Visual Numerics Data Mining


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Visual Numerics Data Mining

  1. 1. I N D U S T R Y S O L U T I O N S Advanced Forcasting and Data Mining Solutions KEY BENEFITS The Forecasting Challenge Forecasting needs arise in a variety of fields and applications. Whether forecasting future Optimized and supported algorithms expenses and revenues in corporate accounting, planning manufacturing production time and cost, predicting retail sales trends or deriving an optimal trading strategy for securities, Unparalled scalabilty and analysts are faced with the challenge of managing increasingly large and complex data sets. interoperability These data sets can contain thousands of variables making it impractical to use manual Broad range of solutions for classic and forecasting processes, where each variable is handled individually. In order to efficiently advanced forecasting problems leverage the vast amount of information that exists in a data set collectively, an analyst needs Over three decades of expertise in the flexible and scalable forecasting solutions built around a robust, reliable and accurate set of area of forecasting numerical algorithms. Expert Professional Services for custom algorithm and application development Broad Range of Unique Solutions For over three decades, Visual Numerics has been providing advanced forecasting and data Unmatched product support mining solutions across a wide range of industries such as aerospace, government, telecommunications, financial services and healthcare. Visual Numerics’ forecasting solutions Seamless and simplified integration combine technical expertise, decades of hands-on experience and powerful products to create Time-tested technology for more the highest quality solutions possible for your visual data analysis needs. accurate result Visual Numerics Professional Services can help architect and develop the best solution for a customer’s specific situation, using the tools and techniques that provide the optimal solution. With expertise from desktop computing to distributed deployment, Visual Numerics consultants have the tools and know-how to solve problems at any level of complexity. Visual Numerics’ IMSL™ Numerical Libraries, available in C, C# for .NET, Java™ and Fortran, offer a wide range of technologies for use in forecasting, data mining and advanced predictive analysis. The IMSL Family of products contains the classic approaches to forecasting and predictive analysis including Regression analysis, Correlation analysis, Cluster analysis, Analysis of Variance, and Interpolation. The Libraries also offer a number of other techniques that can be used in data mining and forecast analysis such as covariance analysis, discriminant analysis, and a comprehensive range of probability distributions and random number generators, which can be used for Monte Carlo simulations as well as other techniques. In addition, Visual Numerics’ advanced visual data analysis solution, PV-WAVE, works in conjunction with the IMSL Libraries to provide sophisticated visualization of forecasting models. The PV-WAVE family of products offers a highly flexible and scalable development environment for 2-D, 3-D to nD visualization as well as a Java-based solution for networked applications and an advanced time series analysis solution. The combination of these tools
  2. 2. R O I I M PA C T and their integration with the IMSL Numerical Libraries provides unsurpassed analytic and visualization power to users for a wide range of forecasting techniques and other scientific Reduced risk and business applications. Faster time to analysis Whether using the IMSL Libraries, PV-WAVE or other software solutions, Visual Numerics’ Maximized programmer productivity team of Professional Services experts with decades of analytics experience can help customers research, define, and implement simple to complex forecasting applications. Improved efficiency Visual Numerics’ approach is to build solutions to customers’ specific needs and data, versus Increased profitability watering down data to fit into a standard format, which can compromise a customer’s competitive advantage. Advanced Forecasting and Data Mining Techniques In addition to its classic forecasting tools, Visual Numerics offers advanced forecasting routines for time series analysis and its JMSL™ Numerical Library for Java applications includes Neural Network technology for sophisticated data mining. This Neural Network technology is also available in other programming languages through Visual Numerics Professional Services team. Data Mining with Sophisticated Neural Network Technology Visual Numerics‘ Neural Network technology adds to the broad selection of existing data mining, modeling and prediction technologies available across the IMSL Family of products. These Neural Network algorithms are written in pure, native code to deliver excellent interoperability and ease of use. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with a full suite of mathematics and statistics capabilities available in the IMSL Family of Numerical Libraries. ACCURACY OF NEURAL NETWORK MODEL PREDICTION COMPARED TO HISTORICAL AND ACTUAL OUTCOMES FOR ANNUAL CHAMPAGNE SALES Visual Numerics’ Neural Networks forecasting classes can help users discover relationships and valuable information in vast amounts of data. Neural Networks provide a high-flexibility forecasting approach that delivers accurate forecasts under a variety of conditions including complex data systems, short time series, mixed categorical and continuous data, noisy data and large numbers of variables.
