Improve Data Mining Performance Enterprise Wide


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Improve Data Mining Performance Enterprise Wide

  1. 1. Clementine ® Server 12.0 – Specifications Improve Data Mining Performance Enterprise Wide Data mining enables your organization to gain predictive n Leverage your investments in other systems, such insight that you can use in many ways. To improve customer as databases and server hardware acquisition and retention, for example, or increase customer n Reduce data movement, which lightens the load on lifetime value. You can also detect and minimize risk and your network infrastructure fraud, reduce cycle time while maintaining quality in n Deploy predictive models and recommendations to product development, or support scientific research. people and applications throughout your organization n Protect sensitive data for data mining applications Clementine from SPSS Inc. is one of the world’s most where security is critical by using secure sockets layer popular data mining solutions, providing a proven process (SSL) encryption for applying your business knowledge to data analysis and n Achieve faster time-to-solution and higher ROI modeling directly from your desktop. And, when you run Clementine on a server, you receive all of these data Clementine Server uses the same interactive, visual mining capabilities plus important additional functionality workflow as the client version. This makes business- and faster performance. focused “train-of-thought” analysis possible—you don’t have to write code to do data mining. (For more information This enterprise-level offering is ideal for organizations on Clementine’s capabilities, refer to the Clementine whose data mining needs have outgrown desktop analytics, brochure at or for organizations that have a larger volume of data than is practical to analyze on a desktop computer. Easy integration with the data you need Clementine Server’s open, standards-based architecture With Clementine Server, you benefit by being able to: enables you to maximize the value of your existing n Support a large number of data miners, analysts, database assets. You can access data in virtually any and others involved in the data mining process type of database, spreadsheet, or flat file. Clementine without straining technology resources Server automatically generates SQL for all supported n Successfully manage larger, more complex data ODBC-compliant databases and, in addition, performs mining projects in-database modeling in major databases offered by n Prepare data for modeling more easily IBM®, Oracle®, and Microsoft®, improving the speed n Build and score models more efficiently and scalability of these operations. (See the sidebar on page 3 for more information.)
  2. 2. Achieve faster time-to-solution and higher ROI don’t have to change data formats or transfer data from Clementine Server’s scalable, three-tiered architecture one tool to another, further reducing the amount of data (described in the illustration below) enables you to on your network. significantly improve performance throughout the data mining process, especially when working with large Increase productivity datasets. This scalability enables you to cost effectively Automate production tasks or schedule jobs to run at analyze as many as hundreds of millions of records. convenient times by using Clementine Server’s batch mode feature. You can perform scoring jobs without requiring You’ll also realize performance improvements when running manual intervention from an analyst, run large jobs over- models. For example, with suitably scaled server hardware, night, and maximize your IT resources. you might run 200 models on Clementine Server in the time it would take to run two models on a desktop machine. Further speed up processing You’ll receive answers faster, so your organization can take Additional functionality available only through Clementine action more quickly. Server enables you to further improve performance while taking advantage of your high-performance hardware Reduce network traffic investments. Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) machines, Clementine Server’s scalability also enables you to minimize which are widely used and available for all Clementine network traffic. Because the three-tier architecture enables Server-supported platforms, enable parallel processing for you to translate many data mining operations into SQL for data preparation and model-building tasks. For example, execution, you can perform data mining processes at the Clementine Server uses a parallel sorting algorithm to database level. (If you have a high-performance database improve the performance of a number of data processing system, you can further maximize performance.) Only operations. With parallel processing, you can also optimize relevant data will be passed to Clementine Server, reducing predictive model building for certain algorithms, as well as the strain on your network resources. Additionally, you execute multiple algorithms or other processes in parallel. Clementine provides data mining scalability by using a three-tiered architecture. The Clementine client (shown at the bottom) passes stream description language (SDL) to Clementine Server. Clementine Server then analyzes particular tasks to determine which it can execute in the database. After the database runs the tasks that it can process, it passes only the relevant aggregated tables to Clementine Server.
