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MotorCity Casino & Hotel Presentation

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  • Detroit’s Own MotorCity Casino
    Presented by Tommy Hayman
  • Showcasing what MotorCity has to offer, A great casino and hotel while also offering fine dinning and a entertaining night life.
  • The main challenge to MotorCity’s success is three other casinos located in the Detroit Area.
    Beside each ones loyal consumers, all four are in competition for switchers and unaware markets.
    Other areas around and out of state are new markets to target and have a leg up on the other casinos
  • To counter the challenge of the three other casinos in the area, MotorCity’s marketing strategy is all about enhancing the brand.
    It is a necessity for MotorCity to differentiate itself from the other casinos while also creating brand awareness for the light and non-users in the Metro Detroit area.
    A successful campaign will create new consumers and grab switchers from the other casinos.
  • MotorCity’s main marketing strategy will focus on creating awareness on the two popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter.
    As an incentive for joining the sites, MotorCity’s followers will receive exclusive deals and entertainment events other consumers will not be able to see.
    These sites allow MotorCity to connect with their consumers even when they are not in the casino.
  • Social Media Monitoring is a great way for MotorCity to track the opinions of their consumers and accommodate their needs.
    Understanding the needs and wants of consumers helps to stay ahead of the three other casinos in the Area
    Listening and bringing in consumer requested entertainment options helps to create positive word of mouth and possible future customers.
  • Through SEOs MotorCity has the ability to differentiate itself from the other casinos.
    Besides Detroit Casinos, MotorCity can also be searched for its fine dinning and variety of bars and other night activities that make it a favorite Detroit entertainment attraction.
    There is an opportunity for the hotel to attract business travelers looking for a place to stay when working in Detroit.
    SEO is good tool to increase awareness to those not familiar with the Detroit area.
  • A successful campaign would be increased hits on MotorCity’s social media sites as well as its Google searches.
    A increase in casino & hotel attendance from the past year while using the campaign will also be a success.
  • Year long campaign announcing casino specials and entertainment events on social media sites , compare profits from year before and year of campaign to determine success.
    $50,000 to maintain and run MotorCity’s social media sites as well as its SEOs and social media monitoring.
  • Nice little card joke, comparing a hand to a full casino.
  • MotorCity Casino

    1. 1. MotorCity Casino Tommy Hayman
    2. 2. HotelCasino Dinning Bar/Club
    3. 3. Challenges
    4. 4. Marketing Strategy Differentiate Brand Create Awareness
    5. 5. Social Media &
    6. 6. Social Media Monitoring Helping to figure out how your consumers feel
    7. 7. Hotel Casino Entertainment
    8. 8. Increase Online Content Hits Increase Daily Attendance
    9. 9. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Marketing Campaign Runs For a Full Year $50,000 Allocated For The Entire Campaign
    10. 10. MotorCity’s Marketing Campaign … Creates A Full House