2011 GCS Line Card Catalog


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2011 GCS Line Card Catalog

  1. 1. Garnett Component Sales, Inc. www.garnettcomponentsales.com 2011 Line Card Catalog
  2. 2. 1 Introduction ABOUT GCS Garnett Component Sales, Inc. is a professional Our principals are well renowned and exceedingly qualified multi-person manufacturer’s representative agency. manufacturers of custom engineered components and reflect We specialize in the sale of custom engineered the corresponding ISO, TS, AS 9100 and or FDA certifications. components to the O.E.M. market place. Headquartered Our commitment to excellence in representing our principals in metropolitan Raleigh, NC and with branch locations and adding value to the relationships we have formed with strategically positioned throughout the territory, we are our diverse O.E.M. customer base has earned us a reputation able to respond to our customers with timely in person for producing results on a consistent basis. visits as well as written and verbal communication. We are highly successful in supplying our varied mix of With a combined outside sales experience of over 100 products and services to customers such as Aerospace, years and our extensive knowledge, we are proud to be Medical, Military, Automotive, Industrial and many more which recognized as a leader to the O.E.M. community. States can be found in our website. We welcome your interest in our within the region we represent include Virginia , North agency, market place and to the growth and development of and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. our principals. We look forward to working with you in the This territory is commonly referred to as MANA 7 and 8. near future. CONTENTS PAGE MANUFACTURER SPECIALITY 3 JMC Tool & Machine Custom Machining 4 Fischer Special Manufacturing Custom Machining (Multi-Spindle) 5 Genesee Global Group Electro-Mechanical Assembly 6 Sabina Manufacturing Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication 7 McKey Perforating Perforated Metal/Plastic 8 VACCO Commercial Photo Etching 9 Sherry International Castings, Forgings, Motors (DC/AC), and Machining 10 Boehm Pressed Steel Precision Metal Stamping 11 JLO Metal Products Custom Aluminum Impact Extrusions 12 Unique Extrusions Precision Aluminum Fabrication, Finishing & Extrusions 13 Fortis Plastics Plastic Injection Molding 14 Eagle Supply & Plastics Plastic Fabrication 15 Flexan Custom Molded Rubber 16 Web Seal O-Rings & Sealing Products 17 ATF Precision Engineered Fasteners 18 Hi-Tech Fasteners Fastener Distributor GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  3. 3. Sales Territory Map 2 TerriTories 7 & 8 raleiGh heaDQUarTers MI 2824 Penfold Lane Wake Forest, NC 27587 VA TN DeTrOiT BraNch NC 35980 Woodward Avenue Suite 300 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 SC carY BraNch Nashville BraNch 606 Marble House Court 18 Sulphur Spring Church Rd. Cary, NC 27519 Franklin, KY 42134 AL GA charlOTTe BraNch 4626 Addison Drive aTlaNTa BraNch Charlotte, NC 28211 6050 Peachtree Pkwy Suite 240-156 GreeNville BraNch Norcross, GA 30092 213 Huddersfield Road Simpsonville, SC 29681 NAsHVILLE ATLANTA RALEIGH RALEIGH Dan Mark Tommy John Wilson Snyder Garnett Taylor GCS Sales Representative GCS Sales Representative President / Owner GCS Sales Representative Tel: (270) 598-0665 Tel: (678) 699-9152 Tel: (919) 562-5158 Tel: (919) 601-2959 Fax: (919) 724-4869 Fax: (770) 476-0104 Cell: (919) 801-4627 Fax: (919) 724-4869 dan@garnettcomponentsales.com mark@garnettcomponentsales.com Fax: (919) 724-4869 john@garnettcomponentsales.com Territory: TN & Northern AL Territory: Select Accounts in GA & AL tommy@garnettcomponentsales.com Territory: Eastern VA, Eastern NC & Territory: All States Eastern SC GREENVILLE CHARLOTTE RALEIGH CARY / DETROIT John Rusty Angela Tom Davis Burton Garnett Garnett GCS Sales Representative GCS Sales Representative Sales & Operations Manager Vice President of Sales Tel: (864) 979-5490 Tel: (704) 364-0729 Tel: (919) 562-5158 Tel: (248) 884-2831 Fax: (919) 724-4869 Cell: (704) 576-1513 Fax: (919) 724-4869 Fax: (919) 724-4869 johnd@garnettcomponentsales.com Fax: (919) 724-4869 angela@garnettcomponentsales.co tom@garnettcomponentsales.com Territory: Central & Western SC, GA rusty@garnettcomponentsales.com Territory: All States Territory: Southeast Michigan & Territory: Western NC, VA, SC & GA Select Accounts www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  4. 4. 3 Custom Machining JMC Tool & Machine aBOUT: JMC Tool & Machine Co. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified leader in providing precision machined components and assemblies to a wide variety of industries including automotive, electronics, telecommunications and medical. JMC serves regional and global manufacturing companies with locations in the Southeast from its production facility in Apex, North Carolina. JMC has created a first class business structure to facilitate strong growth and superior product featuring: extensive CNC and traditional machining capabilities, high quality machine tools, turnkey solutions, parts stocking programs, design engineering for short run and specialty products, a high caliber work force, and award winning customer service. capaBiliTies: • CNC Turning Centers • CNC Swiss Turning • Vertical Machining • Horizontal Machining • CNC Manual & Prototype • Laser, Brake, and Welding • Light Assembly • Manual Lathes • Accepts Solid Files cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 2501-128 Schieffelin Rd., Apex NC 27502 For more information visit: www.jmctool.