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Lesson Plan

  1. 1. I. Objectives The students must be able to do the following with at least 75% success rate: a) Understand how to use cause-effect, concept and descriptive pattern organizer. b) Agree/Disagree to ideas expressed on global issues. c) Analyze and react critically to ideas presented. d) Write a reaction paper about global warming.II. Subject Matter “Global Warming” Reference: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215471/global_warming.htm Materials used: Graphic Organizers, hand outs of pre-assigned text, music player andIII. Procedure A. Motivation: 1. Have the students listen to the song “Clean and Green 2011 Theme Song” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnXgL5ZLHJk&feature=related 2. Ask how they feel about the song. B. Presentation: 1. Ask the students to read the first section of the hand out. 2. Discuss descriptive pattern organizer using first topic. “What is Global Warming?” Global warming is when the earth heats up (the This hurts many people, temperature rises). animals, and plants. Global Warming It happens when greenhouse gases trap Many cannot take the heat and light from the change, so they die. sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which increases the temperature.
  2. 2. Activity 1: 1. Let students fill up the pattern organizer using, “What is Green House Effect?” Characteristic Characteristic Green House Effect Characteristic Characteristic 2. Discuss, “What is global warming doing to the environment?” using the cause and effect organizer. Global The waterwarming covers manymakes the low land sea rise islands When the plants and Water covers the plants and The animals lose animals die, people a source of food, causes some along with their lose two sources of of them to die habitat food, plant food and animal food.
  3. 3. Activity 2: 1. Let students fill up the pattern organizer using, “What causes global warming?” Effect: Global Warming Turn off lights when not in use 2. Discuss, “What are people doing to stop global warming?” using this concept organizer. Turn off T.V. after use Carpooling - driving with someone to Conserving a place that you are both going to Energy Spend more time outdoors instead of using the computer People are doing many things to try to stop global warming. Less trash goes to the dump Planting trees and Less trash gets burned recycling Fewer greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere
  4. 4. Activity 3: 1. Let students fill up the pattern organizer using, “What is the government doing to stop global warming?”Characteristic Characteristic Clean Air Act Examples Examples Characteristic Examples Examples Examples Examples Examples Examples IV. Evaluation. 1. Write a reaction paper about the effects of global warming to your family and about the things that you can do as a student to stop it. 2. Introduce rubrics to students. Poor = 12 Fair = 14 Good = 16 Excellent = 20
  5. 5. Focus Poor Fair Good Excellent Essay lacks focus and Essay is somewhat Essay is mostly Essay is well- purpose is focused and purpose well-focused and focused and questionable is sometimes not purpose is clear. purpose is clear. clear. The direction The essay has a The essay has a of the essay can be general thesis clear three-point put together by the statement. thesis statement. reader.Developmental Poor Fair Good ExcellentProcesses Writer does not Writer provides a Writer gives Writer uses appear to understand few examples but examples and examples and how to use the lacks detail. Steps in follows up with follows up with developmental the process are some detail. Steps clear, specific process of writing to named. in the process are details. Steps in get his/her message named and placed the process are across to the reader in logical order. named and clearly, logically presented.Organization/Unity Poor Fair Good Excellent Essay lacks Essay is somewhat Essay is mostly Essay is well- organization and uses organized but uses well-organized and organized and few if any few transitional uses some uses transitional transitional devices devices to create transitional devices devices to create to create unity and unity and fluidity to create unity and unity and fluidity fluidity fluidityLanguage Usage Poor Fair Good Excellent Writer has problems Writers command Writers command Writer has mature using language to of language is of language is not command of the communicate his/her immature as sophisticated language messageGrammar/Mechanics Poor Fair Good Excellent Writing has several Writing has several Writing has a few Writer has grammar and grammar and grammar and excellent mechanical errors mechanical errors mechanical errors command of and understanding is but understanding is but does not grammar and impeded not impeded impeded mechanics understandingV. Assignment: Put a picture of your favorite place on your learning log and describe how you will take care of that place.
  6. 6. Prepared by: Ma. Cristina D. PanganoranCourse & Yr.: BSE-IIIClearance Number: 321