FS Episode 1


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F.S. 1

The Learner’s Development and Environment

Episode 1: School as a Learning Environment

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FS Episode 1

  1. 1. F.S. 1 The Learner’s Development and EnvironmentEpisode 1: School as a Learning EnvironmentName of F.S. Student: Ma. Cristina D. PanganoranCourse: BSE Major in EnglishYear & Section: Second YearResource Teacher: Mrs. Irenea P. Dizon --------------------------------Cooperating School: Holy Cross College (High School Department)Instructor: Mrs. Gloria A. Silva
  2. 2. 1. Describe the community or neighborhood where the school is found. The school is located in the community of Sta. Lucia. The busy streets ofthis community are filled with tricycle terminals. Aside from the noise of vehiclespassing by, I can say the school is far from other distracting noise. Holy CrossCollege is surrounded by the community‟s different types of shops that offerservices not only to the students of HCC but also to the residents of Sta. Lucia. The neighborhood is somehow sustainable; however, there is always roomfor upgrading. Improvements can be done if school and community officials wouldcollaborate with each other. Concerned parents, teachers and students can also beinvolved in making things move up to a new level. If this happens then probably abetter community and school can emerge.2. Describe the school campus. What colors do you see? What is the conditionof the buildings? The school campus is almost free from dirt and pollution. The tall trees nearthe school buildings give the area a green color that is easy on the eyes. H.S.Building #1 was recently renovated and looks safe and well-maintained. As for theother buildings, I think it is safe to say that the status is „almost‟ in good condition.Over-all the high school department of HCC is well-kept and has a refreshingatmosphere.3. Pass by the offices. What impression do you have on the offices? As I passed by the offices, each one gave me the impression that I amwelcome. There was no feeling of intimidation or uneasiness for me. Since no onemade me feel ignored, I felt comfortable in observing and asking questions aboutthe conditions of all the offices and facilities on my checklist. I guess if I felt freeto visit then the students of the High School Department must also feel welcome toaddress their needs in any of the offices.4. Walk through the school halls, library & cafeteria. Look around and findout about the other facilities that the school has. I added more rows to my checklist on the previous page to include the otherfacilities in Holy Cross College H.S. Department, aside from the original checklistitems. The H.S. department also has a faculty room located on H.S. Building #1. Itis air-conditioned and a bit teeming. I saw two computer rooms on the second floorof GSHS Building. I didn‟t get to see it well because the rooms were locked at thattime. But I know for sure they are air-conditioned just like the faculty room. I alsochecked out the DAST Office & Dean on Discipline‟s Office which were locatedin H.S. Building #2. Even if the offices were not that spacious, it was cool and hasadequate lighting. A chapel is also located near the college department buildingjust behind H.S. Building #5.
  3. 3. Name of Resource Teacher: Ma‟am Irenea P. DizonSignature of Resource Teacher: ________________Date of Visit: December 14, 2010 Classroom Facilities MatrixFacilities Description1. Wall Displays top achievers , class officers, announcements and schedules are posted on walls; Christmas decorations are also present2. Teachers Table in a position where she can easily see all the students and vice-versa3. Learner‟s Chairs arranged in a way where students face the center of the classroom4. Black Board is used for clarification; located in the front of class if they were in regular arrangement of chairs5. Materials/ Teaching not displayed; kept in shelves and cabinetAids The Classroom Visit Posted on the walls of the classroom are the Class Officers and TopAchievers list, exam schedules and shortened period are posted on theannouncement corner, Christmas decorations are also present. The learningmaterials are kept in a cabinet and shelves for easy access. The furniture is neatly arranged and the teacher‟s table is in a position whereshe can easily see all the students and vice-versa. The chairs and tables arearranged in a face center position. This position of chairs works great for studentpresentations, demonstrations and role playing. It also creates a friendlier settingfor the students to interact. The room is spacious, has adequate lighting, and well-ventilated. There arethirty eight students occupying the room. Over-all the classroom I observed iswell-kept and conducive to learning.
  4. 4. Analysis:1. How do the school campus and the classroom in particular, impact thelearning of the students? What are your conclusions? The school campus and classroom impacts the learning of studentsbecause it is the usual place where a teacher facilitates learning. For example,if the school has an unpleasant smell, the students wouldn’t want to stay incampus and study because they would be distracted by the awful smell andthey would only think about going home. If the classroom is also dark,crowded and has hot temperature, then these are considered hindrances notonly for the learning process but also for the teaching method. If students arebothered by these distractions then it is also possible that the teacher is alsounable to teach under these circumstances. I therefore conclude that thephysical condition of the learning place affects the students and teachers notjust physically but also mentally.2. How does this relate to your knowledge of child and adolescentdevelopment? How does it relate to your knowledge of facilitating learning? From what I have observed, the school buildings and the surroundinggrounds such as noise, lighting and temperature affects the learning ofstudents. The environment should reflect the teachings imparted to thestudents because it also has a fair share in shaping our learners. For example, the classroom I visited posted the names and positions ofeach class officer on a separate ‘cartolina’ and placed them up the walls onboth sides of the room. This is also one way