  3. 3. Visual Numerics’ Neural Network technology features advanced data pre-processing to "The flexibility and learning simplify data mining preparation. These automatic pre-processing algorithms are tailored to potential of our neural net work together with the Neural Network training engine to ensure optimal accuracy and forecasting application has performance, saving the user significant time over manual pre-processing. Unlike other significant potential to help neural network algorithms, the Neural Network training algorithm implementation in the IMSL Family allows the user control over parameters such as the number of training epochs, government agencies and commercial specific linkages within the network and activation functions. In addition, there is no limit to businesses improve their predictive the number of layers and perceptions that can be used in the network. This high degree of analysis capabilities, moving well flexibility and control is especially beneficial to analysts in the fields of finance, business beyond traditional tools into high analytics, bioinformatics and life sciences, where data sets can be extremely large and complex. end business intelligence." teksouth: advanced predictive analytics solution for more accurate larry northington budget forecasting vice president of strategic With demanding customers, Teksouth wanted to go beyond traditional forecasting tools and planning and corporate into true business intelligence in order to help customers more accurately project and budget development for teksouth, spending changes. and a retired u.s. air force major general. In partnering with Teksouth to develop a Neural Network forecasting application, Visual Numerics tapped into its mathematical and statistical libraries. The Neural Network forecasting application extracts information from historical cost data, applying the information to forecast future costs. The analytic engine will have the flexibility to prioritize historical data and exclude anomalous data to improve its predictive capabilities. The solution applies knowledge gained form historical data to new problems, fine-tuning its forecasting accuracy even more over time. major european grocery chain In the very competitive grocery industry, companies win or lose based on their ability to predict customer shopping habits. A major grocery chain in Europe that handles hundreds of thousands of products was relying on historical average order statistics to forecast product demand and inventory. For some products, these statistics did not provide forecasts of short term inventory requirements. They wanted to do better. The grocery chain turned to Visual Numerics Professional Services to help them use more advanced statistical and data mining techniques for predicting inventory requirements. They wanted to quickly and accurately forecast the demand for each product for each of their stores. Visual Numerics is delivering a total data mining solution through its extensive libraries, in-house data mining expertise, and development resources, packaging this technology as a customized, configurable and easy to use solution. Neural Net preprocessing, forecasting and training engines will be provided for integration into the customer’s current enterprise .NET applications used by store managers.
  4. 4. The Auto_ARIMA Advanced Forecasting Routine for Time Series Analysis The IMSL Library function, Auto_ARIMA, is an advanced forecasting routine for time series analysis with an ARIMA auto modeler. It is named using the term "auto," as in automatic, since calling the function requires very little, if any, pre-processing of the time series data by the user, unlike traditional methods. ARIMA is a powerful and flexible methodology, but it is an extremely complex technique and requires a great deal of experience to be used effectively. The accuracy of results heavily depends on the analyst's level of expertise. With Auto_ARIMA, the complexity of time series analysis with ARIMA is greatly simplified due to its accurate and automatic pre-processing of data, allowing for faster time to analysis. The Auto_ARIMA function is applicable for applications such as sales forecasting, commodity pricing (i.e. oil & gas), stock market predictions, semiconductor yield analysis, and more. Utilizing the expertise of Visual Numerics’ Professional Services Team, an organization can integrate Auto_ARIMA to create the optimal forecasting solution for their application. major european telecommunications company: advanced forecasting for cellular network optimization For a major European mobile telecommunications company, planning and managing their cellular network is key to their success. Too little coverage and customers experience service problems; too much coverage and resources are wasted. Good planning means analyzing the massive amounts of usage data generated by the thousands of cellular towers in the service provider’s network. To track usage on their German mobile network, the service provider already utilized sophisticated data analysis techniques, but needed another level of refinement in order to better understand traffic patterns. For a company owning thousands of cellular towers, all sending data to their Network Operations Center, traditional statistical analysis techniques were inadequate, labor intensive, expensive and cumbersome. The service provider turned to Visual Numerics Professional Services group. Visual Numerics Corporate Headquarters To identify the outliers and locate any seasonal trends in the data, Visual Numerics leveraged 12657 Alcosta Boulevard, Suite 450 San Ramon, CA 94583 the ARIMA algorithm from the IMSL Numerical Library. Visual Numerics’ software engineers USA Contact Information then automated the algorithm to tackle the customer’s faster processing requirement. The Toll Free: 800.222.4675 state-of-the-art, expert-system Auto_ARIMA algorithm allowed the service provider to produce San Ramon, CA: 925.415.8300 more accurate forecasts faster than before, giving them a significant advantage in the market. Westminster, CO: 303.379.3040 Houston, TX: 713.784.3131 Fax: 925.415.9500 Decades of Experience for Maximum Value Email: Web site: Visual Numerics’ IMSL Numerical Libraries and PV-WAVE visual data analysis tools have been the cornerstone of high-performance and deep computing as well as predictive analytics Visual Numerics has Offices Worldwide USA • UK • France • Germany • Mexico applications in science, technical and business environments for well over three decades. Japan • Korea • Taiwan These tools are regarded as the most sophisticated, flexible, scalable and highly accessible For contact information, please visit technology available for advanced analytics in the most important mainstream programming environments in use today. © 1970-2005 by Visual Numerics, Inc. Visual Numerics and PV-WAVE are registered trademarks of Visual Numerics, Inc. in the US and other countries. IMSL, JMSL, JWAVE, TS-WAVE and Knowledge in Learn more about the latest in advanced forecasting and data mining technology by downloading Motion are trademarks of Visual Numerics, Inc. All other company, product or brand names are the property of their respective owners. informative white papers from Visual Numerics’ web site at