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Create conference rooms without walls. …

Create conference rooms without walls.
Connect from anywhere.
Create a virtual conference room and invite users or room systems.

The network is not in your way with Embedded Firewall Transversal.

Bring your room system experience with you, wherever you go, to whatever desktop you use.
Come get a free demo in Bend Oregon.

Tony Sprando

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  • 1. What’s New? SCOPIA MobileName Title December 20091/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 2. Agenda Usability Taken to the Next Level Greater Performance & Scale More Management Capabilities1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 3. Usability Taken to the Next Level SCOPIA V7.11/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 4. SCOPIA Desktop Now on your Mac!1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 5. SCOPIA Mobile – on your iPhone and BlackBerry1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 6. SCOPIA Mobile Moderate participants Control your meeting Invite other participants Change layout “Touch” your meetings1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 7. New Conference Control Menu - User1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 8. New Conference Control Menu - Moderator1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 9. New Conference Control Look & Feel1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 10. Desktop Layout Enhancements Drag and Drop! Change personal layout1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 11. SCOPIA Elite Lecture ModeCreates a Classroom-like Environment Students Lecturer Sees Continuous See Lecturer Presence Mix of Students Full Screen1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 12. Simpler Outlook Scheduling for iVIEW Improved Scheduling UI - Easy, Simple and friendly Just One click to schedule video meetings Invite users or endpoints Easy meeting setup Reserve MCU/Gateway resources Chose the appropriate service1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 13. Greater Performance & Scale SCOPIA 7.11/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 14. Additional Elite MCU Media Capabilities 480p Video QCIF for 3G Gateway 21 & 28 Participant Video Layout Up to 120 HD Switching ports According to overall bandwidth limitation1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 15. Enhanced Scalability 120 near DVD quality (352p) connections on Elite 5230 SCOPIA Desktop Server now with support up to 250 ports Huge meetings, with up to 250 participants1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 16. SCOPIA Elite MCU Capacities E5110 E5115 E5230High Definition Continuous 10 15 30Presence PortsHigh Definition Video SwitchingPorts 40 60 120Enhanced Definition Ports NearDVD Quality 40 60 120(Increased Capacity License Option)1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 17. SCOPIA Desktop Experience Improvements Lower latency Faster connection time Slides change faster! Better presentation quality1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 18. Intel Optimizations Intel processor optimizations Enhanced CPU Awareness Atom processor optimizations1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 19. SVC delivered across the board Desktop  Desktop Room Systems Desktop  MCU TelePresence MCU  MCU H.264 AVC Forward error H.264 SVC correction (FEC) Unified enabled for higher Communications resiliency1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 20. More Management Capabilities SCOPIA 7.11/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 21. Tandberg MXP Management Never been easier to maintain a multivendor environment!1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 22. SCOPIA VC240 ManagementReady For Mass Deployment SCOPIA Management Suite Real Time Remote Monitoring Configuration MassTraps & Alarms Configuration Local AddressMass Upgrade Book Update CDRs & Usage Auto Discovery Reports1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 23. Simple High Availability Solution Keep Alive Database Replication File Synchronization iVIEW iVIEW Affordable & Cost Effective All inclusive – no need for external devices/applications Simple installation & deployment1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 24. Easy Database Backup & Restore Solution No more complicated scripts… No more human errors… No more wasted time… No more urgent support calls… Easy! Intuitive! Bulletproof!1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 25. And More… SCOPIA 7.11/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 26. And More Enhancements More on-screen indicators Security Recording Random PIN for secure ad-hoc “XXX” is presenting when starting virtual room meetings presentation Enhanced security for MSFT AD "Your audio is muted/un-muted“ Service Preservation when Lecture Mode iVIEW is down Conference control Random PIN for secure ad-hoc virtual room meetings Enhanced security for MSFT AD Windows 7 64-bit server deployment Better CDR’s SNMP V3 Traps1/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223
  • 27. Thank You! Give it a try Here http://www.avpres.org/Products/VideoConferencing/Lifesize/default.aspx Name Tony Sprando Email tony@av-pres.com Tel. 1-877-992-2223 Fax. 1-800-660-96771/31/2013 www.av-pres.com 1-877-992-2223