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  1. 1. Marakas, Decision Support Systems in the 21st Century, (2002) Prentice Hall CHAPTER 1 –Introduction to Decision Support Systems History of DSS This link contains information about the history of decision support systems. Teaching Resources for DSS This contains a lot of useful links and resources for DSS instructors. DSS Textbooks This link contains a fairly comprehensive listing of current and past DSS textbooks. DSS Research Resources This contains a lot of useful links and resources for DSS researchers. CHAPTER 2 – Decisions and Decision Makers Decision Effectiveness This is a link to Statistical Analysis of Floating Point Flaw in the Pentium(TM) Processor (1994). The Pentium Problem This link provides a thorough narrative of the Intel Pentium problem by Mark Janeba. Decision theory This link discusses Simon's model of decision making. Rationality This link provides Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory Related sites on the net. Game Theory This link contains a thorough explanation of game theory. Game and Decision Theory This link provides a narrative of game and decision theory by Dario Cziraky. CHAPTER 3 – Decisions in the Organization Understanding the Organization This link provides a great overview of organization theory. Anbar Intelligence This link contains a selection of some of the best of the latest articles abstracted in the Operations & Production field by Emerald Insight. The page is revised once a week to keep up-to- date with the leading theories and thinking. CHAPTER 4 – Modeling Decision Processes
  2. 2. Decision Making and Crisis Management Simulation This website contains a detailed discussion of crisis management activities during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Business Strategy Game This link has the most widely distributed business simulator in the world. Treeplan This link contains several useful add-ins for Microsoft Excel. Command Decision Modeling This website contains an excellent overview of the decision modeling techniques used in the U.S. military. CHAPTER 5 – Group Decision Support and Groupware Technologies Lotus Notes This link is the homepage for Lotus Development. AT&T Teaching Theatre This is a link to the state-of-the-art teaching theatre at University of Maryland. Arizona Public Service Technical Classroom This links to the Arizona Public Service Technical Classroom at the Center for the Management of Information, at University of Arizona, in Tucson. Saunders Technologies This links to a Canadian software company that specializes in group decision making tools (developed a decision support system called Resolver). Oracle InterOffice This link provides an introduction to Oracle InterOffice. Netscape Communicator This link is the homepage for Netscape Communicator. GroupSystems This links to GroupSystems, a suite of team-based, decision support software developed by Ventana Corporation. Microsoft Exchange This link is the homepage for Microsoft Exchange. Groupwise This link is the homepage for Novell's Groupwise. Workflow and Groupware Products This links to a web site that provides direct access to sites containing workflow and groupware product information. The overview currently includes 66 products.
  3. 3. Collaborative Strategies This links to a consulting firm developed methodologies to support both developers and users of collaborative technology. CHAPTER 6 – Executive Information Systems What Exactly is an EIS EIS Overview This links to a document overview of LillySoftware’s EIS. Why Are Top Executives So Different? This is a link to several papers that address this issue by University of York in UK. EIS Characteristics This link provides some basic qualities of an EIS. EIS Products This list describes some of the available EIS or EIS-equivalent products. MicroStrategy This link is the homepage for MicroStrategy. Pilot Software This link is the homepage for Pilot Software. Platinum This link is the homepage for PLATINUM Forest & Trees. CHAPTER 7 – Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence The Intelligence of Artificial Intelligence This link provides literally hundreds of AI-related links. AI FAQs This link answers frequently asked questions about AI. CMU AI Repository This is a link to the Artificial Intelligence Repository at Carnegie Mellon University. Matrix Cognition This is a link to Matrix Cognition: Computer-Assisted Decision-Making. JAIR This link is the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. ES FAQ Shells This link is another site with literally hundreds of useful ES links.
  4. 4. Proasis This links to Prescient Systems, a company that specializes in providing intelligent planning and scheduling solutions. CLIPS This links to Clips: A tool for building expert systems. CHAPTER 8 – Knowledge Engineering and Acquisition Knowledge Science Institute The Knowledge Science Institute (KSI) was founded at the University of Calgary with a mandate to study all aspects of the knowledge economy. PCT This provides Personal Construction Theory and related links. Repertory Grid Analysis This link provides an introduction to The Repertory Grid. Acquire This links to Acquire- A knowledge acquisition system and expert system shell. Knowledge Management This links to a site with hundreds of KM-related links. Validating and verifying the Knowledge Base This is a link validating the KBS. CHAPTER 9 – Machines That Can Learn Fuzzy Logic and Linguistic Ambiguity This is a link to a Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems FAQ. Fuzzy Links Quadralay's Fuzzy Archive provides some web links related to "Fuzzy Logic." The materials include a Fuzzy Systems tutorial, Fuzzy for Beginners, and Fuzzy Expert Systems. Artificial Neural Networks This is a link to some information about Neural Networks by Z solutions. ANI FAQs This links to Artificial Neural Networks frequently asked questions. Commercial Neural Nets This link provides information about specific applications of Neural Networks in commercial products. PNNL This links to Neural Networks at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  5. 5. International Neural Machines International Neural Machines Inc. (INM) is a company which applies neural network technology to real-world problems. ÖFAI This links to NEURAL NETWORKS GROUP of Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI). CNCA This is a link to the CNCA -- a University research group dedicated to developing Neural Computing and SMART software solutions to real world problems. Genetic Algorithms and Genetically-Evolved Networks This is a Genetic Algorithms FAQ. CHAPTER 10 – The Data Warehouse Stores, Warehouses, and Marts This links to a Taxonomy of Corporate Data Warehouses By Aaron Zornes, Executive VP, Application Delivery Strategies, META Group. Wherefore Warehouse? This link provides a glimpse at the past and a peek at the future of data warehouses, data marts, and data mining. Data Has Data - The Metadata This links to a Briefing Paper: What is Metadata. Tools to Support the Data Warehouse This link provides Data Extraction, Cleansing and Migration Tools to support Data Warehouse, Database Consolidation, and Systems Reengineering Projects. DataProvider This links to the DataProvider Homepage ---an integral solution for Data Management and Data Warehousing. Pilot Software This is a link to the homepage for Pilot Software. SAS This is a link to the homepage for SAS Warehouse. Data Warehouse.Com This links to, a one-stop resource for industry professionals who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in information systems and data warehousing technology. CHAPTER 11 – Data Mining and Visualization A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words This link provides an overview of data mining.
