Business Intelligence and Mining Customer Data

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  • Financial information is an important source of information about a client’s performance – however, Limited by information captured in the general ledger – Providing a one dimensional view your client’s performance. Retrospective Does not provide the richness of detail Metrics Prospective analysis Business risk analysis Performance analysis
  • The real world is complex and multi dimensional with critical operational information coming from myriad sources. In order to harness this information to enhance your clients performance, we need a tool that brings these sources together. This will allow multi dimensional operational analysis both pre-planned and ad hoc. e.g., metrics, “what-if” analysis, predictive analysis. It will broaden the boundaries of business analysis But how is this accomplished?
  • We start with the same information sources. BI translates them into meaningful, multi-dimensional analysis providing depth and insight into the operational state of your client.


  • 1. Business Intelligence and Mining Customer Data Capitalizing On Your Customers Data
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introduction of Team Members
    • BI and OLAP – What does it mean and How are they related?
    • Value Proposition to the ITA community and your clients
    • Interface – Mining your own Client Relationships
    • BI3 – Using Business Intelligence with every day data
    • Questions and Answers
  • 3. Objectives
    • Understanding Business Intelligence Technologies
    • Value to ITA to Mine Clients and Clients Data
    • Increase Billable Dollars by Providing Analytical Analysis
    • Increase Profitability of Clients with Proactive Data Analysis
    • Increase Your Profitability by Mining your own Data and Relationships
    • A Tool to Provide Benchmarking Capabilities to Specific Industries
  • 4. Speaker Introduction
    • Jerry Grady
      • Managing Director- Follmer Rudzewicz Advisors
        • Managing Director - Centerprise Information Solutions, the technology group of Follmer Rudzewicz Advisors
        • CPA Background
          • 17 years managing an Accounting/Tax group
          • Leader and Developer of the CIS group for Detroit
          • Dual Degreed - AIS
  • 5. Speaker Introduction
    • Warren Richman
      • CEO –
      • 20 years in IT field
      • Director and VAR Channel Leader
      • Developed Business and Strategy Plans for Start-up technology firms
  • 6. Speaker Introduction
    • Alex Brunner
      • Founding Partner and Past President
      • Developed worldwide Distribution channels for Kodak
      • Invented and developed the world's first add-on retrofit microfilm scanner
      • Holder of the prestigious 1996 AIIM (Association of Information and Image management) Pioneer Award
  • 7. Speaker Introduction
    • Bill Pintsak
      • Regional Sales Manager – Interface Software
      • 8+ Years of experience in the Software Industry
      • 5+ Years in the Professional Services Industry Rick Klau
      • President – Interface Software
  • 8. Why Consultants Lose Customers
      • Our Consultant just doesn't treat me right
      • Ignore thy customer
      • Fail to cooperate with the customer
      • Let the Owner/CEO contact lapse
      • Don’t keep the customer informed
      • Assume the Customer is a technicians
      • Use as training ground for new team
  • 9. Why Consultants Lose Customers, A Rockefeller Corporation Study
      • 1% The customer dies
      • 3% The customer moves away
      • 5% The customer has a friend
      • 9% The customer is lost to a competitor
      • 14% The customer is dissatisfied with the service
      • 68% The customer believes you don’t care about them
  • 10. Secure and Retain your Customers
      • Interpersonal Skills – You must have them
      • Ability to explain procedures and processes in terms your customer understands
      • Interest in the customer
      • Willingness to give advice
      • Demonstrate an outcome that the client achieves, you have transformed the business to value added and provided true value to the client.
  • 11. What OLAP Isn’t
    • Not Another Ron Eagle Acronym
    • O bserving and L everaging A ccounting P rocess
    • O bjectively L everaging A ccount P ayables
    • O ne L ast Putt
  • 12. OLAP Is :
      • On
      • Line
      • Analytical
      • Processing
      • Your gateway to Business Intelligence
  • 13. Advantages of Business Intelligence
      • Efficient access to Information, not just data
      • Turns management data previously reviewed in reports into “hands-on” slice & dice “cubes”
      • Allows the analyst to view the information the way they think and allows them to easily change their minds.
      • No more waiting for IT to build reports
      • Access to previously unused data
      • Capitalize on your Data to build Relationships
  • 14. Advantages of Business Intelligence
      • Understand what’s driving your business and provide analysis to why you may not be growing
      • “ Speed of Thought Analysis” in an O n L ine A nalytical P rocessing environment
      • Ability to deliver result oriented experiences to the client.
      • Ability to Increase your value and your billable hours/dollars to the Client
      • Ability to mine your entire contact database to increase the closing ratio – Utilize the relationships that exist in your organization
  • 15. Advantages of Business Intelligence
      • Trendsetter Companies Prove the Point
        • Business Intelligence is Key to Their Success
        • 73% Show Increase in Cash flow
        • 73% Show Increase in Company Sales
        • 71% Show Improved Accounts Receivable
      • Great opportunity to help segment new business practice to your business
      • Capitalize on your current contact management system
  • 16. The Working Model
      • Data is extracted from your Clients’ databases on a scheduled basis and “Transform” it into Multi-Dimensional Information Cubes.
