Centrum handlowe Aleja Słońca w Szczecinie


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Centrum handlowe Aleja Słońca w Szczecinie

  1. 1. the ChARMOF the NeWRetAIL hIGhStReet
  2. 2. THE CHARM OF THE NEW RETAIL HIGH STREET highest purchasing power combined with a very low retail density The future dominant retail and leisure destination in Szczecin with 70,000 sq m GLA The fastest developing residential districts in Szczecin The largest multiplex cinema in Szczecin Only 5 min. to the city centre and to the express road connections Finally, the New dowtown boulevard in Western Szczecin
  3. 3. WELCOME TO ALEJA SLONCA – THE NEW RETAIL HIGH STREETSunny retail boulevard in Aleja Slonca
  4. 4. POLANd, THE LARGEST CONSuMER MARkET IN CEE38 MThe most populated country of Central andEastern Europe with 38 M inhabitants.Evenly distributed population: GDANSK26 urban areas over 200,000 inhabitants, GDYNIAand 6 urban areas over 1 M inhabitants. SOPOT SZCZECIN+45% GDPStable and dynamic economy: +45% GDP BIALYSTOKgrowth over the last 10 years.Є 200 Bn marketConstant and sustained growth of consumer POZNANspending: Є 200 Bn by the end of 2010, WARSAW+ 60% over the last 10 years.GDP growth in 2009 +1.8% LODZPoland: Europe’s 6th largest economyand the only EU country that generatedGDP growth in 2009 +1.8%. WROCLAW LUBLIN Norway Sweden KATOWICE Estonia Russia (UPPER SILESIA) Northern Latvia Ireland Lithuania RZESZOW Ireland Belarus CRACOW England Holland Belgium Germany Poland Czech R. Ukraine Slovakia Austria Switzerland Hungary France Slovenia Romania Croatia Bulgaria Italy Portugal Spain Greece Turkey
  5. 5. THE MOST dYNAMIC RETAIL REAL ESTATE MARkET IN CEE8.3 M sq m GLA 8.3 M sq m GLA, 366 shopping centresIn 2010, the retail stock totalled8.3 M sq m GLA and the number of Total 2000 – 2010shopping centres 366. 3%From hyper to mall 15%The supply remains sustained with 23% Specialised Small650,000 sq m GLA delivered in 2009 and it 25% Medium 20 000-40 000 sq mis getting modernized with a switch from Large 40 000-80 000 sq mhypermarket-based offer to shopping malls. 34% Very Large <80 000 sq mHigh potentialDespite the strong retail development of Specialised: thematic centre > 20,000 sqm / small convenience: mall < 20,000 sqm GLA with food & convenience anchorslast years, Polish retail real estate market is Small positioned: mall < 20,000 sqm with various non-food anchorsstill underequipped in comparison to othercountries of the region. Thus, the potentialof the retail market in Poland is one ofthe highest in Central and Eastern Europe. CEE countries shopping mall GLA density 2009 New GLA supply per annumNew generation 1 000 sqm GLA (‘000) Average ’01-’10 sqm GLA/1,000 inhab. 400 900 350The market is still hungry for new shopping 300 250 800 700centres and the formats are evolving 200 150 100 600accordingly, with increasingly diversified 50 500 0shopping centres’ types, each catering to 400specific markets and locations. 1st generation 300 GLA : gross lettable area of modern retail 200shopping malls are aplenty but the market (shopping mall & standalone stores adjacent to malls) 100is hungry for new solutions of 2nd and 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010e 2011f3rd generation. hypers & DIY malls Sources: ICSC, PRCH, 2010