  6. 6. Data Mining Slide Show This link is an introduction to data mining in slide form. Data Mining Books This link provides a bibliography of printed materials on data mining. Data Mining Models This links to Visualizing Data Mining Models. Knowledge Discovery Nuggets This links to Knowledge Discovery Nuggets Directory: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Information. Intro to Data Mining This links to An Introduction to Data Mining Contents: Data Mining Overview, The Foundations of Data Mining, The Scope of Data Mining, How Data Mining Works, An Architecture for Data Mining, Profitable Applications, Conclusion, and Glossary of Data Mining Terms. The Data Mine The Data Mine contains a short introduction to data mining, Papers/Bibliographies, other data mining sites, Software, Biographies, Journals, Conferences, AI & Machine Learning Resources, On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) information, Miscellaneous, and Usenet News Articles. Data Mining WWW Gallery This provides tons of DM links. Data Visualization on the Web Data Visualization Sites: This is a listing of sites from which you can download images and movies of scientific data. NETMAP This links to NETMAP® for Claims With visual analysis technology and proven investigative techniques (including some data visualization image outputs). DAISY This site introduces Daisy (data analysis using some data visualization tech for databases), answers your questions, and is the first place to come for applications, demonstrations, examples and product support. Data Access Tools This link provides Tools for Data Access Evolving Rapidly --- talking about some issues related to OLAP. Market share analysis This link provides OLAP market share analysis. Exploding OLAP Databases This links to Exploding OLAP databases by OLAP Report (provides some very good figures to explain the issue). Visualization Gallery This links to Visible Decisions' Visualization Gallery (a lot of images to demonstrate the concept of "seeing" the data).
  7. 7. DV Demo This is a link to Visualization Demo: Store Placement. Multidimensional Analysis This link provides a good overview of the concept. Volcano! This link provides a volcanic eruption simulated with a numerical 3-D-atmosphere model. Data Mining Tools This link offers a listing of current DM tools and products. Reflections on DM Software This links to: Some Thoughts on the Current State of Data Mining Software Applications. Using DV as Feedback This link provides information on Building Data Visualization for Diagnostics, Operator Feedback, and Performance Optimization. Data Distilleries This link discusses Data Distilleries - Putting Data Mining Technology to Practice. DAVID DAVID is one of the visualization tools developed in the Laboratory for Visiometrics and Modeling. Database Marketing This is a link to: From Data Mining to Database Marketing --- a paper written by Kurt Thearling, Ph.D. DESERT This is a link to DEcision Support system for Evaluation of River basin sTrategies (DESERT). O-Matrix This is a link to O-Matrix for Windows, an interactive analysis and visualization environment. Megaputer This is the website for our software partner. CHAPTER 12 – Designing and Building the Data Warehouse Web-Based data Warehouse This link provide a detailed conceptualization of building a data warehouse via the Internet. Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation This page contains a downloadable case study of the construction of the OBCW data warehouse. Decision-making and the Data Warehouse http://www.cirpa- Excellent paper on the value of building a data warehouse to organizational decision making.
  8. 8. CHAPTER 13 – The Systems Perspective of a DSS The Systems Perspective Good article on the systems perspective. DSS Design This links to DSS Design: A case example involving end-user systems development. CHAPTER 14 – Designing and Building the DSS Building the DSS Excellent WWW resource on DSS design. What is a DSS? Lots of useful design ideas from Dan Power. CHAPTER 15 – Implementing and Integrating Decision Support Systems DSS On-Line Overview of DSS Implementation in the Military DSS Design Questionnaire Development questionnaire by Dan Power. CHAPTER 16 – Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving What is Creativity? This link provides definitions of creativity and other related words. Techniques for Thinking Creatively This is a link to Techniques for Creative Thinking. Mindtools This is a link to the Mind Tools Homepage. Creativity Aerobics Creative Aerobics Homepage uses advanced ideation and mind-set breaking techniques to develop powerful consumer insights, innovative communication ideas, and effective marketing strategies. (Note: Occasionally this site takes a while to load due to server activity but it is really worth the wait.) Braindancing This links to: Brain Dancing -- a broad range of highly useful self-improvement literature, with particular emphasis on ideas helpful in building technical skills, such as learning software. CHAPTER 17 – Intelligent Software, Agents, Bots, Delegation, and Agency UMBC Agent Web Excellent resource for intelligent agents
  9. 9. CMU Software Agents Lab Website for Carnegie Mellon Software Agent Laboratory IA Bibliography Great on-line bibliography by Steve Gant.