      • The Consultant and the client access cubes with a standard browser.
      • Your current Contact system notifies those with the relationship of your contact and increases your efficiencies
      • It’s painless and effortless to the client and your team.
  • 17. The Working Model – Benefits to Industry
      • Wholesale Distributors
        • Inventory Turns
        • Sales Analysis per item
        • Sales Analysis per region
        • Receivables Turns
        • Receivables DSO
      • Retail Environment
        • Sales per Square Feet
        • Sales per labor Hours
        • Sales Mix Analysis
  • 18. The Working Model – Benefits to Industry
      • Service Industry
        • Labor Efficiency Reporting
        • Labor Utilization Reporting
        • Trend Analysis for Billable Hours
        • Labor Hours per Region/Service Area
        • Billings per Region/Manager/Leader
        • Billing analysis per Client/Service Code
  • 19. The Working Model – Benefits to Industry
      • Manufacturing
        • Machine Time Analysis
        • Overhead and Burden Analysis
        • Trend Analysis for Billable Hours
        • Labor Efficiency Reporting
        • Inventory Turns
        • WIP Analysis
  • 20. The Working Model – Benefits to Industry
      • Think outside the Box in other Industries:
      • Healthcare
          • Doctors/Specialist
          • Dentists
          • Hospitals
          • Urgent Care Facilities
        • Bank / Financial Institutions
  • 21. The Working Model – Not Just Accounting Data
      • Some of the highest ROI opportunities exist with data from other areas of the business:
        • Sales
        • Marketing
        • Operations
        • Planning
      • Building Business Intelligence solutions that address these areas provides at the clients fingertips the ability to analyze the lift of the last campaign, the results of T & E spending, or easily determine DSO trends.
  • 22. Value to ITA Members
      • Very affordable hosted OLAP Solution that allow even the smallest companies to take advantage of the power of OLAP once reserved for only the big boys
      • A true Business Intelligence tool, WEB enabled, all you need is your browser
      • Scaleable and Extendable as needs increase the ROI increase for you and your client
      • We all use a contact or Email server so extending its capabilities is easy
  • 23. Value to ITA Members
    • Increase your engagement revenues and improve your profits by offering Business Intelligence to your clients
    • Low Risk, High Return
    • Leverage your Relationships throughout your organization, to increase your close ratios
    • Provide for additional consulting opportunities within customers by helping them understand and leverage the power of Business Intelligence
  • 24. Take it from the experts As Gartner says…. “ Now is the time for all enterprises to raise Business Intelligence to the level of a strategic initiative.”
  • 25. Mining Customer and Relationship Data Interface Software
  • 26. Opportunity for Professional Services CRM Product Companies Service Companies
    • Professional
    • Marketing Communication
    Client or Customer Interaction: Types of Companies:
    • Web & E-mail
    • Sales Force
    • Call Center
    • Field Service
    • Channel Partners
    • Marketing Communications
    Business Development Process Unique & Opportunistic Structured & Repetitive
  • 27. Common CRM Requirements
    • Centralized and Shareable Repository of Customer/Client/Prospect Information
    • Capture and Track All Customer/Client/Prospect Interactions
    • “ 360 Degree” View of Customer/Client/Prospect
    • Applications that Leverage the Customer/Client/Prospect Knowledge Base
    • Tools to Mine and Distribute Data
    • Data Quality
    Customers or Client Company
  • 28. Professional Services CRM Requirements
    • “ Who Has a Relationship with this Prospective
    • Client?”
    • “ Who Else Do We Know at the Client’s Company?”
    Companies Professionals Professional Services Firm
    • Professionals
    • Other Firm Employees
    • Management Consulting
    • Accounting
    • Investment Banking
    • Legal
    • Engineering/Architecture
    • Associations
  • 29. Complex Relationships
    • “ Who Knows Whom ™ ?”
    • “ Who Are Our Contacts in this Industry?”
    • “ Who Are the Client’s Professional Relationships ?”
    People Professionals
    • Professionals
    • Other Firm Employees
    • Clients
    • Former Clients
    • Prospects
    • Competitors
    • Professional Services
      • Law Firms
      • Accounting Firms
      • Venture Firms
      • Etc.
    • Vendors
    Companies Professional Services Firm
    • Management Consulting
    • Accounting
    • Investment Banking
    • Legal
    • Engineering/Architecture
    • Associations
    • Clients
    • Prospects
    • Alumni
    • Referral Sources
    • Experts
  • 30. Relationship Intelligence Data Model
    • “ Have We Ever Done This Type of Deal Before?”
    • “ Who Were the Key Players in That Engagement?”
    • “ What Transactions Did We Perform for This Client Last Year?”
    People Professional Services Firm Professionals Projects
    • Deals
    • Transactions
    • Engagements
    • Matters
    • Projects
    • Management Consulting
    • Accounting
    • Investment Banking
    • Legal
    • Other PSO’s
    • Clients
    • Former Clients
    • Competitors
    • Professional Services
      • Law Firms
      • Accounting Firms
      • Venture Firms
      • Etc.