of giving them responsibility forkeeping order and harmony in class plus they get a sense of their own role or‘identity’ in a classroom setting. As an elementary pupil becomes an adolescent, their physicalenvironment needs to change from colorful pictures to top achievers bulletinboard. This distinguishes development in a learner. Next is on facilitating learning, we all know that the school environmentand classrooms need to be conducive to learning. This is where learninghappens, so these places must have the necessary facilities and space neededfor maximum interaction between students and teachers and also socializationand teamwork among students. With the absence of distractions and environmental hassles, the teachercan easily create a classroom climate that is conducive to learning. If aclassroom and campus is in the ideal state, then there would be fewer worriesfor teachers in making the learning experience easier and fun. The physicalcondition of the learning place also matters in facilitating learning.
  5. 5. Reflection:1. Do you like to teach in the school environment you just observed? Why?Why not? I guess it is okay for me to teach in the school I observed because first of all,I am already familiar with the place, and somehow it possesses a few good traitsand qualities. It may not be as well-equipped as other schools but HCC already hassomething going on. Yes, there is always room for improvement of facilities butit‟s in my nature to never back down on a challenge. I enjoy fulfilling the goals Iset for myself whether it is long or short term goals. If I am destined to teach inHoly Cross then I will gladly take the opportunity and enjoy the profession of mychoice.2. What kind of campus is conducive to learning? A campus that is conducive to learning is one that is safe, clean, noise freeand one that is concerned with the development of a student in every aspect,physically, psychologically and spiritually. The community where the school islocated also impacts the atmosphere of a campus. If the community is not peacefulfor classes to take place then even if the campus is clean and well-equipped thesafety of everyone in the campus comes first. So if one aspect is missing, then thegood balance for a functional learning campus is gone. Every campus should atleast possess all these qualities.3. What kind of classroom is conducive to learning? I have learned from previous classes that a classroom must be business-likeyet non-threatening. It is where people have respect for each other and do notdiscriminate based on differences. Well, that is just for the psychological part.Now the physical aspect of the learning environment that is conducive to learningis one that is clean, organized, well-lit & ventilated and ofcourse spacious. It mustalso be free from noise or at least block the outside noise. All distractions are non-existent or reduced for a better atmosphere in acquiring knowledge.4. In the future, how can you accomplish your answer in number 3? For the psychological part, I will first set my rules clearly on the first day ofclass. I must know the limit of being friendly to the students for both our benefits. Iwill be fair in handling any situation and will not let anything cloud my judgment. For the physical environment, I will encourage my students to be responsiblefor keeping the classroom clean and in order. I will make sure my class is free fromdistractions. I will see to it that the room is well-lit and in ideal temperature.
  6. 6. 5. Write your additional learning and insights here. In this activity, I learned the negative and positive effects of computer shopsthat are near to the school. From what I have observed whenever I enter computershops to get any of my projects printed out, the ones playing video games aremostly students. It is seldom seen that these students would be researching for theirprojects or term papers. It is sad and unfortunate that they spend hours playing but less or even nostudying habits at all. With the advantages for other students like me who need toprint out projects or research on the internet there are also disadvantages forstudents who are addicted in playing online games. Maybe someday HCC can have their equipment for researching, printing andphotocopying like in U.P. so they can control these shops surrounding the school.There is actually a rule in Diosdado Macapagal High School that computer shopsare not permitted to be too near to their campus. I also learned that the school must provide a healthy environment. Not onlyfor the comfort of students but also for a more perceptive purpose of giving them agood foundation. With the hope of someday, they will all be able to live asproductive and knowledgeable citizens of the country. My Personal Illustration of an Effective School Environment “In my opinion an effective school environment must be safe, clean, noisefree and no distractions.” As I enter the gate, there are welcoming guards; there is a path which is in avery good distance from the busy streets leading to the well-kept buildings. As Iwalk through the path I pass by some tall trees and freshly cut green grass. I stillhave more time before my class so I‟ll drop by the spacious gymnasium to seesome of my friends practicing basketball for the coming intramurals some of themare sitting on the well-made bleachers. I felt hungry so I went to the cafeteria toget a nutritious meal. All the servers are in proper food handling attire and are veryaccommodating. After I ate breakfast I still have time to visit the library to readahead before class starts. The library has a wide variety of reading materials andhas many chairs and tables to have room for all the students. The library is veryquiet that I easily read the chapter with comprehension and no distractions. At lastit is time for class; I sat around the back because we are in an alphabetical sittingarrangement. Even if I was at the back I can still hear and see the teacher wellbecause of the organized arrangement of desks and teacher‟s table. The roomswhere we have classes on have adequate space and lighting plus it is free frominterruptions. As I go on my way home I think to myself, “I learned a lot in classtoday and I‟m glad that this school is very effective in developing my knowledgeand well being.”A Narration by: Ma. Cristina D. Panganoran