Reader Response Hamlet


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Reader Response Hamlet

  1. 1. Reader Response on Hamlet By: Ma. Cristina D. Panganoran Hamlet is a representation of people who put justice in their own hands to gettheir revenge. Most people may think these types of people are crazy and they seem tosee a crack on the chair that no one else would notice, but what they stand forsometimes can be true but it becomes wrong to the point of longing for murder becausebloodshed begets bloodshed. Revenge, humor, jealousy, deceit, love, hate, anger - wecan relate to all of the emotions and all of the characters that the famous Shakespearehas given to us. The need for revenge causes Hamlets tragedy. He wanted to retaliateand seek justice for the acts of others. I felt sorry for the man for all he wanted was forQueen Gertrude to at least look into the death of his father, the king. And for Claudius,his uncle, to be punished for the murderous act he committed. For me the movie was worth watching and Hamlet made me laugh when he wasacting like a lunatic, and sometimes childlike, I felt sorry for him in the end becauseeven though he had fulfilled his plot against Claudius, he still lost his beloved mother,Ophelia, and his own life. Speaking of Ophelia, I found her to be a very fragile andcharming girl. Queen Gertrude for me was like a woman who can’t live without herman and I just felt she was pathetic for being like that; she couldn’t even last at leastlonger than two months before moving on since she even promised not to marryanother man to her late husband as the play mocked both her and Claudius. Poloniusfor me is a social climber he wants to get close to the royal family where his daughterwould be the prince’s bride and soon to be future queen and his son as the king’sfavorite right swordsman. Since he is only but a chamberlain in the kingdom, he musthave wanted to have a higher position as an aristocrat. Truly vengeance can lead to obsession and with the obsession comes themadness. The tragic ending was already inevitable when Hamlet turned to vengeance. Ilove the flow of the story; the only thing I didn’t like is the unjust treatment towardscrimes of royalty. They always get away with their wrong doings but God is truly wisebecause he has smitten them all in the end. No one wins in a battle of bloodshed. Thepain of losing a loved one brings about hatred and this hatred gives birth to people likeHamlet. I wish that Hamlet just let it go and waited until God judged Claudius but Iguess if he did that then Hamlet wouldn’t be a famous play anymore.