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  5. 5. Custom Machining (Multi-Spindle) 4 Fisher Special Manufacturing aBOUT: Since 1905, Fischer has been supplying precision-crafted parts to nearly every industry. Their long-time customers include top companies and leading brand names — from musical to automotive to medical to appliances — all of which demand the high degree of quality and dependability only Fischer can provide. Thanks to unsurpassed craftsmanship and a relentless dedication to detail, Fischer has proven its ability to precision manufacture each of its screw machine parts, nuts and inserts within remarkably close tolerances. Which means you’ll always have the benefit of hassle- free automatic or hand assembly…no matter what finish, configuration, or application you specify. capaBiliTies: • Davenport • Index • ACME • ANSI H-28 or JIS thread standards • Nickle, Zinc, Chrome, Cadmium, Silver & Electro-Tin • Horizontal CNC Turning • Vertical CNC Turning • Electronic Size Certification • Precision Screw Machine Parts • Materials: Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminum cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 1188 Industrial Road, Cold Spring, KY 41076 For more information visit: www.fischerspecial.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  6. 6. 5 Electro-Mechanical Assembly Genesee Global Group aBOUT: WHERE CRAFT AND TECHNOLOGY MEET - More than 60 years of experience and expertise. Genesee Global Group is a trusted contract manufacturer of sophisticated assemblies, components and parts to companies around the world. As a privately held company with a progressive hands-on management team, Genesee looks for long-term relationships with customers who view them as an extension of their manufacturing operations. They are proud to be an ISO 9001:2000-certified company. capaBiliTies: • Precision Metal Fabrication • Robotic Welding • Metal Stamping • Electromechanical Assemblies • In-Hour Engineering & Tooling • Basic Phases of Project Lifecycle: 1. Project Analysis 2. Design for Manufacturability 3. Prototyping and Tooling 4. Production 5. Testing and Quality Control 6. Global Supply and Value Added cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 975 John Street, West Henrietta, NY 14586 For more information visit: www.geneseeglobal.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  7. 7. Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication 6 Sabina Manufacturing aBOUT: For more than half a century customers from around the world requiring precision fabricated metal components; sub and finished assemblies have come to rely on Sabina Manufacturing to help them lower costs, improve quality, reduce lead times and enhance their competitive positions. From Fortune 1000 leaders to tiered suppliers in a multitude of industries, companies requiring delivered on time all the time services, choose Sabina. Sabina is a recognized metal fabrication industry leader with a reputation of providing exacting service for the right price. capaBiliTies: • Laser Cutting using four TRUMPF systems • CNC Punching with a 50” x 100” range • 6 Axis Metal Bending • MIG/TIG Welders Certified to AWS D1.1 Standards • Robotic Welding • Assembly, Stamping, Machining, Painting and Plating cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 400 Commerce Blvd., Lawrence, PA 15055 For more information visit: www.sabinamfg.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  8. 8. 7 Perforated Metal/Plastic McKey Perforating aBOUT: McKey Perforating Co., Inc. serves a wide variety of customers in such diverse industries as construction equipment, electronics, agricultural, medical, mining, chemical, architectural and automotive. Perforating services are done at McKey using various types of presses and unique tooling packages. Some presses, as large as 500 tons, use state of the art electronics and special gagging techniques to create patterns and pilot holes. Much of this work continues on to stampers and fabricators who form parts into exhaust systems, tractor grilles, grass guards for engines, roof decking, computer housings, grain bin floors and many other applications. McKey also offers fabrication and has certified welder, brake presses, and lasering capabilities. capaBiliTies: • In-House Engineering • Secondary Operations • Irregular Shapes in All Types of Materials • Small Runs & Large Volume Programs • Product & Services: 1. Custom Design & Fabrication 2. Coil & Slit Coil Processing 3. Perforated Tubing 4. Perforated Stock 5. Perforated Metal 6. Perforated Plastics cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 3033 South 166th Street, New Berlin, WI 53151 Additional Manufacturing Plants: 87 Volunteer Court, Manchester, TN 37355 For more information visit: www.mckey.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  9. 