C omputer                                                                                        By Tom      Graphics 2011...
Drawing With                                    For     this work, I                                                    st...
Drawing With Lines      Computer Graphics Class                                                                        Cra...
Drawing With Lines  Computer Graphics Class                                                                               ...
Drawing With Lines     Computer Graphics Class                                                A Preview Of                ...
Drawing In                                                                                                          In Pro...
Line Revisions                                    By: Tom Zwarycz14         Computer Graphics 2011                     Com...
Warm                                                                             Cool                                Color...
Color Revisions                                                                                    Line Revisions     Craf...
Drawing In Illustrator Computer Graphics Class                                                                            ...
Crafts:                         overlap the background.                                  I used my Nikon S60 cam-        F...
Craft: For this project        age i wanted to take ad-we had to pick an image        vantage of the space.that we took an...
F rom T his T o         T his!                                     By Christian Rosales          By Allison Horn          ...
By Lovette Fernandez          By Shawnita Montgomery       By Nico Krajecki              By Roxy Wasiunec28        Compute...
D rawn P ots                                 Art and text by Tom Zwarycz                                  For this work, I...
GREEN!                                                                        By Jordan Juarez                            ...
VALUE!                                                                            By Nico Krajecki                        ...
By Christian Rosales                                                                              By Roxy.Wasiunec        ...
Meet The Artists!                                                                        Christian Rosales                ...
Nico Krajecki                                 Jordan Juarez                                                               ...
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TZ - Computer Graphics 2011


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TZ - Computer Graphics 2011

  1. 1. C omputer By Tom Graphics 2011 Tom Zwarycz Zwarycz Fall 2011 See my Process on my Blog Buy This MagazineWorking With: Artwork From: Contains work from Tom Zwarycz and the whole Computer Graphics Fall 2011 class Adobe Illustrator Complete CG 2011 Class at Saint Xavier University. Mac OS X Published November 2011 2 Computer Graphics 2011 (c) Nov 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 3
  2. 2. Drawing With For this work, I started by filling in ing the still-life in an opposing yellow to project was to famil- iarize myself with the Lines stand out from the software and to work the background by background. I drew with different tech- making multiple 5’s the objects first by niques of shading. in different patterns, tracing out a frame, such as tally marks, then filling the ob- drawing the numeral jects in with thicker By Tom Zwarycz 5, and spelling five pen strokes. Finally, in different hues of I started to practice green. I used a pen with shading by using input device in the different variations of program Adobe Illus- yellow where need- trator. I started draw- ed. The goal of this4 Computer Graphics Weekly Computer Graphics Weekly 5
  3. 3. Drawing With Lines Computer Graphics Class Craft: For the follow- well as the shapes out- ing images I use Adobe line. Focus on the Hue’s Illustrator. The tools and values of the im- for this were the paint ages. The images were brush, color guide (us- created for my computer ing multiple forms of graphics class recently CRAFT: First I opened the background is a col- color) and the the brush and I want my growth or Adobe Illustrator and laboration of green colors. stroke. Also a glass bot- skills to be noticed as I began drawing a green It’s hard to tell which green tle and small round vase try to advance my work background which is go- is which, but you can tell was used, and a bright to my best. ing to be layer one. I used that they are green or of a light to give the objects Concept: The main fo- between a 5 and 10 point greenish hue. The sameCraft: I used long brush- between the medium tones shades. cus of these images are brush to make the back- goes for orange, but thestrokes to build up the and the darker and lighter Composition: I want about a glass bottle and ground full of fives. By us- third picture has an almostshape of each bottle. After ones the objects begin to my audience to see the a small round vase with ing the color guide, I used brownish hue to it. Youbuilding a general shape stand out and take real growth of my images lots of shadows. different shades of green. can see the value in theI went in and added cross shape. as they develop more The shades ranged from green and orange in thathatching lines to give the Concept: The concept for color and detail. I way light to dark green. Once the scale ranges from lightshape more definition and this piece was to take two their eyes to fall on the that done, I made a new to dark. CONCEPT: Now, Art and Text by layer, started drawing vas- even though both vases,more structure. I layered complimentary colors and shades and shadows as Shawnita Montgomery es using a five point