Introduction and Unit 1-1


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by Tonny Kuo

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Introduction and Unit 1-1

  1. 1.年4月19⽇日星期五
  2. 2. Tonny Kuobear4125910@gmail.com13年4月19⽇日星期五
  3. 3. Learning Objectives:Student are able ...• to introduce themselves in English.• to define and rethink the concept of learning English.• to understand the tips for reading and vocabulary.• to sign up for Web 2.0 tools for further use.• to identify reading skill:“predicting”.• to search for more information to acquirebackground information,• to listen to short videos clips and get the main idea.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  4. 4. 1. Give a brief introduction ofyourself.- name, interests, hobby, familyinfo, love, etc...2. Find five pictures which canshow your personalities.3. State your learning experience ofEnglish subject.- how you leant vocabulary,reading, writing, speaking...4. Set your goals and explain howyou will make them.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  5. 5. Process of reading• Three steps:- Before reading...- While reading...- After reading...• Cognitive tools can helpread better.- vocabulary knowledge- reading skills andstrategies- guided questionswhat can youprepare?13年4月19⽇日星期五
  6. 6. Task: reading tips1. You’re given a short reading passageentitled “Tips for Fluent Reading”.2. After you read each paragraph, you aregoing to give each paragraph a subtitle.3. Check with the original one to makesure comprehension.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  7. 7. What I will do is...• to help you develop thevocabulary ability.• to help you become a fast reader.• to provide different cognitivetools for better understanding.• to access what you learnt andmonitor your learning.• to give clear and preciseguidelines of your lessons.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  8. 8. What youneed to do is...• to spend time studying English• to use Quizlet to study vocabulary• to finish weekly tasks andassignments• to preview before attending theclass• to express your ideas clearly andprecisely13年4月19⽇日星期五
  9. 9. Unit 1All About FoodTonny KuoDept. of English InstructionNational Hsinchu University ofEducation13年4月19⽇日星期五
  10. 10. A Restaurantfor Change13年4月19⽇日星期五
  11. 11. Warm-up• Page 11: 5 mins challenge• Answer the following questions and give ashort presentation.• You can use online dictionary for help.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  12. 12. Reading Strategy:Prediction• Before you read, good reader will thinkabout what they are going to read.And whilethey are reading, they will think about whatcomes next.This will help them betterunderstand what they are reading.• Guess what what happened next.• Reading clues.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  13. 13.年4月19⽇日星期五
  14. 14. Listening Practice:Teach every child about food1. What’s his belief about thepower of food?2. How does he think of thereality of food around theworld today?3. What problem does hepropose about life span toreinforce the importance offood?年4月19⽇日星期五
  15. 15. Task Today1.Introduce your self.2.State your learning experience.3.Warm-up and discussions4.Listening Test: TEDVideo5.Tips for fluent reading.13年4月19⽇日星期五
  16. 16. ••••年4月19⽇日星期五