9. Commercial Photo Etching 8 VACCO aBOUT: VACCO Industries, located near Los Angeles in Southern California, is the largest commercial photo chemical etcher in the Western United States providing precision components to a vast array of markets. Along with it’s Photo Etching expertise VACCO provides in-house Micro Laser Machining and Diffusion Bonding services. The combined process capabilities of: Photo Etching, Micro Laser Machining, Vacuum Furnace and other in-house services allows VACCO to be the leader in providing a customer their complete precision component requirement. capaBiliTies: • etching: Photo Etching, Photo Machining, Chemical Milling, Photofabrication or Metal Etching • Laser: Product development and rapid prototype services utilizing a state-of-the-art laser) • Bonding: Metal joining through the use of; Diffusion Bonding, Adhesive Bonding, Laser & Resistant Welding, Brazing, and Coil-to-Coil Lamination methods • MIG/TIG Welders Certified to AWS D1.1 Standards • screens: Design flexibility with a wide choice of alloys and strengths of material choices cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 10350 Vacco Street, El Monte, CA 91733 For more information visit: www.vacco-etch.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  10. 10. 9 Castings, Forgings, Motors (DC/AC), and Machining Sherry International aBOUT: Created in 1994 in Beijing China, Sherry International, Inc. a small trading company with its roots in the export of industrial laminates and electrical insulation materials to Europe, has evolved into an international import & export company, integrating engineering & technical services with design, manufacturing and marketing. Since moving its headquarters to New Jersey, USA in 1999, rapid progress has happened to this company. Not only has its products line been expanded from a limited scope at that time to a broad range of products today including mechanical & electric components and finished products. Sherry’s market has also expanded from solely Europe at that time to now North & South America which makes up the most important part of Sherry’s current business activities. capaBiliTies: • Castings, forgings, die casting in grey iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum etc. • All castings & forging parts meet AISI, DIN, JIS and other related international standards. cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified • TS 16949 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 31-M Mountain Boulevard, Warren, NJ 07059 Additional Manufacturing Plants: 1099 Wuzhong Road, Suite 810, Shanghai, China 201103 Xinkangyuan, Xisanqi, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100096 340 Queens Road, Suite 2006, 20th Floor, Central, Hong Kong For more information visit: www.sherry-china.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  11. 11. Precision Metal Stamping 10 Boehm Pressed Steel aBOUT: Since 1918, Boehm Pressed Steel has been a leader in innovative, cost saving design and construction of progressive, transfer, and in line die tooling. Boehm Pressed Steel is the single source for all your precision metal stampings, progressive tooling, & precision formed parts. They also provide single hit tooling, welding services, assemblies, SPC data collection & CAD design/engineering services. Boehm can do complete die history and repair and has machining services such as drilling, tapping, turning, washing, deburring and finishing from 150–600 ton capacities. capaBiliTies: • Deep drawn parts • Stampings / flat & formed parts • Assembly & welded assembly • Welding & robotic welding • Tooling • Bearing & Conveyor Parts • Motor Housing Parts • Re-engineering castings to stampings cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 5440 Wegman Drive, Valley City, OH 44280 For more information visit: www.boehmstampings.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  12. 12. 11 Custom Aluminum Impact Extrusions JLO Metal Products aBOUT: Since their inception in 1972, JLO Metal Products, Inc. has supplied custom aluminum impact extrusion solutions for a diverse array of industries. Their reach extends from high-volume industrial producers such as Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to detail-oriented military contractors to commercial ventures such as lighting component manufacturers and durable packaged goods providers. JLO’s commitment to quality assures that each of their valued business partners will realize the same high level of customer satisfaction. They make every effort to eliminate all non-conformances from their process and to deliver every product order promptly. With aluminum quickly becoming the material of choice for new generations of automobile and aircraft components, for the latest ordnance products, and for countless other commercial and industrial can-shaped designs, JLO Metal Products is well positioned for future growth. capaBiliTies: • Impact extruded components for automotive, ordnance, lighting, power electronics, packaging & more • Custom extrusions including forward impact, reverse impact, and combination impact • Engineering Assistance • Secondary operations for finishing cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified • TS 16949:2009 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 5481 W. Dickens Avenue, Chicago, IL 60639 For more information visit: www.jlometal.