  3. 3. A powerful analytical engine at the core of your Manage your data mining assets for enterprise-wide benefits predictive analytics solution In addition, using Clementine Server with the optional Predictive analytics enables organizations to guide decision SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services™ solution enables you making throughout their operations. As a core element of to centralize the storage and management of data mining predictive analytics, data mining provides the scores and models and all associated processes. You can securely recommendations that influence decision making. To truly store and protect your data mining assets, meet compliance impact decision making, it’s important to quickly deploy requirements through the solution’s centralization and data mining results within your business operations. auditing capabilities, improve collaboration with data miners throughout your organization, and minimize the IT Clementine Server’s deployment options enable your costs of managing analytics. organization to deliver results to suit your particular requirements. For example, through Clementine’s batch SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services capitalizes on Clementine mode feature or the Clementine Solution Publisher Runtime™ Server’s enterprise-level capabilities to provide additional component, you can deploy data mining streams to run value to your organization. The combination of these in the background of other operational processes. These powerful solutions helps you realize the true promise of streams can include information about each step in the predictive analytics: powerful, timely insights available to process, including data access, transformation, and post- decision makers throughout your organization. processing, as well as scoring. Scores or recommendations are created without interrupting daily business tasks. This Leverage your database investments for additional option gives you greater flexibility in how you deploy models performance gains and integrate predictive insight with other systems. Or If your organization has made significant investments you may choose to export Clementine models to other in a high-performance database system, why not take full advantage of its data processing capabilities while applications by using the industry-standard Predictive improving data mining performance? Clementine Model Markup Language (PMML). Server’s integration with widely used databases enables you to reduce data movement by performing Clementine Server can also deploy results in real time critical data preparation, modeling, and model to any of SPSS’ predictive applications—as well as to scoring tasks directly within your database. solutions provided by other companies. Clementine Server’s interoperability helps your IT department In-database mining is available for IBM DB2®, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server™. Additionally, meet internal customer needs while ensuring that your Clementine Server’s automatic SQL generation is organization gains even greater value from your information compatible with many popular and high-performance technology investments. database systems.
  4. 4. Features n Support multi-threaded processing during SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services The features listed here are exclusive sorting and model building, in environments (optional*) to Clementine Server. For the full list of with multiple CPUs or multi-core CPUs SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services is an Clementine features, refer to the Clementine n Minimize data transfer: Clementine pulls enterprise-level platform that enables you brochure. data only as needed from your database to manage and automate your analytical and passes only relevant results to the processes and easily deploy results across Modeling client your organization to increase productivity, n Mine data in the database where it resides n Leverage high-performance hardware, compliance, and the value of your analytical with in-database modeling. Support: experience quicker time-to solution, investment. SPSS Predictive Enterprise Base – IBM DB2 Enterprise Edition 8.2: decision and achieve greater ROI through parallel Services helps you to: tree, association, sequential association, execution of streams and multiple models n Centralize and manage analytical assets regression, and demographic clustering n Load balancing for clustered Clementine to leverage organizational knowledge and – Oracle 10g: decision tree, O-cluster, Servers* provide powerful change management K-Means, NMF, Apriori, MDL, Naïve capabilities to help with auditing and Bayes, Adaptive Bayes, and Support Deployment compliance Vector Machines (SVM) n Export generated models as PMML 3.1 n Automate your analytical processes to – Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services: – Deploy Clementine PMML models to increase productivity and ensure reliable, decision tree, clustering, association IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner™ Visualization, consistent, accurate results rules, Naïve Bayes, linear regression, Intelligent Miner Scoring, and other n Deploy analytical results by delivering out- neural network, and logistic regression applications put through customizable, browser-based n Deploy scores and recommendations to end-user interfaces or integrating with your Scalability SPSS predictive applications via SPSS existing applications by using standardized n Employ in-database mining to leverage Predictive Enterprise Services Web services interfaces high-performance database implementations n Secure client/server communication by automatically generating SQL for data – Transmit sensitive data securely Predictive Enterprise Services Clementine mining operations between Clementine and Clementine Client Adapter enables analysts to interact n Use in-database modeling to build models Server through secure sockets layer directly with SPSS Predictive Enterprise Base in the database using leading database (SSL) encryption Services to store, retrieve, browse, and search technologies (as described in the Modeling for analytical assets. Predictive Enterprise section above) Services Clementine Server Adapter enables the Process Manager to control Clementine tasks. Features subject to change based on final product release. Symbol indicates a new feature. * Separately priced module For more than 25 years, U.S.-based National Instruments has revolutionized the way engineers and scientists in industry, government, and academia approach measurement and automation. The company sells virtual instrumentation software and hardware in a wide range of industries, from automotive to consumer electronics. As National Instruments began to rapidly expand from its mid-sized roots, it recognized a need for more sophisticated data mining software to keep up with accompanying growth in sales leads and customers. Specifically, the company sought to identify the best prospects for its salespeople to target and segment customers for more strategic marketing programs. “Our customer base was so broad and diverse across geography, industry, and even from customer to customer, that we didn’t know if it could be segmented. By using Clementine Server, we now have a robust profile of each of our market segments, which allows us to use direct marketing to customize messages delivered to each one,” said Amanda Jensen, Analytics Manager in the Business Intelligence Department at National Instruments Corporation. To learn more, please visit For SPSS office locations and telephone numbers, go to SPSS is a registered trademark and the other SPSS products named are trademarks of SPSS Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective owners. © 2008 SPSS Inc. All rights reserved. CLMS12SPC-0108