SAS(R) Data Mining Solutions


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SAS(R) Data Mining Solutions

  1. 1. SOLUTION OvervIew SAS DATA MINING SOLUTIONS ® Fast, scalable predictive analytics for the enterprise
  2. 2. Delivering insights that pay off in smarter business decisions whether it’s used to drive new busi- • Testing and validation of the cham- Challenges ness, reduce costs or gain the compet- pion model to ensure that the model • Inefficient marketing itive edge, data mining is a valuable generates output as expected and campaigns. asset for every organization. By using generalizes well when applied to data mining techniques to analyze the new data. • Difficulty measuring customer data that is accumulating and filling • Deployment of the model and results value and predicting profitability. vast data warehouses, organizations into applications and databases to • Unable to maximize cross- can harness more insight from their optimize business processes and selling opportunities. large data stores to drive proactive improve business decisions. decision making. SAS data mining • High customer attrition/churn. • Monitoring the model performance software can surface patterns and • Stagnant or declining to ensure the model is predicting well trends in your data that you may never revenue and profitability. and does not need recalibrating. have thought to look for. • Need to detect and deter fraud. SAS offers the most comprehensive Data mining is the process of selecting, • Can’t make credit risk data mining solution, taking you from exploring and modeling large amounts decisions fast enough. raw data to accurate, business-driven of data to uncover previously unknown analytical models with a seamless, effi- • Inability to understand and patterns with speed and scale. cient process. You can create highly predict customer needs, Predictive analytics is the process of accurate predictive and descriptive motivations and behaviors. applying quantitative techniques to models to help your organization under- uncover patterns and relationships in • rising costs for warranty stand not only what has happened, but data that can help business people services; difficulty predicting what will likely happen next. and researchers understand historical service and parts needs. trends and predict future outcomes. SAS wraps a powerful platform of Predictive analytics and data mining advanced predictive analytics with: typically involve: • Data integration technologies • Data preparation to fix errors, merge for cleaning and organizing the “Data mining is not a theoretical tables and reformat data as needed input data. for model creation. exercise. It’s the process of mining rich • Premier enterprise business • exploratory data analysis to discover business data for golden opportunities. intelligence systems that convert relationships and anomalies. It delivers insights that pay off in the information hidden in your data • variable transformation enrichment into knowledge of cause and effect smarter business decisions.” and selection to help better focus the between parameters that impact modeling process. today’s dynamic world... the relation- James Kobielus • Model building using competitive ships and patterns that lead to proac- Principal Analyst, Current Analysis algorithms to search for a combina- tive decision making. tion of data that reliably predicts the • Services and training that enable outcome. you to quickly reap the benefits of your data mining endeavors.
  3. 3. SAS data mining • Retailers use SAS data mining to n Solution assess the effectiveness of coupons reaches across all and special events, predict which SAS offers the industry’s most industries offers are most appropriate for dif- comprehensive data mining solution based on an integrated ferent consumers, determine which Because data mining technologies and products to stock where, and to platform for delivering better an- predictive analytics bring value to all build brand loyalty. swers, faster. Our solution enables industries, these techniques are widely organizations around the world to: • Transportation companies use SAS used around the world and usage con- • Understand and predict data mining to predict how customers tinues to grow. customer needs and behavior. will respond to price changes and • Credit card, financial services, new services, which customers are • Measure customer insurance and telecommunication at risk of leaving for a competitor and profitability and value. companies use SAS data mining how much revenue will be generated to detect and reduce fraud, measure by new locations. • Increase response rates for credit risk, maximize cross-selling, marketing campaigns. optimize marketing campaigns and A world of success • Improve cross-sell/up-sell identify the most profitable business programs. strategies. SAS customers represent many of the most innovative and successful organi- • reduce customer attrition • Governments and the public zations in the world: and churn. sector use SAS data mining to improve service and performance, • 96 of the top 100 companies on the • reduce fraud. detect fraud and waste and detect 2006 Fortune Global 500 List. • Detect criminal activities criminal activities and patterns. • More than 40,000 business, govern- and patterns. • Healthcare providers use SAS data ment and university sites rely on SAS. mining to predict the effectiveness • Minimize credit risk. • Organizations in 110 different coun- of surgical procedures, medical tests tries use SAS. • Set pricing strategies in a and medications, and to improve highly competitive market. patient services. visit to • Optimize sales revenue. • Manufacturers use SAS data mining read how leading organizations around to identify factors leading to reduced the world are using SAS to harness their • Improve quality control quality and failures in production, as data and generate new insights for processes. well as to optimize parts, service plan- improved decision making. • Develop new products. ning and distribution. • Improve program performance and brand planning. • Identify optimal site locations. • Identify adverse drug effects.