  6. 6. 47 HuNGRY MARkETS WAITING FOR THEIR FORMATS3M toolUrban structure of Poland is diversified 3M: Market Maturity Mappingwith the city markets developingat different speeds. the 3M tool(Market Maturity Mapping) revealsthe situation. 47 TOP DESTINATIONS47 top destinations Warsaw6 top competitive markets demandthe newest retail formats (differentiationphase).23 established markets with basic retailexpect an increased offer (consolidationphase). Poznan Purchasing power per capita18 emerging markets are ready Lubinfor further development (equipment Szczecin Wroclawphase). Cracow Olsztyn Upper Silesia GdanskSzczecin: among the 23 establishedmarkets; with 343 sq m GLA/1,000 Rybnik Bydgoszcz Opole Bielsko-Bialainhabitants the city is still undersupplied Czestochowa Plock Bialystokwhen compared to similar markets. Jelenia Góra Lublin Koszalin Lodz Torun Kielce Slupsk Walbrzych Pila Zielona Gora Legnica Gorzow Wielkopolski Siedlce Elblag Radom Konin Ostrow Wielkopolski Gniezno Kalisz Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski Rzeszow Tarnobrzeg Grudziadz Wloclawek Piotrkow Trybunalski Inowroclaw Stargard Szczecinski Tarnow Przemysl Nowy Sacz GLA density per capita Source: GfK 2010
  7. 7. SZCZECIN, THE BALTIC CROSS-BORdER CITY StockholmOn the German borderStrategically located on the border withGermany, Szczecin is less than 100 km away Copenhagenfrom Berlin. It is the most important urbanarea in the North-Western Poland with over474,000 inhabitants. Szczecin Berlin PolandIn the top 10 City centre by night Technology Park Szczecin Science and Szczecin Science and Technology ParkBeing the 2nd river port of Poland and alsoa known seaport, Szczecin profits fromthe delta of the Odra River that reaches outfurther into the Baltic Sea. It is ranked amongthe top 10 markets in Poland with the potentialconsumer market of Є 3,1 Bn.High-tech and ITDue to its location, Szczecin is rich in diversifiedindustries. It is a shipbuilding and fishery centre.Carlsberg, in turn, represents beer brewingindustry.The city is also becoming a prime Paris-inspired urban infrastructure Port with the infrastructuredestination for business process outsourcingcentres and hi-tech companies, such as SonionMicrotronics (optical equipment), or E-on(energy). It is also a strong IT and programmingcentre. Special Economic Zone located in nearbyGoleniow, together with an industrial park,provide sustainable employment in the area.Purchasing power24% higherPurchasing power is 24% above the nationalurban average, while the unemploymentrate of 8.1% is definitely below the nationalaverage. Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle Radisson SAS with the main city roadFerry in the port Szczecin Port Industrial pier
  8. 8. SZCZECIN RETAIL PROFILE: LOW ANd IMBALANCEd RETAIL dENSITYNoticeably less GLARetail density rate in Szczecin equals343 sq m GLA/1000 inhabitants, whichis 12% lower than in the top 6 cities inPoland.Retail concentratedin the centreSzczecin is already equipped with basic,1st generation schemes, with the onlyurban centre as a leader (Galaxy,42,000 sq m GLA). However, the retail offer Berlin ALEJA Ferio Pogodnoconcentrates mostly in the south (Auchan,Tesco, Turzyn, Piast) and east (Real, GaleriaGryf). SLONCA Galaxy Kaskada KoszalinOnly 1 centre in the west Ster TurzynThe retail profile of western districtis limited to Ster Shopping Centre, Piasta 1st generation retail scheme. The nichefor diversified complementary retail and Galeria Tesco Gryfentertainment offer in this part of Szczecinis still to be filled. Auchan Kolbaskowo Top70,000 sq m GLA Shopping RealAleja Slonca will join Ster Shopping Bydg n oszc Berli zCentre to create a dominant leisureand entertainment destination of70,000 sq m GLA with the largest multiplex cinema in Szczecin. Shopping Centres Hypermarket Shopping Centres limited service Project > 20.000 sq m GLA mall
