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Piaget Document Transcript

  • 1. MA. CRISTINA D. PANGANORAN BSE-2 JULY 7, 2010 THEORY 2What is the most significant learning you gained from Piaget’s theory? Piaget’s theory has a variety of principles and I have learned a lot from them, but the most significantpart for me was under the topic “FORMAL OPERATIONAL STAGE”. Since I am a BSE student, this will be ofmore help to me when I successfully get my teaching license, because it gives substantial informationregarding the ability of an adolescent. Using these important principles & applications, I can always have abasis on what level or degree of difficulty the lesson will be for the class to make it more challenging to thembut at the same time enjoyable. Like one of the applications where it mentioned to give class activities such ascomparing life situations with a particular song. If the song is familiar to the students then the followingshould be expected. Students will enjoy analyzing the lyrics of the song. This will stimulate their minds & might even be inspired to be poetic. The learner will develop a wider vocabulary if ever they come across new words in a certain song. The degree of understanding a particular discussion/topic can also be improved. Not only by analyzing songs but also with other type of approach, like for example getting caught in apop quiz, not being ready would conclude failing scores but the student will learn from this and develop ahabit of studying lessons even without expecting an exam. This particular experience will definitely change astudent’s learning habit. Moving on to another principle where I find significance is where hypothetical questions are involved,these questions play a big part in a student’s learning. Asking a student “What if?” makes them use more oftheir mind power, common sense, & ability to identify and solve problems whether in school or in real life.Being a teacher isn’t confined within campus walls but we should also be able to influence students in a goodway, where we can instill not only knowledge but also good behavior to them.