My Research Methods


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My Research Methods

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My Research Methods

  1. 1. My Research Methods Those which I am willing to share…. Scan the QR code Contact me
  2. 2. When conducting a company research I like to start from the internal resources and see what they have to say about themselves Company Website (About us, Media page, Press Release, Investor relations page, and Annual reports) can be a good start In addition, main official Social Network pages could contain great information, specially when conducting a marketing research. Starting from the Inside
  3. 3. Starting from the Inside (continue) Know who are the decision makers CEO’s, Presidents of Marketing, Board of Directors and etc… Check their social networks profiles, see who they are, which groups they belong to, or if they are part of other companies Board of Directors Tip - Crossing information may lead to finding a mutual friend or a partner company to the company you trying to reach
  4. 4. Going outside (With the research! Not physically going outside) A Great way to get an overview about the company can be done using websites, which contain companies and personal business profiles such as: Some of the websites required prior knowledge on how to read their reports, but if you are a self-learner that wouldn’t be too hard. Business Source Complete
  5. 5. Additional external resources You will be able to find lots of information in different press archives such as The above publications are a great source for current news and press releases on the person/company/organization you researching
  6. 6. Other Tactics You can’t find it? it! Is partially true when you handling a research. Sometimes you need to know HOW TO IT! Instead of Goggling the name of the company or person use the quote symbol (“_______”) to focus your search on the specific word/term you looking for Another way to find out any current news, blog, web, video, and etc can be done using Alerts or Realtime. Both are great ways to find current and real time information about any subject. Tip: You could also set alerts on a specific company and receive it directly to your email.
  7. 7. Other Sources and Research Tips When you deal with a company in an unfamiliar industry the best thing you could do is to read about the industry in order to be able to produce a better research results Website such as supply great industry research divided into categories with lots of graphs and forecasts
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