  4. 4. Predictive modeling for success—the benefits of SAS data mining solutions ® Achieve an efficient, integrated Derive new insights about your AXA Equitable finds success data mining process that identifies customers and organization with in SAS data mining trends, opportunities and threats SAS’ powerful predictive analytics Business issue Build a holistic view of customers SAS provides GUI-driven, Java-based A superior data mining toolset provides for analysis and effective client data mining products that support all of modern analytical algorithms, such as management. the steps necessary to address busi- decision trees, neural networks, time ness problems in a single, integrated series mining, regression and heuristics Solution solution, as well as code-based prod- for quantitative analysts addressing ad- SAS software provides model- ucts for legacy programmers who enjoy hoc issues as well as enterprise archi- ing and statistical capabilities for full control of each syntax statement. tects who need to deploy model scoring strategic cross-selling efforts. The GUI-driven products support the logic into decision support systems integration of customized SAS code, potentially using a grid-supported, Benefits enabling organizations to leverage leg- client-server architecture. Significant increase in sales acy work and years of accumulated without additional IT staff. experience. Spot trends and predict new opportunities by adding text Build more models faster with to the mix easy-to-use interfaces and a unique “SAS Enterprise Miner is so Analysis of information contained in cus- workflow environment tomer letters and call center notes can scalable that it allows us to build SAS data mining interfaces eliminate uncover actual motivating factors that our models more efficiently. And the the need for manual coding and dra- result in customer dissatisfaction regard- models are more predictive than matically shorten model development ing services or product desires. SAS anything we had originally.” and maintenance time. Yet they are not Text Miner provides a full range of pre- black box solutions. with SAS you can dictive modeling tools that can unearth Melissa Corso add your own proprietary business sce- opportunities for discovering the what vice President of Customer Analytics narios and embed custom SAS code and the why, all within the integrated AXA equitable into your model flows. A text mining SAS environment. interface reduces text mining time for both business analysts and statisticians Surface business information and makes it easy to drill down into tex- easily and share results through tual documents to gain deeper insight. the unique model repository Numerous integrated assessment features enable you to compare results of different SAS enterprise Miner modeling techniques in both statistical and business terms within a single, easy-to-interpret framework. SAS enterprise Miner projects support the
  5. 5. collaborative sharing of modeling cess for moving models from develop- results among quantitative analysts. ment to the production environment is n SAS positioned in the Models also can be imported into the very important. SAS Model Manager Leaders’ Quadrant for SAS Model Manager repository for guides users through a repeatable pro- Customer Data Mining sharing with scoring officers and cess for registering, testing and validat- SAS is positioned in the Lead- ing models. Models can be monitored ers quadrant in Gartner Inc.’s independent model validation testers. during their deployment to capture Customer Data Mining 2007 model performance decay as early as Magic Quadrant. (Source: Get faster results through an possible and to trigger a model replace- Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant automated model scoring process ment process. The proper management for Customer Data Mining, Scoring is the process of applying a of champion and challenger models 2007” by Gareth Herschel, model to new data and is the resulting enables a quick replacement of cham- May 4, 2007. ) According to the action of many data mining endeavors. pion models in production, as well as Gartner report, “Leaders are SAS enterprise Miner guides you informed decisions on when to recali- vendors whose performance through the entire data mining process brate models stored in the repository. excels in the customer data and produces complete scoring code mining market.” for all stages of model development. Leverage all your computing power The scoring code can be deployed Hundreds of companies glob- for faster, more accurate analyses across your enterprise with SAS, on the ally, including 1-800-FLOw- web or directly in relational databases. SAS delivers enterprise-class grid com- erS.COM, American Honda The result is faster implementation of puting capabilities that enable SAS Motor Co., DIreCTv, The Dow your data mining results. applications to automatically leverage Chemical Co., First