  9. 9. FOCuS ON THE OFFER: GO WEST!From the retail basics… W o jsRetail density in Szczecin is imbalanced, Shopping Centres ka GLA [sqm] per activitytwice lower in the west when compared to C ho Po o W js ls k k athe central and eastern districts of the city. 100 000 na pi K r as i ns k i e g o a ie Po ckIn the western quickly developing housing go l s k t ry C ho A 50 000 bodistricts there is only one shopping Ferio na rko ck O pi a K r as i ns k i e g o ie ns gocentre. Namely, Ster, a hypermarket- and Pogodno a t ry A bo k 10 000 rko ODIY- anchored scheme of 36,000 sq m GLA ns a kand 60 units, with the well performing Real Large Unitsand Castorama DIY. Total Mi ck ALEJA SLONCA ie w Small Shopping Mi icza ck and MS ALEJA SLONCA ie w icza Galaxy…to the dominant Centre Units GLAdestination 26 Kwietnia 26 KwietniaAleja Slonca joins the Ster Shopping AREAS BY ACTIVITY Ster Ster Turzyn Kaskada KaskadaCentre to create the dominant urban Ku u lSlon cu K S o n cuscheme of 70,000 GLA. Its broad offer of CONVENIENCE: Daily shopping - Grocery,entertainment with a multiplex cinema food & drinks shops, Gdand fashion with wide choice of popular an Gd laundry & tailors services, mobile phone suppliers, Piast sk a a nsbrands will consolidate the market in other services kathe area. PERSONAL: Apparel & beauty - fashion, Tesco Prze shoes & leather goods, strze n na Galeria jewel & accessories, health Prze strze n na Gryf Galeria & beauty retail and services P om Gryf or s HOME: P om ka Interiors - furnishings, Struga wa Top decoration, household or s Au kro to Auchan appliances, home s tr Shopping ka ad St r wa Realuga Cu accessories, gardening aP wa ozn ito Kolbaskowo Au an s k a ran Psz Top abska kro to en ENTERTAINMENT / LEISURE: s tr G n a ad Shopping D Cu a Multimedia & Cinema, Sport & fitness, books and aP ozn an s k a nit ow Real entertainment, bars & ra Psz en G n a ska restaurants Dab ow a al et M © www.Globe24.pl © www.Globe24.pl a w lo e ta M
  10. 10. THE ONLY SCHEME IN WESTERN SZCZECINAlready established Future national road GermanyAleja Slonca joins an already established st.shopping destination of Ster Shopping lcow ldzieCentre anchored by the 14,500 sq m GLA SpoReal hypermarket and a 9,000 sq m GBACastorama DIY to form a 70,000 sq m GLAscheme. housing DevelopmentAlready 4.5 M a year car park car park housingExisting destination surrounding Aleja Slonca Developmentalready attracts 4.5 million visitors a year. G en .SNew districts around .M ac zk a st.Aleja Slonca will be located in the middle ofthe fastest developing districts (increase of112% over the last 10 years) in Szczecin ofthe highest purchasing power in the city. Ge st. rma lcow bus stop ny ldzie SpoGerman flowIn Szczecin, the turnover generated bythe tourists from Germany already accountsfor 25-30% of the total retail sales inthe region. Aleja Slonca located only 7 km Ku S lonc u. st .away from the German border will be the firstto profit from the influx of the Euro-spendingcustomers coming from abroad. ex tram ten housing sio Ci n ty Development ce nt re
  11. 11. ONLY 5 MIN...5 min. for pedestrians Ge car parkThe destination is already served by car park rmaa regular bus line, while the tram lineextension will have its terminal just in nyfront of the scheme. Pedestrian access iscomfortable both from the existing SterShopping Centre and the surrounding housingresidential areas. housing Development Development5 min. for cars delivery GAs a part of established retail destination, enAleja Slonca profits fully from the location .S Spo .Min ul. Ku Sloncu St., the main road linking Futu ac ldthe city centre with the western part of zk zielc reSzczecin. In this way, quick car access from a nat st.the city centre (5 minutes) is provided. ow ion st. alExtending roathe cross-border flow d bus stopAleja Slonca extends naturallythe infrastructure serving the existing CitySter Shopping Centre. Thus, it structuresthe communication axes of the destination. centThey will reach out to the German border reonly 7 km away through the futureexpress road to Germany that passes bythe shopping centre. tram pedestrian access direction access direction pedestrian access pedestrian access park car deliveries car park stop bus deliveries future tram stop bus stop
  12. 12. ALEJA SLONCA: THE NEW WESTERN BOuLEvARdDowntown boulevardAleja Slonca has been designed as a centrecomplementing an already existingshopping destination with Ster ShoppingCentre to give a dominant urban schemecentre of 70,000 sq m GLA. With the accessfrom the express road connection andthe city centre taking only 5 minutes, it isbound to become a leading retail, leisure,and entertainment centre.Finally lifestyleAleja Slonca offers the boulevard ofshopping and fashion to the westerndistricts. In this scheme, traditionalconvenience for daily needs is provided bySter (36,000 s qm). Aleja Slonca (38,000 sq m)completes that basic offer with a rangeof popular brands of clothing as well asentertainment and attractive leisure.Its broad offer of family fashion brands,restaurants and cafes, and family relax Kids` play on the groundfloor Outdoor street ambiance in the mallwith the largest multiplex cinema inSzczecin responds not only to the needsof the neighbouring, fastest developingdistricts of Szczecin, but also of the Germanvisitors (between 20% and 30% of share inthe consumer market).The largest multiplexAnswering the expectations of the marketin the consolidation phase, it bringsto the destination profiled leisure andentertainment, attractive restaurants andcafés, and the largest multiplex cinema inSzczecin. View of the main entrance from the Ster Shopping Center View on the cinema lobby
  13. 13. GROuNd FLOORAReAS BY ACtIVItY ground floor st. car park level 0+0.5 zka CONVeNIeNCe: Mac ground floor . .S daily shopping - Grocery, n Ge food & drinks shops, laundry & taailors services, mobile phone suppliers, other services P PeRSONAL: Apparel & beauty - fashion, shoes & leather goods, jewel & accessories, health & beauty retail and services hOMe: Interiors - furnishings, car park decoration, household appliances, home accessories, gardening eNteRtAINMeNt / LeISURe: Multimedia & Cinema, Sport & fitness, books and entertainment, bars & restaurants PEDESTRIAN BOULEVARD MAYLAND +: free services, comfort & relaxation areas, special attention to clients COMMON AReA Sp old zie lco w FOOd COuRT ESCALATOR st. future national roadP MuLTILEvEL CAR PARk INFO dESk kId’S ZONE ELEvATOR Sp City centre BOudOIR TOILETS old zie Germany lco w st.
  14. 14. FIRST FLOOR first floor car park level 1+1.5AReAS BY ACtIVItY st. ka first floor a cz CONVeNIeNCe: M S. daily shopping - Grocery, n. food & drinks shops, Ge laundry & taailors services, mobile phone suppliers, other services PeRSONAL: P Apparel & beauty - fashion, shoes & leather goods, jewel & accessories, health & beauty retail and services hOMe: Interiors - furnishings, car park decoration, household appliances, home accessories, gardening eNteRtAINMeNt / LeISURe: Multimedia & Cinema, Sport & fitness, books and entertainment, bars & restaurants MAYLAND +: free services, comfort & relaxation areas, special attention to clients COMMON AReA Sp old zie lco w st. FOOd COuRT ESCALATOR future national roadP MuLTILEvEL CAR PARk ELEvATOR kId’S ZONE Sp City centre BOudOIR TOILETS old zie Germany lco w st.
  15. 15. ALEJA SLONCA IN dETAILSHighest purchasing powercombined with a very lowretail densityTotal GLA: 38,000 sq mLevels: 2Units: 150 Parking spaces: 1,200Full parking capacity 2,900on the siteCarpark levels: 5 Catchment area: 516,100 inhab.Consumer market: Є 2.9 BnContact our leasing agent for further information! tel. +48 22 546 98 85 +48 510 00 90 46 leasing@mayland.pl Sunny retail boulevard in Aleja Slonca
  16. 16. C O N t A C t :www.mayland .pl