brush in real life, are the sameline after line. I started lay- set them against each otherering with darker and lighter in an effort to show the dif- I drew two vases. Again, size, I decided to drawhues to give the objects real ferent hues and values and using the color guide, I one slightly bigger thanshape and three dimension- how they work together and used different shades of the other. The reason Iality. can help each other stand orange, ranging from light did this was because thatComposition: The darker out. to dark orange. COMPO- is how I imagined them.hues help define the shad- SITION: By using light, I also drew them so thatows on each object. By dark, and even opposite they looked man-made.creating this value contrast colors I have given my art That’s the look I was go- Art and Text by Amy Duffy contrast. As you can see ing for. from the pictures above, Art and Text by Christian Rosales 6 Computer Graphics Weekly Computer Graphics Weekly 7
  4. 4. Drawing With Lines Computer Graphics Class Cont. Craft: trast, because it doesn’t For this exercise, I used hurt my eye when I look at Craft: to create these im- a lot of darker values on a Mac computer and the drawing and that is what ages I used illustrator. the left side of the left im- software Adobe Illustrator. I want to achieve for this in Illustrator I chose the age and right side as well. I used a 12 point brush exercise. Hopefully, my brush tool and and made where on the opposite in the entire drawing with viewer’s eyes will also two layers. The first layer side has a lot more lighter 100% opacity. Also, I react the same way my was made with a green values. The reason the used two layers for the eyes did. I used the light, pallet and its all 5s. the two colors were chosen background. The objects middle and dark orange second (bowls) layer was were because they create layer and the green back- for my objects and light, made with different size a very nice contrast. ground layer, because it medium and dark green brushed ranging from Concept: the left image was easier for me to con- for the background. For .25-10. The color pallet was a tall and wide vase figure each layer without the background, I used used for that was orange that had natural lines andCraft - The tools I used to objects and light. Finally I affecting the other layer. different brush sizes to monochromatic 2. branches. The right sidemake this drawing were used Hue and contrast of I used Monochromatic 2 draw lines and to fill in the Composition: The hue has a short more narrowAdobe Illustrator, the paint colors, to really make this color guide, and I used the entire page. that was used in this vase with more lines andbrush, and different lay- drawing pop up and cath dark orange for outline of was green and orange branches as well. bothers of color. The way I the eyes of the viewer; ev- my two objects. I used the because they are on op- have natrual shapes toused my hand to make enthough it is ugly. middle orange to fill in the Concept: posite side of the color them.this drawing was by using objects and used the light I want my viewers to see spectrum. The image haslines to create the shapes Concept - This drawing orange to render the light two objects the round vase Art and Text by Roxyof the drawing. Also I has an object that is tall shadow area of the object. with twigs and a tall bottle Wasiunecmade the background and an object that is short. Art by Jordan Juarez For the dark shadow area, with twigs too. The art-by putting many different It also has an object that I used the darkest or- work is about how to ren-ways of writing five with is natural and an object ange that is closed to red. der objects on a space indifferent colors and size. that is hand-made. What I Lastly, I think I used 100% an interesting manner and want people to think when transparency in the entire balance the contrast ofComposition - I used dif- they see this drawing is a exercise. the colors. I think the twoferent colors and sizes to colorful drawing, with two objects complement eachnot only create the back- handmade objects hold- other, because it gives va-ground, but also to cre- ing twigs. Composition: riety and depth. I know I’mate the different shapes. I used orange and green not a good in drawing orI also used value in this hue for this exercise to painting but I really try todrawing, which is the re- show the contrast but at make my artwork interest-lationship between these Art and Text by Giovanni the same time I still want ing, and I want to render it Diaz the two hues to go togeth- to my audience in a differ- er. I think the color orange ent manner. and green is a good con- Art and Text by Lovette Fernandez 8 Computer Graphics Weekly Computer Graphics Weekly 9
  5. 5. Drawing With Lines Computer Graphics Class A Preview Of Cont. What’s Next! Craft- this project was color. Another thing i want ment to show the different them to look at it the val- layers of light and shadow ues used to show the dif- in the project. I had to use ferent layers of shadow the paint brush of many and light. Finally the con- sizes to accomplish that. trast can be seen when Another important tool is you look at the very dark the color picker and the area compared to the layer guide both of which lighter orange were needed. All of those components are needed Concept- the concept for to show the light and this art was as you can shadow. see two different man- made shapes one being Composition- when peo- tall and the other being ple look at the screen shots I want them to see shorter but wider. T he use of Adobe Illustrator to realistically duplicate an Art and Text by Robert image along with several color variations. the the different hues of Furlan10 Computer Graphics Weekly Computer Graphics Weekly 11
