the campaign…
  • HK-based data centre gives you more access to inventory – if you only use a US-based platform you only see 20% of inventory vs 80-90% if you have HK
  • Discuss with Boris – how deep can we go?
  • 5 weeks – average 5 week periods
  • Facebook Exchange
  • Pinpoint logo –ifan
  • Transcript

    • 1. December 2012Experience Innovation ResultsIndependent Trading Display Network
    • 2. Agenda  Real-time bidding defined  State of Play – RTB Market What we do  Multiple Buying Models  Audience Buying (3rd party data)  Solutions Provider & explanation of RTB  Brand Safety  Funbox Pinpoint Targeting Platform
    • 3. Real Time Bidding Inventories ‘Moneyball for digital advertising’ The traditional model of buying display advertising is changing RTB is revolutionising media buying across facets of digital advertising…
    • 4. Real Time Bidding State of Play  US RTB figures for 2012  Est. $1.6b-$2b revenue  15-20% of all display  Google predicts RTB will be a $50b industry in 2015  Australian RTB market est. growth 400%+ from 2011 to 2012  1% of market in 2011, growing to 5% or $40m in 2012, 8-10% in 2013 and 15 – 20% by 2015.  Display to grow at twice the rate of search – up 500% by 2016/17 *SMI Report 2012
    • 5. Funbox Defined  Independent Trading Display Network, using best-of-breed Trading Platforms and Ad Exchanges to achieve the best possible results for clients and partners  Interface with all SSPs/Ad Exchanges, multiple ad-servers and DSPs to best optimize campaigns results
    • 6. Bridging the business model gapbetween publishers and advertisers
    • 7. Funbox service offering
    • 8. Funbox overview Founded in 2004 as a direct marketing advertiser 7 years performance based online marketing experience 4 years ad exchange experience Sydney HQ, plus offices in US, Germany, Japan and India 30 employees
    • 9. The Human Element – our Competitive Edge  Experienced team of analysts and campaign managers:  Dedicated to campaign optimisation at granular levels,  Work on campaign goals and maximize client ROIs  Follow clear processes to launch and optimise campaigns;  Step 1: trial campaigns on multiple platforms  Step 2: Find most effective channels to market, depending on client brief  Focus on performance  Hitting the right audience  Reach into multiple DSPs and Exchanges gives us greater reach  Hybrid model – conversion + volume
    • 10. Audience Buying Through 3rd Party Data  3rd Party Data:  Demographic: gender / age / location  Static user data: interests  Dynamic user data: buying intent data
    • 11. Audience Segments Automotive Grocery Life Events Shopping Beauty Healthcare Personal Care Style & Products Products Fashion Demographics Hobbies & Personal Technology & Interests Financing Computing Education Home Pets Travel Improvement Restaurants Household Presence of Products Children
    • 12. Innovation  1st Independent Trading Desk to launch in the AU market  1st to market with Cookie-less tracking (Pinpoint)  Constantly evaluating new platforms, exchanges and DSPs to ensure that we are working with best-of-breed suppliers  – when we couldn’t find a solution to manage all brand security and transparency for our clients we built our own  More innovation in pipeline e.g. Funbox Media Intelligence Platform
    • 13. Case Study 1 - Major UniversityTarget: Overseas Campuses Chart Title 200 150 100 50 0 Learn Phase First Optimised Ave CPA Ave CPA buy Funbox Target CPA
    • 14. University Case Study (ctd) Chart Title 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Learn Phase First Optimised Low CPA Ave CPA buy Funbox Target CPA Search Video Buy
    • 15. Brand Safety Inventory Proprietary technology
    • 16. Brandsafe Inventory  Funbox Creates a Safe Pocket of Inventory on Ad Exchanges, creating a clean and brand-safe environment for advertisers without jeopardizing reach and scale
    • 17. Proprietary system:  Near real time visibility were ads are actually showing  Visibility into full daisy chain up to 10 creatives deep  Fast Site vetting functions & site list management
    • 18. Funbox USP – Funbox Pinpoint Platform
    • 19. Pinpoint PlatformCookie-less tracking & Dynamic Creatives
    • 20. Pinpoint Platform  Device recognition / Cookie-less targeting  Analysis of device settings create a uniquely profile  Based on 70 criteria, read from the TCP/IP stack , e.g.  Browser language, time stamp  Can identify down to one in every 4 million devices  Cross platform tracking: PC, tablet and mobile  Dynamic banner retargeting  Retarget users with products in banners your visitors have actually watched  Based on XML product feed integration product will be dynamically integrated in banners
    • 21. Device recognition increases profile recognition by 72% Tracking by device: 95% recognition Tracking by cookies: 55% recognition
    • 22. Device recognition is 10 times more accuratethan device fingerprinting Device Fingerprinting Funbox Pinpoint Device recognition Analysis of User-Agent-String Analysis of TCP/IP Stack String likely to change Settings not likely to change No able to recognize individual Able to recognize individual computers in company computers in company network network Accurately identifies: Accurately identifies: 1 in 396,000 1 in 4,000,000
    • 23. Holistic campaign approach One customer targeted across multiple devices Unique Cookie Profile
    • 24. What Do Marketers Get Today? Website Search Display Email Social Direct Mail Mobile Call Center Rich Media POS IPTV  No holistic view across all marketing channels  Lack of control in messaging and experience Which creates a lack of accountability
    • 25. What Do Marketers Want? Unifying Media and Data Across Channels Email Display Social Direct Mail Mobile Call Center Rich Media POS IPTV Funbox Media Intelligence PlatformEmail Website Search Display Social Mobile Rich Media IPTV
    • 26. What’s Needed to Make it Reality? Unifying Media and Data Across Channels Transparency & Control are Key 1. Real-time inputs/outputs of data 2. Predictive Analytics 3. Attribution (Methodology)Email Website Search Display Social Mobile Rich Media IPTV
    • 27. Client list
    • 28. ContactTony Booth| BDM Mail: AU Mobile: 0439 988 539Web: http://www.funbox.comAU Office: +612 8206 8844 Fax: +612 808 83889Address: Level 6, 56 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia