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Tommy davidsonproject3 brandidentity Tommy davidsonproject3 brandidentity Presentation Transcript

  • Half-BakedHookah Lounge
  • Brand NameI selected the name “Half-Baked” because of relationit has to smoking. Being “Baked” means to besomewhat in a “high” relaxed state of mind.Also, one of my favorite movies of all time is thesmoker’s movie “Half-Baked”The name is trademarked because of the movie.The brand name is descriptive.
  • Strengths and ConcernsName will attract thosewho are familiar with thesmoking culture StrengthsName is easy to say, and isdescriptive as to whatfeeling we are going forSimple and easy tounderstand
  • Strengths and Concerns Possible licensing fees to pay to Universal Pictures for “Half-Baked” name Having the word “Baked”Concerns could give off the wrong impression that the establishment is a marijuana dispensary. The “young” and “hip” feel to the name could possibly be a turn off for and the older consumer base.
  • LogoLogo would be a hookahpipe covered in smoke with acoffee cup on one side and alounge chair on the otherside.Colors would be an “earth-tone” theme. Brown, tan,beige, and dark greenThe shapes and colorssupport the idea of“relaxation”
  • LogoI do believe this will be aneffective logo because it willportray everything that westand for as a company.The logo would be bestsuited in the category of andEmblem.The logo reflects our uniquebrand because it shows theemphasis for relaxation,coffee and hookah smoke.
  • LogoExisting company logosthat are similar to my idea
  • Corporate CultureOur primary company We will carry out theseobjectives are to provide a objectives by emphasizingrelaxing environment for the importance of ourconsumers and give our relaxing store environmentcustomers a opportunity to to our employees andexperience “hookah” customers. We will pridesmoke on the highest level ourselves on service morepossible. than product because our priority as a business is to provide the highest possible service for consumers.
  • Mission Statement“We provide an environment, that provides the experience, in which you will enjoy”
  • Mission StatementThe mission statement is directed towardscustomers.It incorporates the vision, focus, and objective ofthe company. It tells the company story in lessthan 30 seconds.I believe it is unique and very direct to the point.
  • TaglineRelax, it’s ok to have fun...
  • TaglineThis tagline is effective It reinforces the brandbecause it is short, simple, message and itand sweet. distinguishes the company from any competition.It speaks to the customersbecause it tells them what It commands actionto expect from the becuase it challenges thecompany. customer’s curiousity to see what we really are about.
  • ReferencesCoffee Cup. Retrieved February 19, 2011 fromhttp://wrostek.net/coffee%20cup.jpgCoffee Lounge Logo. Retrieved February 19, 2011from http://www.thelogofactory.com/wp-content/TLFimagebank/2010/12/coffee-shop-logos.jpgCoffee N Cream Logo. Retrieved February 19,2011 from http://txcp.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/cnc_logo_white.jpg