Singer factory serviced 7256 fashion mate computerized sewing machine


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Singer factory serviced 7256 fashion mate computerized sewing machine

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableSINGER Factory Serviced 7256 Fashion MateComputerized Sewing Machine List Price : $259.99 Price : $119.99 Average Customer Rating 4.6 out of 5 Product Feature q Automatic Needle Threader--sewings biggest timesaver q 70 Built-In Stitches--basic, stretch, decorative, fully automatic 1-step buttonholes q Automatic Stitch Length and Width--the right stitch settings every time q 6 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes--professional results at the touch of a button q Top Drop-In Bobbin with Clear Cover--easy in and out bobbin for quicker threading. 110 volt machine designed for United States and Canadian use only. q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe SINGER Factory Serviced 7256 Fashion Mate sewing machine is perfect for the budding fashionista. Withessential features like automatic needle threader, easy top drop-in bobbin system, StayBright LED work light,easy push button stitch selection, and automatic stitch length and width, creating one-of-a-kind sewing projectshas never been easier. Seventy built-in stitches including 6 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes allow you tocustomize garments and crafts. Included accessories: Ready, Set, Sew! DVD, All-Purpose Foot (on machine),Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Pack of Needles, Class 15J Bobbins (3 plus 1 inmachine), Thread Spool Caps, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Darning Plate, Needle Plate Screwdriver, SeamRipper / Lint Brush, Soft-Sided Dust Cover, Instruction Manual, Power Cord, Foot Controller, Warranty andPrinted Inserts. Accessories are located in the free arm accessory storage tray. Read moreProduct DescriptionDesign your style.Whether youre an experienced sewer or a budding fashionista, the SINGER Factory Serviced Fashion Mate7256 is an easy-to-use and versatile sewing machine featuring a large variety of stitches for all types ofprojects--such as fashion sewing, quilting, heirloom, crafts, home and decorative sewing.
  2. 2. Plus, this factory serviced sewing machine comes with a new warranty (limited 25-year including5-year electronic components, 1-year adjustments).Automatic Needle ThreaderAfter effortlessly threading the machine, this feature automatically threads the eye of the needle.Automatic TensionThis system ensures excellent stitch quality, whatever type of fabric is being used.Ready, Set, Sew! DVDA complete introduction to sewing machines.Top Loading Jam-Proof Bobbin System with Clear CoverThis mechanism incorporates a magnet-type vertical axis rotating hook that ensures smooth, quiet, threadjam-resistant sewing. The bobbin case floats above the hook, precluding thread jams. The bobbin loads fromthe top, so it is easy to insert the bobbin. The clear cover makes it easy to monitor the bobbin thread supply.
  3. 3. Push-Button Stitch SelectionSelect the desired stitch with a simple push of a button. Optimum settings for length width and tension are setautomatically.New WarrantyThis factory serviced sewing machine comes with a NEW warranty (limited 25-year including 5-year electroniccomponents, 1-year adjustments).StayBright LED Lifetime White LampThe lamp illuminates the sewing surface for optimal viewing. The long-lasting bulb (100,000 hours) stays cool,regardless how long the machine is operated.One-Step Fully Automatic Precisely Balanced Built-In ButtonholesChoose from six different one-step buttonhole styles. Buttonhole sewing is a one-step simple process. Each sideof the buttonhole is sewn in the same direction, creating beautifully balanced buttonholes.