    • Vendors
    • Clients
    • Prospects
    • Alumni
    • Referral Sources
    • Experts
  • 31. Relationship Intelligence
    • A Firm-wide Asset That Reveals the Unique and Complex Connections Between People, Companies, Relationships, Experience and Expertise
    • Key CRM-enabling Technology for Professional Services Organizations
    • Critical Component to Any Knowledge Management Strategy
    Relationship Intelligence Personal Knowledge Organizational Knowledge External Knowledge
  • 32. Four Processes Comprising Relationship Intelligence System
    • Relationship Discovery
    • Relationship Management
    • Client Services Automation
    • Knowledge Delivery
    To Aggregate, Manage & Deliver Relationship Intelligence Content:
  • 33. Relationship Discovery
    • PDAs
    • Outlook / Notes
    • Personal Experience
    Professional Enterprise External
    • Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Legacy
    • Other
    • Content Providers
    • External Sources
    • Automated Processes for Discovering Content and Relationships in Existing Systems
      • Delivers Access to Previously Unattainable Information & Expertise
      • Reuses Captured Data and Transforms it into Relationship Intelligence
  • 34. Relationship Management
    • Delivers Single Instance of a Contact
    • Aggregates Enterprise Data and Provides Context
    • Applies Business Rules
      • Provide Security
      • Processes
      • Information Changes
    Josh Smith Joshua Smith J.L. Smith Multiple Sources… Joshua L. Smith
    • Cleansing
    • Association
    • Duplicate Merge
  • 35. Client Services Automation Referral Tracking Client/Prospect Profiling RFP Responses Event Management Queries, Data Mining, Reporting Follow Through Mailing Lists
    • Unique Functionality for High Value Low Volume Business Development
    • Rich Tools for Relationship-Based Marketing Automation
    List Management
  • 36. Knowledge Delivery
    • Delivers Critical Relationship Intelligence Content to Firm’s Knowledge Management Platform of Choice
    • Designed to Complement a Firm’s Portal, Intranet and Extranet Strategies
    InterAction Web Client Portals, Intranets and Extranets Internally Developed Applications PDA Devices Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes Reports
  • 37. Key Challenges
    • Firm Culture
      • How does the firm compensate professionals for business generation?
      • How does the firm measure/track client-related expenses?
      • How does the firm track business development efforts?
    • Management Commitment
      • Has Senior Management communicated commitment to the rest of the firm?
    • Processes
      • Has the firm built processes that ensure professional participation and deliver value?
  • 38. Interface
    • A real live Relationship Demonstration
  • 39. Business Intelligence – OLAP’ing the Data
  • 40. The World According to GAAP Accounting Based Reporting Financial Accounting Information General Ledger Copyright: Resource Management Systems, Inc.©2002. Use by permission only .
  • 41. Operational Reporting Financial Records Compliance POS CRM Manufacturing The Client Business Operations Economic Data Credit/ Risk Copyright: Resource Management Systems, Inc.©2002. Use by permission only
  • 42. The World According to Business Intelligence Brand sales by zip code by store A/R aging by store by zip code Customer returns by product by plant by defect Business Intelligence From Bi3 ® Copyright: Resource Management Systems, Inc.©2002. Use by permission only CRM Compliance POS Financial Records Manufacturing Economic Data Credit/ Risk Data Transformation Operational Analysis
  • 43. BI for Everyone
    • “ Traditional BI is too expensive!”
    • Cost limits acceptance by medium and small businesses and corporate business units.
    • The ASP model overcomes the cost constraint without sacrificing functionality.
    • Bi3 is the premier BI ASP
  • 44. Conventional BI Solutions Global 2000 Market $5+ Billion ASP HOSTED SOLUTION SME Market $25 + Billion $25,000-250,000 1-6 Months $25,000-150,000 1-3 Months $25,000-100,000 1-3 Months $50,000-500,000 1-3 Months $75,000-300,000 $50,000-250,000 $275,000-1,550,000 First Year $50,000-250,000 /Year Implementing Business Intelligence Conventional vs. Legacy Interface “ ETL” Hardware Purchase Installation and Training On-Going Maintenance Support Fees and Personnel Software Purchase & Customization TOTALS Application Development Study and Analysis Pre-Defined “On the Shelf” Custom - $5,000-25,000 N/A Pre-Defined Output Fixed Fee - $5,000-25,000 $10,000-25,000 1-4 Weeks N/A 1 Day Training $1500-2500 ASP Subscription Fees $3,000-25,000 / Year $29,500-100,000 First Year $3,000-$25,000 / Year
  • 45. Demo
  • 46. BI from Bi3 Summary
    • BI from Bi3 saves considerable monies both in business process analysis and report creation.
    • BI from Bi3 over the web is an ideal consulting tool.
    • BI from Bi3 does not require a large upfront investment – the perfect antidote for the current market malaise!
    • BI from Bi3 is good for YOUR client’s business!
  • 47. Questions and Answers
  • 48. Contact Information Jerry Grady – Follmer Rudzewicz Advisors, Inc. [email_address] Warren Richman – [email_address] Bill Pintsak– Interface Software Pintsak, [email_address] .com]
  • 49. Thank You!