  6. 6. Drawing In In Progress... Illustrator Final Product: I n this work, I im- ported an image tak- image. I used the line and rectangle tools the right. Each day’s work is separated en from my phone in order to create into different layers (Nexus One) into these shapes. I then in the Illustrator file in Adobe Illustrator. used the eyedropper order to easily locate The original image tool capture the cor- a specific shape if can be seen above. rect color and used needed. This project After importing, I the gradient tool to took a combined total traced over the im- add depth and shade of about 9 hours from age creating boxes where needed. Ac- start to finish. and other shapes tual screen shots of that represented the progress of this parts of the original work can be seen to Art and Text by Tom Zwarycz12 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 13
  7. 7. Line Revisions By: Tom Zwarycz14 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 15
  8. 8. Warm Cool Color Revisions By: Tom Zwarycz16 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 17
  9. 9. Color Revisions Line Revisions Craft: To variate the colors of stand out more, such as win- the whole mood of the picture, Craft: I used the select tool ately. By adding certain lines I the objects, I used the pointer dows and bricks. This trick em- for example, when I made the in Adobe Illustrator to select am taking away the real effect tool to select certain objects. I phasizes more on the center photo look like it was taken in certain objects and give them of the illustration and I am add- then used the color swatches object or point of interest and the dark or on the scorching different line outlines. Some ing a cartoon-ish feel. and different color pallets to less on the background. sun. outlines make certain objects Concept: While viewing the im- change the color and feel of the Concept: The whole idea with stand out from one another, in age, the viewer may ponder work. Again, this is still using adding lighter colors allows me example, the bricks (that I spent whether these are effects that the same program, Adobe Il- to control what the viewer will a while doing). Other line types are overlaying a real image or lustrator. I also used gradients see first and where the viewer’s make the image look scratched an image created in Illustrator. where needed to show depth eye will go next. If I make a cer- and whacky. The lines give the image an al- and shade. tain object stand out by giving it Composition: By using heavier most surreal effect and shift the Composition: In some works a high contrast, the viewer will lines in the foreground, I put mood of the image. that use color, I use light tints look at that object int the work emphasis on the object and of each color to make objects first. I also used color to change direct the viewers eye immedi- By: Tom Zwarycz By: Tom Zwarycz18 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 19
  10. 10. Drawing In Illustrator Computer Graphics Class Craft- The way I used little lighter as it the eye For my object project I what the object is and how my hand to compose this gets to the middle. have chosen a picture of a each part of it was made picture was by carefully streetcar. I took this pho- up. I want the viewer to CRAFT: Using the pen it is yellow and it stands following lines to draw ev- Concept- What I want peo- tograph while visiting New notice the steps I took, tool, I traced the out- out. However, it could erything. The tools I used ple to see when they see Orleans and was fascinat- working from the back to lines of the buildings and be the second thing you to create this piece was this picture is a beachball ed by the vintage look of the front, and the layer- the sky. then moving see because it is on the Adobe Illustrator, and the stuck in a basketball hoop the streetcar against the ing that eventually helped from background to fore- far left. The next closest pen tool. during the day. modern city scape. compose this piece. ground, I traced a taxi, the thing that you would see is Craft: For this project I will Concept: I want the viewer street, and a person walk- the person walking. But in Composition- What I did be using Adobe Illustrator to easily understand what ing. I did all on Adobe Il- the future i will make the to draw peoples atten- and the ink tool. To fully is going on in the picture lustrator. Each outline was colors darker to match the tionwas add different val- capture this image I will be and to notice all of the lay- a different layer with a dif- actual picture ues of colors. The back-Craft viewer’s eye to focus first using large blocks of color ering and overlapping taht ferent color to represent CONCEPT: A Night Art and Text by Giovanni ground dark, and then a In Adobe Illustrator, I on the shoes and probably and outlining each shape is taking place. what it was in the actual Downtown Diazused the pen tool to cre- follow along the wavy lac- and filling it in. picture.ate shapes and I used a es, then to look towards Composition: I want the COMPOSITION: The firstcamera to take a picture the background. viewer to be able to tell Art and Text by Amy thing that want you to see Art and Text by Christianof the image I was going Duffy is either the taxi because Rosalesto create. Concept The subject is a pair ofComposition shoes. That is what I want The converse shoes are viewers to be able to rec-obviously the main sub- ognize. Everything sur-ject of the piece and they rounding then will be moreare sitting right in the cen- clear once I add more de-ter of the page. They are tail because right now it isset on a step stool and hard to tell what the shoesthere is a sense of depth are setting on.since I made a wall in the Art and Text by Allisonbackground. I wanted the Horn 20 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 21
