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ConnectedTV Conference, my part of presentation

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Moscow 06 02_gemius_anton

  1. 1. Russian Market II Международный форум CONNECTED TV & VIDEO Internet TV. Smart TV. Mobile TVАнтон МелеховМосква, 06/02/2012
  2. 2. YouTube popularity in Europe and Russia Охват YouTube в Дании, Венгрии, Польше и России80% 74.79% 68.03%70%60% 56.59% 51.69% Greatest popular50% with service, Hungary - 74.79%40% 11.2009 of the total Internet 11.201030% audience in the 11.201120% country, watching videos on10% YouTube!0% Russia - a leader in the 13,407,200 number of visitors Польша to YouTube, 21,985,953 Посетители 1,145,169 (Декабрь 2011) Белоруссия people visited 4,881,701 21,985,953 Украина theservice in Россия December 2011 0.00 10,000,000.00 20,000,000.00 Источник данных: Megapanel PBI/Gemius, gemiusAudience fusion, gemius/Ipsos Audience Fusion 2
  3. 3. YouTube competitors in Russia, changes in Reach RuTube Smotri 11.2011 13.18% 11.2011 6.67% 11.2010 14.00% 11.2010 8.20% 11.2009 14.15% 11.2009 4.68%Users of viewed in December 34,231,014 pages, while the usersarecommitted RuTube 28,403,936 views Источник данных: gemiusAudience fusion 3
  4. 4. Possible trends on the Russian video market• Further growth of VOD players and the introduction of new services (for users will be given a choice - free access with advertising, or access to view, for a fee, but no ads• In connection with reaching agreements with the owners to increase the number of "closed", movie shows for VOD users that will contribute to the growth of their popularity among users + implementation of the special buttons that allow you to watch favorite movie online (for example, based on data from the portal• Growth of Mobile TV - the demand for tablet PCs and smartphones in Russia increases, the cost of access to the Internet through these devices is getting cheaper, and there are appearing more and more applications on platforms iOS and Android through the key market players• Further development of the technology of Smart-TV. Seizing the opportunity to watch films in the mode of 3D, through applications Smart-TV, switching to online broadcast of cable TV channels 4
  5. 5. Market problems:• Pirated content interferes with the development of high-quality VOD segment - holders with very great caution would be to agree on “close” shows of the new films )before official launch in cinemas), through the Internet, because there are many options to copy the movie and put it on the torrents• The measurements of live broadcast - you need to understand how it can be monetized as well as learn soc-dem of the audience• Measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns - are still rather vague notion of how to track KPI of the campaign, and many continue to evaluate the effectiveness in CTR• Not enough depth market data as a whole. There is a lack of detailed studies of the interaction of users with video content portals and their understanding of the soc-dem profile 5
  6. 6. The opinion of the market (media houses): • «One of the main and important problems in the placement of video ads is that not all sites can provide information on the percentage of inspections video, someone does not have such resources, some are not technically able to do it. For the customer is very important to understand what percentage of users watched the ad to the end»• «The low conversion of the video. Yes, a lot of clicks, CTR are good, but the direct conversion of site usually does not occur. Not enough studies about the return to the site of people who have seen our online video advertising. Maybe then the view of the low conversions with video ads will change» • «Wed like to place non-standard pre-roll, with a departing or screenglide objects, etc. , But then again - did not all sites are ready to place them and for us they are quite expensive to create and they fit only for luxury brands» Источник данных: Независимое мнение специалистов ряда крупнейших сетевых агентств России 6
  7. 7. The opinion of the market (media houses):• «Currently, we urgently need statistics on which we could see the number of seconds of video commercials, which looked at the user, where he pressed the button «play», where he made something with sound, and in what place abandoned the video stream (on its own initiative or technical problem)" • «In-banner video does not replace the In-stream, as is with no sound and the size of it is not full screen. Although as a parallel format for TV campaign for the light TV viewers it work fine» • «Streaming video has fairly heavy traffic has a video on the internet, but so far its hard to build the knowledge, scope and specific frequency, using only the TV as a replacement. Typically, the In-stream video is only an addition. Since people are not regularly watching videos in the internet on certain sites, such as watching their favorite TV channels. Sites with video content is incomparably greater than the TV channels, and the users attention is scattered» Источник данных: Независимое мнение специалистов ряда крупнейших сетевых агентств России 7
  8. 8. Спасибо!Присоединяйтесь к нам @: Контакты Lauris Lietavietis Антон Мелехов Audience research product manager Директор по продажам и (BY, EE, LT, LV, MD, RUS, UA) развитию, Россия