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  • What are some trends and items making news with eBooks? How we’ve supported usage and some key statistical dataWhat are we doing to support eBook readers and being ready as the eBook wave continues to roll?
  • It’s not only the inside world of libraries that is talking about ebooks and libraries.Interest in eBooks has skyrocketed in the past several months. Let’s take a look at some very recent examples.
  • Some of the main ideas: ebook demand is up; many libraries budgets are down. How do we balance the demand with budget constraints? Hennepin County Public Library spent $350,000 on ebooks last year. They plan on spending this same amount in the coming year.
  • Books still fit in. They fit in in different ways…and will continue to. It’s our work to deliver the information and services (and, that means books, too!) to customers how they need it, want it.
  • In this EW feature, ereaders were ranked. Most interesting to us is that one of the key items for “making the cut” (or not)included it the ereader allowed owners to download ebooks from their libraries. Note, the Kindle isn’t compatible. These are dedicated readers only (tablets, iPad not included)
  • One survey cited that ebook readers start have begun reading MORE. 53% more since getting an e-reader (Harrison interactive poll)
  • We are interested in delivering services that meet all our community…here’s some what we’ve seen over the past year, especially related to ebooks.
  • We began offering downloadableebooks in earnest (through Overdrive) in January 2010. Downloads we did offer before: NetLibrary (read it on your computer screen—limited selection and more academic in nature), audio books, music.
  • 46 ebook check-outs at the end of the first month. Plus 93 new users! (including those that went in and put eBooks on hold)
  • Usage expanded. Interest increased. Demand increased.
  • …and from creating 93 new users in the month of January 2010 to 529 new users in January 2011.
  • The story doesn’t end here.As the snippet says: The ebook revolution is not coming. It is already here.
  • Including input from our customers.Example: we have added ebook format for suggestions for purchase.
  • Focusing our promotions and making access through our website easier.
  • Getting our staff ready to bring eBooks to our customers.Partnering with our community, including businesses in learning. Let them touch the items and the ideas. It will change lives.Note: to date, an estimated 85%- 90 % of all RCPL staff had had training or eBook downloading to assist customers.
  • Richland County Public Library is a part of the interest and action working to make e-delivery better for the public.Note: 2 tasks forces of ALA, ULC work group.
  • Ebooks Right Now

    1. 1. Photo: Just Back vis flickr
    2. 2. eBooks & Richland County Public Library What’s happening in the world of eBooks? What are we seeing at RCPL? What might be next?Photo: graur codrin
    3. 3. What are the headlines saying?
    4. 4. USA Today February 25, 2011
    5. 5. March 2011
    6. 6. Entertainment Weekly March 11, 2011
    7. 7. People want to read eBooks. 53% reading more?
    8. 8. RCPL and eBooks
    9. 9. RCPL is open for eBook lending
    10. 10. January 31, 2010: How many?Photo: Maggie Smith 46
    11. 11. As we listened and focused… Photo:ntwowe
    12. 12. Usage.Interest. Demand. Availability. Photo:ntwowe
    13. 13. JanuaryHow many? 8700
    14. 14. { in brief } Between January 2010 and January 2011… we checked out almost 8,700 ebooks….from an eBook collection that had roughly 2600 items. 3.09 x per eBook
    15. 15. What might be next?Photo: wiangya
    16. 16. Growth of our collection FYI: We have ebooks for all agesPhoto: zirconicusso
    17. 17. eReady RCPLImage: Salvatore Vuono
    18. 18. joining the national conversation …and actionPhoto: Suat Eman
    19. 19. Thank you. Tony Tallent Director of Literacy and Learning Richland County Public LibraryImage: Master isolated images