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  • 1. W e are from Poland 1
  • 2.  
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  • 4. Some of us live in detached- houses.
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  • 6. We like our houses.
  • 7. Hi, My name's Caroline. I'm 9. I'm from Poland, from Lubin. My family is big. There is my mum - Monika, my dad - Krzysztof, my sister - Klara. I`ve got a pet. This is a crab. His name is Cezar. I like milk, chocolate, pizza. I don`t like hamburger. My hobby is swimming, dance.
  • 8. Hello , My name is Konrad . I am 8 . My family is small . uimmum ister.
  • 9. My name's Hannah . I am 8. My family is big. T here is my mum-Gosia, my dad-Toma, my brother-Bartek. I've got a pet. I'ts Mikus, the hamster. I'ts small and white .I like my pet.
  • 10. Hello, my name is Martyna. I'm 8. I'm from Poland, from Lubin. My family is big. There is my mum - Barbara, my dad - Krzysztof, my brother- Mati. I`ve got a pet s . There are dogs - Gaja and Gw ia zdka. I like dogs, pizza. I don't like footba l l.
  • 11. M y name is M ati . I am eight years old. I like footbal l and spaghetti.
  • 12. My name is Karolina. I’ m f rom Poland, f rom Lubin. My f amily is big .
  • 13. Hello. My name is Marta. My family is big. There is my mum- Aneta, my dad- Witek and my sister Paulina. I like pizza, coca-cola and chips. I have got a pet - guinea pig. It s name is Gapcio.
  • 14. My name is Mateusz.. I am eight. I like football. My name is Mateusz. I am eight. I like football.