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  1. 1. The Vow9 Frame Analysis of the Film Trailer, a magazine coverand a Film Poster Analysis.
  2. 2. Film Poster AnalysisBy simply looking at this The way that the attractiveposter you can immediately male actor has his eyessee what genre the film is. open is entitled to make himFrom the front style and the look even more attractivebright colours (mainly pink and for the female targetand white). audience to be drawn into the film for the matter of fact that he is in the film. The way in which the two models are situated very close together in a kissing, emotional pose, indicates that they are in a relationship and as they are the The image is very tightly only two people in the poster you cropped to suit the two immediately see that the love models, an indication that they story is between only two people. are the only main characters. In relation to the trailer and the magazine they are in a romantic pose which is The two models are in the middle promoting the relationship of the poster which shows that whilst the shot has the male the two characters are at the character being the active center of the film and the plot of model. the film will revolve around their relationship.
  3. 3. Magazine Cover This poster is promoting the main Channing Tatum is one of the attraction of the film in my opinion, main characters from the film not the plot of the film but the main “The Vow” his appearance in a character and heart throb of the lot of romance films makes him film just as in P.S I love you an instant heart throb for women promoted Gerrard Butler, which are the main target promoting the main man from the audience for romance films. film will urge the female target audience to want to see the film even more. His square pose and looking straight into the camera is Channing Tatum appears in the made to create a link magazine cover in casual attire which is between the audience and what he wears in the film, the matching the model and show of his of the two styles makes a bond posture and build. The casual between the film and the magazine pose and relaxed look is cover attempting to promote the two as solely to create a feel of calm a package opposed to individually, making a very strong link When a new film is released he would between the two. be on the covers of all the major film magazines and social magazines inHis casual appearance is to make him order to promote the film and the actorlook as normal as possible, relating to their target audience.closely to his role within the film.
  4. 4. Film Trailer AnalysisThese images are a series of images selected from the trailer for the film. The first shot Iselected is from the very start where the relationship between the two main characters isestablished, we can clearly see that the two are happy and content with their relationship,mixing the feelings of love with humor and comedy, showing that their relationship is as healthyas possible. As they are the only characters that are shown in the immediate beginning of theopening, you make a decision that the story will be based around the two and their relationship,just as in the poster.
  5. 5. The next clip I selected, was the couple being very close together, sharing a moment of intimacy,this is an indication that the relationship, again is healthy and strong, this clip here is very similar tothe poster for the film, how the models are very close together, and the interaction between the twoindicates a relationship opposed to a disagreement or argument.The shot is lit mainly by the natural lights found in the natural household lighting. This gives theimage a relatively warm feel and a natural look.
  6. 6. This clip is from the few images that are shown to the audience from their experiencestogether as a couple, there is this image which clearly indicates the two are married,their composition and position in the image shows that they are happy and there isalready an equilibrium set. This is a common scene in a romance, where the man willspin the girl around in his arms, matching well with the genre, and the colours in thisselect clip match appropriately to the film poster and magazine cover.
  7. 7. This image is also a common clip in most romance films where the female character is restingupon the male character, a connotation of protection and dependence upon the male character,the ring hand is in the eye of the camera to reiterate the point that they are married and includethe intimacy and happiness of the two in a single shot.
  8. 8. When the disruption takes place in the story line there is always a character thathas to deal with hurt or upset. Commonly it is the woman however this film,shows that the male character can be distraught also. The leaning upon thevending machines could be a connotation that the character needs support ashe cannot stand alone and the slouched style just makes him look helpless, thelonger the shot is the more alone the character looks.
  9. 9. The over the shoulder shot indicates that the shot is from his point of view and this shot is usually used toimply and force empathy upon the viewer, to see things from this characters point of view, making a bondbetween the character and the female.The puzzled look on her face indicates that the disruption is imminent however the way the male characteris standing at the bottom of her bed shows that he is supporting her and there for her.
  10. 10. The shot here is the female character kneeling upon photos of her and her “husband” that she no longerknows, the photos are made to recreate the memories, but as the film has to take its course the malecharacter has to make the female character love him once more by using his charm.The amount of photos present is a clear representation of the amount of memories the two shared.
  11. 11. This is the first part of the film where the male character shows his emotion and depressionabout no longer having the female character playing a role in his life. The mid shot, shows hisbody language, clothing and facial expression, his clothing, smart, but almost as if he has let goa little, his body language is relaxed opposed to straight and smart, the facial expression clearlyindicates his upset. The shot isnt over the shoulder and he is alone in the shot showing how nowhe is alone too.
  12. 12. This shot shows that the female character is upset, however, the dialogue indicates that sheis telling him that she does not love him the way he does, which is made to make you feelsorry for him and upset. The lights however in the background still match the colour schemeof the film which shows there is still hope.
  13. 13. Genre Theory If you look at genre theory you see that the standard theory applies, The equilibrium at the beginning where everything is normal, the disequilibrium where there is a disruption and the solution.