  11. 11. Crafts: overlap the background. I used my Nikon S60 cam- Fourth, I traced the details era to take a picture of the of the picture and used Visual Arts Center. I took the eyedropper tool to fill a picture from an angle in colors closest to the so when I place my pic- original hue of the VAC ture on Adobe Illustrator picture. Fifth, I traced the it is going to be easier for bricks one by one and me to zoom in and out of used the eyedropper tool the picture. I used the pen to mimic the original color tool, eyedropper tool to of the bricks. For this ex- trace my art work. ercise, I’m trying to render the reality of my artwork Composition: from the original picture. For these pictures I took I used outlines of each of First, I put the VAC picture I took off the tree on the a picture of a shoe and the different sections of in a folder then opened side, because I think it is used the pen tool and the shoe with the pen tool Adobe Illustrator to make not that important. Also, the eye drop tool to try to to create the picture. a new page and saved it I added the bricks on the animate my exact picture on the folder where the upper foreground of the onto Adobe Illustrator. The VAC picture is. The two building one by one like shoe’s color was all done files has to be on the what I did on the bricks. by Illustrator which tried same folder because if not to take the best example it is not going to work fine. Concept: of the color of the shoe itArt by Jordan Juarez Second, I created a layer The concept of my art- could to make the image Art and text by Nico where the original picture work is our school’s Vi- look as real as possible. Krajecki is then another layer for sual Arts Center. I think it my picture art. Third, I is interesting because it started tracing the outline gives different angles and of my picture by using the I can control the eyes of pen tool, because it is al- my viewer to go to differ- ways easier to work from ent direction. the background to the foreground, so I can be Art by RobertFurlan sloppy to the area where Art and text by Lovette the foreground is going to Fernandez 22 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 23
  12. 12. Craft: For this project age i wanted to take ad-we had to pick an image vantage of the space.that we took and copy it I decided to try and fill Craft: In each photo I use the shapes of each imagein Adobe Illustrator. The the whole page with the an image of buildings (tak- as they change and in-way we did this was we shoes because I wanted en downtown, Chicago) crease in details.made two layers. One the shoes to be the main and Adobe Photoshop.layer was the picture that focus of the image. When Specifically the pen tool Concept: The concept isyou see above and the looking at this image the was used. multiple building and thesecond layer was all the veiwers eye naturally will sky.pen marks that I made by go left to right because Composition: I want tolayering the different parts the way the shoes are viewers eyes to fall on theonto the shoes. The way arranged make your eye shapes being added withthis illustration was able veer in that direction. in the images. I want them Art and text by Shawnitato come together was I The shoes that’s in front to see both the colors and Montgomerywould start at the back- is much brighter than theground and work forward. shoe in back which alsoThe first move I made was helps out compositionallythe background (picture making the shoe in front By Synthia Wesleyseen above). After that I more important than thewould close that layer i one in back.just made so I could still Concept: The concept ofsee the original picture. this picture is shoes onAfter that I started to concrete. The picture iswork on the shoe in the actually of my sister andbackground (picture seen her boyfriend walking onabove). I went through the the sidewalk. She askedsame steps for both the me to take a picture ofshoes, adding details in their matching blue Nikeat the very end. The last shoes, so I got low to thestep was to add gradients. ground and snapped aGradients really helped picture.with making the image ap-pear 3-D and realistic. Art and text by RoxyComposition: For this im- Wasiunec 24 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 25
  13. 13. F rom T his T o T his! By Christian Rosales By Allison Horn By Amy Duffy By Jordan Juarez26 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 27
  14. 14. By Lovette Fernandez By Shawnita Montgomery By Nico Krajecki By Roxy Wasiunec28 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 29
  15. 15. D rawn P ots Art and text by Tom Zwarycz For this work, I used a pencil on paper and drew short lines. I used multiple strokes of my hand to create many lines to form a teapot. Each drawing is composed of almost exactly one hundred lines. I positioned a teapot near a lamp to cast shadows and drew the teapot to the best of my abilities with a limit of one hundred lines.30 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 31
  16. 16. GREEN! By Jordan Juarez By Lovette Fernandez By Allison Horn By Amy Duffy By Nico Krajecki By Robert Furlan By Christian Rosales By Giovanni Diaz By Roxy Wasiunec By Synthia Wesley32 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 33
  17. 17. VALUE! By Nico Krajecki By Allison Horn By Giovanni Diaz By Synthia Wesley34 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 35
  18. 18. By Christian Rosales By Roxy.Wasiunec By Lovette Fernandez36 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 37
  19. 19. Meet The Artists! Christian Rosales Allison Horn Giovanni Diaz Amy Duffy38 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 39
  20. 20. Nico Krajecki Jordan Juarez Roxy Wasiunec Synthia Wesley Shawnita Montgomery Lovette Fernandez40 Computer Graphics 2011 Computer Graphics 2011 41