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  13. 13. Precision Aluminum Fabrication, Finishing & Extrusions 12 Unique Extrusions aBOUT: Unique Extrusions is a full service aluminum extrusion company with corporate headquarters in Rocky Hill, Connecticut and four manufacturing plants and a stocking warehouse in Canfield, Ohio. They can extrude up to 30” circle size, offer complete fabrication services along with a wide variety of finishes that include highly decorative powder coat paints and a complete line of anodized finishes. As one of the largest value added extruders in the country, Unique now offer programs that allow their customers to receive a completed part, assembly or private label product from their 100,000 square foot warehouse designed for JIT delivery. capaBiliTies: • 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000 & 7000 series alloy • Extrusions up to 30” circle size • Full line of fabrication services • Mechanical finishes, power coating and anodizing • Design & quality resources • Finished product assembly • Custom packaging & private labeling cerTificaTiONs: • ISO Q9001:2008 Certified • Exostar Registered • ITAR & DDTC Registered • Central Contractor Registration (CCR) lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 2275 Silas Deane Highway, Rocky Hill, CT 06067 Manufacturing Plants & Stocking Warehouses: Canfield, OH For more information visit: www.uniqueextrusions.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  14. 14. 13 Plastic Injection Molding Fortis Plastics aBOUT: Fortis was founded as a Full Service, Vertically Integrated Plastic Solution for both large and small OEM’s with vast ranges of end products and requirements. Fortis Plastics can support a variety of plastic needs through compounding, tooling and processing into final product. They currently have 8 facilities in North America with approximately 300 machines in the system, and are ranked in the top 20 injection molders. In addition they have a wide variety of value added operations including an automated, robotic paint line to hot plate welding operations. Fortis builds partnerships with their customers by providing total product solutions including in house capabilities for Resin Compounding, Tooling Construction, Plastic Processing and Full Service Value Add Operations. capaBiliTies: • 8 North American facilities with ~300 machines • Injection machine sizes 55-1500 Ton • 24 profile extrusion lines • In-house thermoplastic compounding facility • In-house tool manufacturing facility cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified • TS16949 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 3615 Voorde Drive, South Bend, IN 46628 Additional Manufacturing Plants: 390 Community Drive Henderson, KY 42420 428 South “U” Street Fort Smith, AR 72901 5710 Technical Drive Polar Bluff, MO 63901 2510 Franklin Street Carlyle, IL 62231 74 Bonwood Drive Jackson, TN 38301 8475 Tewantin Houston, TX 77061 Ramos Arizpe, Coaluila C.P. 25900, Mexico For more information visit: www.fortisplasticsgroup.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  15. 15. Plastic Fabrication 14 Eagle Supply & Plastics aBOUT: Eagle Supply & Plastics, Inc. is a leading supplier of custom machined and fabricated parts serving OEMs nationally and internationally. Using up to date technology and expertise, they manufacture plastic components for a wide variety of industries including packaging, food processing, conveying, and special machinery, among others. Eagle is large enough to have the resources necessary to satisfy their customer’s needs, yet, are small enough to provide a very high level of service. Eagle Supply & Plastics, Inc serves a number of industries, including: Dairy / Agriculture, Conveyors, Packaging, Food Processing & Industrial Machining. capaBiliTies: • Fabrication services including precision saw, cutting, routing, heat bending, drilling and welding. • Machining services utilizing the latest CNC saws, routers, mills, and turning centers. • Engineered stock plastic shape distributor of sheet, rod, tube, strip and other plastic stock shapes. • Major Industries: dairy/agricultural, conveyors, packaging, food processing, industrial machinery. • Materials: ABS Micarta Polyester Acetal Mylar Polyetherylene Acrylic Noryl Polypropylene CPVC Nylon PVC Delrin PBT PVDF Hydex PBT 4101/4101L Peek Teflon Ketron PETG UHMW Kynar Phenolic ULTEM lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 500 E. Winnebago Street, Appleton, WI 54912 For more information visit: www.eagle-plastics.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  16. 16. 