Citizens grid computing to run faster and take Bank, The Ford Motor Co., optimal advantage of computing Hartford Life, Loyalty Manage- Reduce the time to create, manage resources. Production models exported ment UK, Swisscom and The and deploy models into production from SAS Model Manager can be world wildlife Fund, use SAS Model deployment is the final and most deployed via the SAS Data Integration data mining tools to support important phase in which the rOI from Server high-performance scoring CrM initiatives. the entire data mining process is real- engine. The scoring process can be ized. errors and time delays in the scheduled and executed in grid using n Top-ranked data mining deployment of models have a signifi- SAS Grid Manager. Intelligent Enterprise readers cant impact on the rOI of predictive voted SAS as Best Data Mining analytics, which is why a standard pro- Toolset vendor for the third consecutive year (Source: Intelligent Enterprise, January 1, “SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner are worth their weight in gold. They’ve paid 2007). value, reliability and for themselves many times over by highlighting cost and quality issues, leading to broad applicability are the hall- valuable improvements at Louisville hospitals and worldwide.” marks of the Intelligent enter- prise readers’ Choice Awards, Dr. Patricia Cerrito the annual pick of preferred University of Louisville vendors.
  6. 6. Implement with ease and predict with confidence An integrated Enterprise statistical algorithms for finding patterns n The SAS Difference Intelligence Platform and predicting outcomes. with an • Data access, management automated and intelligent method for and cleansing are seamlessly Like all SAS software, SAS’ powerful tuning predictive models, SAS enterprise integrated with SAS data data mining solutions are based on the Miner selects the best model among mining solutions making it SAS enterprise Intelligence Platform, many different types and complexities. easier to prepare data for which provides an integrated framework It focuses on building the least complex analysis. for creating and sharing enterprise intel- model with the most predictive power. ligence—all managed from a single point An added advantage is the software’s • Scalability. with multithreaded of control. The platform provides inte- ability to incorporate proprietary busi- algorithms and support for grated components for data integration, ness scoring engines or in-house multiprocessing and grid intelligent storage, analytics and busi- developed score code under one computing, SAS reduces ness intelligence. A shared metadata umbrella platform, enabling organiza- execution time and uses foundation across all SAS products and tions to better track and manage all hardware resources most solutions ensures consistency of data, analytical models. efficiently. so everyone in your organization receives • The most powerful predictive the same version of the truth. For those wishing to analyze unstruc- analytics available. Smart tured data or automate their credit defaults allow business users to SAS® Enterprise Miner™ scoring processes, SAS offers two produce models quickly, while complimentary products that can be SAS enterprise Miner offers a powerful, advanced statisticians have the added on as nodes inside the SAS complete data mining solution with option to tweak details and enterprise Miner system: SAS Text unparalleled model development and embed their own algorithms Miner and SAS Credit Scoring for deployment options, and extensive into their model flows. SAS enterprise Miner. integration opportunities into your data • Zero-footprint client and warehouse and business decision- collaborative access to data making processes. It combines a rich SAS® Text Miner mining projects. The Java suite of integrated data mining tools Integrating text-based information with client interface enables fast with ease of use, empowering users structured data enriches your predictive and maintenance-free dis- to explore and exploit corporate data modeling capabilities and provides new tribution of the SAS data for strategic business advantage. stores of insightful information for driving mining solution throughout It streamlines the data mining process, your business and research initiatives large organizations. Data enabling business analysts and data forward. Text mining supports a wide mining projects can be shared miners to create highly accurate predic- variety of applications, such as categoriz- between analysts across tive and descriptive models based on ing huge collections of call center data, different units and regions. analysis of vast amounts of data from web text and blog analysis, finding pat- • Robust variable selection across the enterprise. terns in customer feedback or employee and data modification tools. surveys, detecting emerging product Improved data leads to better SAS enterprise Miner includes an issues, analyzing competitive intelligence modeling and more reliable extensive suite of data mining capabili- reports or patent databases, and classify- results. ties, including decision trees, neural ing reports and company information by networks, regression and clustering topic or business issue. capabilities, heuristics and the latest