  4. 4. Additional Features & BenefitsTop Loading Jam-Proof Bobbin System with Clear CoverThis mechanism incorporates a magnet-type vertical axis rotating hook that ensures smooth, quiet, threadjam-resistant sewing. The bobbin case floats above the hook, precluding thread jams. The bobbin loads fromthe top, so it is easy to insert the bobbin. The clear cover makes it easy to monitor the bobbin thread supply.Snap-On Presser FeetChange from one presser foot to another effortlessly with snap-on feet. No need for screwdrivers to change feet.On-Board StorageStorage of accessories in the Removable Extension Table means accessories are always handy.Audible ToneAn audible tone confirms pattern and function selection.Auto Tie-Off Function for Straight StitchTie-off straight stitches with just a push of a button. Reinforcing the beginning and end of the seam preventsunraveling.Tacking Stitch with Auto Tie-Off Function for Decorative StitchesTie-off decorative stitches, at the beginning and end of the sequence, with just a push of a button.Automatic ReversePush the conveniently located Automatic Reverse Button to sew stitches in reverse.6mm Stitch WidthMost stitches can be set for a maximum width of 6mm. When sewing decorative stitches or satin stitches, thewide stitches are bolder and more pronounced.Six-Second ThreadingThread the machine in six seconds. Just follow the arrows on the machine, and you are threaded in a snap.Sewing SpeedWith a maximum sewing speed of 750 stitches-per-minute, projects can be sewn quickly.Automatic Presser Foot Pressure
  5. 5. The amount of pressure exerted on the fabric by the presser foot against the feed dogs is automatic. Sew fromthe lightest weight tricots to the heaviest denim, without making presser foot adjustments.Automatic Bobbin Winding ClutchNeedle bar automatically disengages when winding the bobbin, making bobbin winding safer because theneedle won’t move up and down.Bobbin Winder StopBobbin will automatically stop turning when the bobbin is completely filled. Never worry about overfilling abobbin again.Extra-High Presser Foot LifterThere are two heights to the presser foot lifter. The second height offers more clearance, which is needed whenplacing multiple layers of bulky fabric under the presser foot.Six-Segment Feeding SystemThis is a specially designed feed dog that ensures that the fabric is picked up and supported from the front ofthe presser foot to the rear. This makes for much more accurate feeding.Heavy Duty Metal FrameThe rigid internal skeleton support holds all the mechanisms in alignment for overall durability and skip-freesewing.Built-In Stretch StitchesThese are specially designed stitches that add strength and flexibility to seams. Ideal for sewing on knits andother stretch fabrics.Adjustable Stitch Length and WidthOptimal settings for length and width are automatically selected when choosing a stitch. They can beoverridden to personalize length and width choice.Center Zigzag TaperWhen tapering with the zigzag stitch, the stitch tapers to the center, not the left or right. This provides a moreattractive look when tapering into or out of a point.Twin Needle CapabilityWhen using a twin needle (optional), selected stitches can be adjusted for twin needle sewing by reducing thestitch width. Twin needle stitching creates two parallel rows, adding a decorative touch.
  6. 6. 13 Needle PositionsNeedle position can be changed for individual projects, such as inserting zippers or cording and topstitching.Optimum Power ControlA control system that senses when additional power is required to maintain speed through thick or changingfabric thickness. This feature is most useful when sewing through multiple fabric layers including denim.70 Stitch Options6 Fully Automatic One-Step Buttonholes8 Basic Stitches8 Stretch Stitches
  7. 7. 48 Decorative StitchesAccessories Included (located in the free arm accessory storage tray):q Auxiliary spool pinq General-purpose foot (on machine)q Spool pin felt discs (two)q Small, medium and large thread spool caps (three)q Screwdriver for needle plateq Satin special-purpose (decorative sewing) footq One-step buttonhole footq Four class 15J bobbins (one in machine)q Zipper footq Blind hem footq Needles packageq Lint brush and seam ripperq Darning plateBobbin Class: 15JLight Bulb: LEDNeedles: 2020 & 2045Consumers ChoiceMore people own SINGER machines than all other brands combined.About SINGER
  8. 8. SINGER is sewing made easy.Founded in 1851, Singer is one of the world’s leading sellers of consumer and artisan sewing machines, andone of the world’s most trusted and recognizable brands. The company has a long history of innovation, havingproduced, among other breakthroughs, the world’s first portable machine, the first zigzag machine and the firstcomputer-controlled machine.By making simple, easy-to-use machines, Singer has provided the gateway to sewing for people around theworld. From home décor and clothing construction to embroidery and quilting, Singer is dedicated to helpingpeople express themselves through sewing.Read moreYou May Also LikeSINGER 7256 Fashion Mate 70-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing MachineStyle 15J Sewing Machine Bobbins for Singer - 10 PackSinger Universal Regular Point Machine Needles 5-CountSinger Sew Essentials storage system, 165 PiecesSINGER 611.BR Universal Hard Carrying Case for Most Free-Arm Sewing Machines