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How To Get Internet Traffic Part1
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How To Get Internet Traffic Part1



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How to get Internet traffic can be a major problem for a lot of website owners. But traffic is the life blood of any website and without enough of the right kind of traffic your sites may not be successful. This short presentation is part 1 of 2 explaining highly effective methods of how to get Internet traffic. Also check out this article at: http://onlinebusinesssystems-diyim.co...



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  • This is the end of “How To Get Internet Traffic Part-1”

How To Get Internet Traffic Part1 How To Get Internet Traffic Part1 Presentation Transcript

  • How To Get InternetTraffic Part-1By: Tony SanfordD.I.Y. Internet Marketerhttp://onlinebusinesssystems-diyim.com
  • HowTo get InternetTraffic• Website owners seem to find learning how to get websitetraffic one of their most difficult of tasks. That could bebecause of many different reasons such as the many variousmethods and techniques available to choose from to just plainbeing overwhelmed.• Whatever the reason the reason for it this presentation shouldgive you some ideas on exactly how to do this. That will meanat least one less reason to find getting Internet trafficsomething you would rather not consider. Its advisable tokeep in mind that because the Internet changes so fast,something newer and far better could easily show up fromnowhere at anytime.• But dont worry you can keep current with the latest trafficgeneration changes, updates and methods by staying involvedwith the correct forums and social networking sites.
  • WhyInternetTraffic?• Website traffic is very important because without it yourwebsite wouldnt make any money or get any visitors to viewyour content. The main reason for starting a blog, or websiteis to obtain something in exchange. Generally it includesincome in some shape, fashion or form.• Thats a very good reason for investing time and effort inwriting articles, posts, and content for your website or blog.The thing to understand is that all of that wont accomplish athing if you cant get a steady flow of targeted web traffic andvisitors to your sites to make things happen.• As a result of Internet traffic anyone can reach untoldnumbers of folks with your product, service or content,instead of being restricted to your local marketplace.
  • Let’s Get Some Web Traffic• There are so many approaches to driving traffic to yourInternet site. It isnt dependent on just promoting yourwebsite and wanting that individuals stop by. For the followingsteps to work the most effectively its best you have a plan.Having a plan will allow you to keep an eye on whats beenachieved, as well as what has to be finished. But remember aplan wont get you any traffic unless you work it..
  • # 1 Search EngineOptimization(SEO)• SEO is an awesome method of driving free targeted traffic toyour websites. The only thing is that this presentation is abouthow to get Internet traffic not how to optimize your websiteand pages. What you really need to do is go to:http://onlinebusinesssystems-diyim.com where I discuss thistopic and more in much more detail.• However I recommend that you correctly optimize yourwebsite for your own niche market using all the keywords youwant to rank for. SEO can generate a good amount of organic(free) targeted website traffic if it is done correctly. The workof building links and ranking for your keywords is well worththe effort for generating Internet traffic especially whencombined with some of the other methods I will mentionhere.
  • SEOStrong KeywordsDescriptiveMeta TagsAnchor Text3 of The Keys ToSearch EngineOptimizationDrives Organic Traffic to Your Websites
  • #2 Using Video• For some time now video has rapidly become one of the mosteffective methods of generating a lot of traffic to peopleswebsites. One reason is that you can easily and quickly createvideos with PC software like Windows Movie Maker.• When you have finished your video and its ready to be seenby your audience there are many online video hosting sitesthat will publicize it after you upload your video. Some of themore popular video hosting sites are of course YouTube, thenVimeo, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, Dailymotion and the list goeson.
  • • You can take a lot of the heavy lifting out of your videosubmission by automating the process using one platform tosubmit your videos to the different video hosting sites. Onesuch service is called TubeMogul one benefit is its free. Thereare other popular services that do the same like Traffic Geyserif you have the $97/month fee. The point here is that you canautomate your the video for traffic process that will generatemore traffic for you faster than you doing it all manually.• There is much more to how to get Internet traffic using videoslike making sure your videos are properly optimized for topsearch engine ranking. However it’s well worth your while tolearn all you can about this method because it really delivers.
  • Top Video Sharing Sites
  • #3 LinkedInFor Traffic• Linkedin is one of the most underestimated sources ofInternet traffic because most Internet marketers only see it asstrictly a social marketing network for businesses. But whenyou take a closer look you can discover the real trafficgenerating potential of site.• The first step is to make sure that you fill out all theregistration information for Linkedin correctly. That is one ofthe most consistent mistakes made by all it’s users.1. That means to create a complete and interesting profile.2. Linkedin allows you to Link to your websites. Don’t leave it out,It will help you with branding and SEO.3. Link to your blog to create curiosity among your network.4. Take advantage of the huge numbers of folks using Linkedin andnetwork, network, network at least 30 minutes a day.
  • • How to network using Linkedin1) Build your network by inviting more friends/business partners.2) Participate in relevant Groups associated to your niche and interest3) Start your own Group4) Answer questions being asked to help others in the Groups5) Update your status or profile and keep it current6) Make Related Comments to relevant topics being discussed7) Become an authority in your niche to attract more followers whorely and look for your comments, advice and contributions• To maximize your efforts, save time, and make using your socialnetworking websites easier to manage to effectively attract traffic,access them all from one place. You can use sites like Sobes andTrillian5. These types of programs take social network marketing tonew dimensions, and helps to produce huge amounts of targetedtraffic and visitors to your website when they are used properly. Themain element to this method’s success depends on youconcentrating on and joining the best suited user groups on eachnetwork.
  • # 5 SubmitArticles To Get Traffic• Article marketing has been around for a long time and is still a forceto be reckoned with for driving traffic to your websites if you do itcorrectly. Doing it properly involves submitting new articlesregularly to some of the article submission sites.• Because successful article marketing could mean submitting at least2-3 fresh articles 5 times a week to numerous article submissionsites this method can be overwhelming for most folk. But thanks toautomation software a tremendous amount of the submission workcan be done on auto-pilot making this method of getting Internettraffic very attractive as well as effective.• By doing a search online for article submission software youlldiscover a great selection of tools that will accomplish this work foryou. In addition you can effectively help your SEO score bydeveloping plenty of backlinks which leads to still more traffic usingthis technique.
  • WhatWe HaveDiscussed?• These are the Internet traffic generation methods we havediscussed so far In part 1 of this presentation:1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)2) Using Video And Video Hosting Sites3) Using Linkedin4) Writing And Submitting Articles.• In Part 2 of Getting Internet Traffic we will look at moreeffective Internet traffic generation techniques. So Keep youreyes open for it. You won’t want to miss it! 
  • EndOf Part-1FreeInternet Marketing ResourcesGet My Internet Traffic Guide!Go To:http://onlinebusinesssystems-diyim.com
  • D.I.Y. Internet Marketer High Profit Online business Systems.comFacebook.com/diyinternetmarketerTwitter.com/TontypCONTACT US NOW!PleaseDon’tForgetToVisitOurSiteAndLeaveALikeAndShare.