  7. 7. SAS Text Miner enables users to easily SAS® Model Manager discover and extract knowledge from n Services and Training text documents. This makes possible SAS Model Manager is a new product SAS offers a free web-based the exploitation of time-critical informa- designed for the selection, mainte- data mining tutorial that has been tion, such as warranty defect reports, nance and continuous enhancement popular with those who want to resulting in faster corrective actions and of predictive and descriptive models for quickly become familiar with the potentially large savings. It also elimi- operational decision making. It helps to SAS enterprise Miner interface. nates the need for manual processing of organize and track the tasks of model For more information, visit reports and customer feedback, result- creation and development, model verifi- ing in additional savings as well as cation, comparative model performance elearning_details. improving the quality of existing data benchmarking, and model deployment mining models. in a production environment. It sup- SAS customers receive a full suite ports the process of tracking models of technical support services through each stage of the analytical at no extra charge. In addition, Credit Scoring for model life cycle by creating and manag- our online Customer Support SAS® Enterprise Miner ing rich metadata on each model. In Center provides 24/7 access to a Banks, financial institutions and insurance addition to project management and wealth of resources. Knowledge companies develop and track credit version control capabilities, it provides sharing is continuously available scores based on rigorous data mining model comparison and profile reports through seminars, webcasts and investigations. SAS Credit Scoring for and model-monitoring performance an expansive selection of training enterprise Miner enables banks and views. A thin Java client enables easy courses. financial services organizations to inter- sharing of information and tasks across nally develop, validate, implement and departments and ensures fast and fully Also to support your analytical report on “points based” credit score- documented movements of analytical needs, SAS offers a variety of cards faster, cheaper and more flexibly models through the life cycle. consulting services, including than credit outsourcing alternatives. It discovery workshops, installation provides in-house model development, and configuration services, data Other SAS® analytic products integrated model monitoring and flexible and text mining modeling servic- model deployment. SAS provides a robust suite of es and ongoing customer care. advanced analytic products, many of expert consultants are available which have been used for decades to to share their vast knowledge SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Desktop perform complex numerical calculations. and experience to help you use for Windows Large government laboratories, leading proven approaches to formulating SAS empowers both the big business research institutions and competitive certain business problems. customers as well as the small indepen- business organizations in a wide variety dent consultant with a data mining of industries across the globe have cho- For more information, visit workbench that runs entirely within the sen SAS for the breadth and depth of confines of a windows PC. The same our statistical offerings. with the addition analyticalofferings.pdf interactive interface of SAS’ client-server of SAS Model Manager, predictive mod- product is available on a single DvD that els created with SAS code-based soft- . is easily installed. ware can be centrally managed to efficiently deploy insights and leverage accumulated years of experience.
  8. 8. About SAS SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. Customers at 43,000 sites use SAS software to improve performance through insight from data, resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions; more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; compliance with governmen- tal regulations; research breakthroughs; and better products and processes. Only SAS offers leading data integration, storage, analytics and business intelligence applications within a comprehensive enterprise intelligence platform. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THe POwer TO KNOw®. SAS INSTITUTE INC. WORLD HEADQUARTERS 919 677 8000 U.S. & CANADA SALES 800 727 0025 SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2007, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved. 103121_401906.0707