Get the picture? Let the picture get you.
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Get the picture? Let the picture get you.






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  • Working with the assumption that the presenter knows the message well; the presentation is a guide and support
  • Sync up the imagery with the content…the pictures guide the presentation. Visually say it.
  • All the features can blurry the power of your presentation. Pictures trigger, signal and help point the audience and the presenter in the right direction
  • 3 main punch points I’d like to convey that can help connect your pictures to your content
  • “what we have found out is that our staff development has taken a nose dive in the past 2 years. And it is being felt. Folks, something is missing.”
  • Where do you get the pictures?
  • Personal challenge: use pictures only from “free use photos” group in this presentation.
  • Pattern is used very loosely here to mean structure and rhythm and ultimately something to hang your thoughts on. How images help us compose our presentation. There can be an internal or external urge to go to template. Less about the pre-made template and move with the idea that your key points and images you associate with them bring forth a style, rhythm and ultimate pattern or structure that you hang your presentation on.
  • Set the mood or pace with an evocative picture
  • Set the mood or pace with an evocative picture
  • Tell a little story
  • Set the stage for a compelling story.
  • How can we get many images that illustrate a point onto a slide in an interesting way. Here I used Picaca to create a photo pile. Kids enjoying a Webkinz program…multiple images drive the point home about the depth or array of a subject, event, etc.
  • Pairing with text
  • Write (right) on the picture
  • Write (right) on the picture
  • Presentations can get really serious. Pictures allow us the opportunity to lighten things up without breaking out the joke book.
  • put your thumbprint on it
  • Humor and shock in our everyday lives
  • Doesn’t have to be literal

Get the picture? Let the picture get you. Get the picture? Let the picture get you. Presentation Transcript

  • Get the picture? Let the picture get you. ALA Annual 2009 Tony Tallent
  • Words, Words, Words More Words with Fun Fonts Presentations can get really messy
  • illustrate your point?
  • punch your point.
    • Staff development down
    • Results show in survey
  • pattern not template
  • Insert info here
    • insert more info that says the same thing here only slightly rephrased
    • more info
    • some more info
    imagine clip art here (ok, don’t) Oh, and perhaps a clever quote such as “familiarity breeds contempt.” Please don’t do this…
  • Renewal
    • message: observing customer behavior is key to creating a meaningful user experience
  • No more than six words… ever . Seth Godin “
    • message: observe customer behavior
  • observe customer behavior
  • Story not slideshow
  • fill the frame
  • message: approaching services with an abundance mentality can offer up more possible outcomes
  • Abundant approach equals more possible outcomes
  • Abundant thinking. More possibilities.
  • Now offering 63% more serious consideration
  • stand-up not soliloquy
  • message: libraries are unique & serve many needs
  • The many flavors of libraries
  • Taste the many flavors of libraries.
  • (ahhhh!)
  • “ Words”
  • 5%
  • Thank you!