15 Custom Molded Rubber Flexan aBOUT: Flexan specializes in custom molded rubber, rubber molding, and rubber parts. Flexan provides vertically integrated molding services to the OEM marketplace in a wide variety of industries, including: automotive, military, aerospace, hearing aid, medical, micro precision, industrial controls, and food/water handling. Whether your application requires material development, design assistance, specific testing or extremely tight tolerances, their staff of professional chemists and engineers have the experience and expertise to develop and deliver your rubber part. Low Cost Country Sourcing With facilities in both Chicago and China, the Flexan Corp. offers you the option of choosing what is best for your business. Both facilities have similar rubber molding capabilities and both offer engineering, project management, packaging, and supply chain services. Custom formulations to meet the specific needs of your application are available at both locations, as well as material development, sampling, and prototyping. capaBiliTies: • Micro Precision Components • Specialists in Custom Molded Rubber • Rapid Prototypes • Rubber Bonded to Metal or Plastic • In-House Compounding cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 6626 West Dakin Street, Chicago, IL 60634 Additional Manufacturing Plants: Suzhou, China For more information visit: www.flexan.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  17. 17. O-Rings, Gaskets & Sealing Products 16 Web Seal aBOUT: Have a sealing application? Whether you want to seal contaminants out of your equipment – or contain fluids, particulates, gases, light, or noise – shield EMI/RFI – or have some unique application -- the seal technology you choose is critical to your success. Let Web Seal’s experts help with your design. Web Seal specializes in: O-Rings, Custom Die Cuts & Gaskets and Dynamic Seals. Web Seal also provides a large assortment of products that perform in a wide range of other sealing applications, from expansion joints to fastener seals, quad rings to spliced O-rings, and pump packings to adhesives and RTVs. Related products such as O-ring kits, shims, spacers and tubing are also available. capaBiliTies: • O-Rings in all standard & metric sizes • Dynamic Seals • Custom Die Cut & Gaskets • Assembly & Inventory Services • Bar Coding & Color Coding cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 15 Oregon Street, Rochester, NY 14605 For more information visit: www.websealinc.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  18. 18. 17 Precision Engineered Fasteners ATF aBOUT: Founded in 1946 and based in the stockyards of Chicago’s West Side, ATF began as a supplier of surplus World War II military fasteners. From this humble beginning the company has grown and transformed itself into a global manufacturer of precision cold-formed and machined components and assemblies. ATF has steadily enhanced its manufacturing capabilities, building a reputation for innovative products, superior quality, highly capable processes and best-in-class customer service. Today, ATF is a leader in the design and manufacture of tight- tolerance metal components, assemblies and engineered fasteners. ATF is value engineering. Their state-of-the art laboratories verify the integrity of their products and predict the performance of their customers’ completed assemblies. Their labs generate real test data that suggest proper assembly techniques and assist them in designing the optimal solution for their customer’s application. It is this engineering expertise and unmatched industry experience that is the ultimate value for their customers. capaBiliTies: • Threadforming Solutions including DELTA PT® -- Plastics & Thermosets, ALtracs® -- Light Alloys, LO-DRIV® -- Steel • Brake Components • Brake Corners • Foundation Brakes • Steering Components • Actuation • Safety System Components • ABS Modules • Mechanisms & Assemblies cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified • ISO 14001:2004 Certified • TS 16949:2002 • AS 9100 lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 3550 West Pratt Avenue, Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Additional Manufacturing Plants: Pleasant Prairie, WI Southfield, MI For more information visit: www.atf-inc.com GCS 2011 Line Card Catalog
  19. 19. Fastener Distributor 18 Hi-Tech Fasteners Authorized PeM stocking Distributor aBOUT: Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc. is a factory authorized stocking distributor for dozens of leading engineered fastener, electronic hardware, and mechanical component lines specified by the electronics, telecommunications, medical, computer, aerospace, instrumentation, and other high-tech and commercial industries. Hi-Tech Fasteners carries MS/ NAS fasteners, as well, for military and defense industry requirements. Hi-Tech Fasteners also distributes fasteners, tools, and general hardware to industrial MROs, construction OEMs and contractors, and is an authorized stocking distributor for several key manufacturers serving these markets. capaBiliTies: • Cable Components • Circuit Board Hardware & Accessories • Construction & Military Fasteners • Installation Tools • Sheet Metal • Labels / Adhesives / Tapes / Abrasives • Standoffs & Spacers • Nuts / Bolts / Screws / Washers • Panel and Access Hardware • Rivets and Rivet Nuts • Self Clinching Fasteners for Threaded Inserts • Motor & Solenoid Housing • Engineered Wrapped Components • Compression Spacers cerTificaTiONs: • ISO 9001:2008 Certified lOcaTiONs: Headquarters & Main Plant: 4940 Winchester Boulevard, Frederick, MD 21703 For more information visit: www.hitechfasteners.com www.garnettcomponentsales.com
  20. 20. ©2011 Garnett Component Sales, Inc. Garnett Components Sales and the GCS logo are registered trademarks of Garnett Component Sales, Inc. All other product names and logos are trademarks of their respective manufacturers. 01/11