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Visual CV Tomasz Piwonski

Visual CV Tomasz Piwonski



CV in English

CV in English



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    Visual CV Tomasz Piwonski Visual CV Tomasz Piwonski Presentation Transcript

    • Tomasz Piwoński e-mail tomasz_piwonski@gazeta.pl mobile +48 668 400 434birthday date 10.10.1974nationality polish 02-777 Warsawaddress Kopcińskiego street 9/13languages Polish, English
    • Secondary School IV LO Olsztyn M.A. in Management University of Economics Poznań Postgraduate StudiesPsychology of Change University of Warsaw
    • 1989-09 1991-09 1993-09 1995-10 1997-10 1999-11 2001-11 2003-11 2005-12 2007-12 2010-01 2012-01 Trainer Data Management and Trainings Business Planning JTI Poland Manager Trade Marketing Browar Belgia Manager Sales AnalysisWyborowa S.A. – acquisition of Seagram Manager Seagram Poland Sales Analyst Ovita Nutricia currently Danone Sales Analyst University of Economics Poznań Education Secondary School LO IV Education
    • Census & Segmentation:I’ve prepared and conducted a Census of 68.000 retail outlets and 4000 ofHoReCa points. During Census JTI’s Trade Marketers visited all retail POS located incovered territories (cities above 100M citizens). TMs received quantitativequestionnaires which allowed me to classify POS based on volume, consumertype, but also quality of exposition and ability to execute trade marketingactivities. Using collected data I’ve prepared Retail and Horeca MarketSegmentation.
    • Consumer and Trade Marketing activities :For Customer Service Department in Ovita Nutricia I’ve prepared a database ofoutlets for mothers looking for our company Brands suggesting in which outlets onecan buy desirable products. Based on ACNielsen data, in Browar Belgia I definedactions to be done in order to deliver the volumes. I suggested increasingnumeric distribution in Retail Channel. All necessary activities were prepared byme including: steps of introductory and control visit for Sales Representatives. I’vedetermined incentives for decision makers in POS, established reporting system,prepared reports verification by external company, carried on permanent actionresults monitoring and budget realization follow-up. After this action, Wojak’sweighted distribution increased by 8%.
    • Winston Brand Lunch:Within the framework of the new brand introduction to the Polish market I’veprepared the test implementation in the part of the mazowieckie and łódzkievoivodeship. In order to obtain selective distribution, I chose the best points ofsales located in suitable locations for the Brand (established in accordance withthe guidelines of the Winston Brand Group). I’ve calculated quantitative targets tobe applied to covered database of visited points, the number of visits per day,also the expected effectiveness of the Sales Representatives in order to achievethe expected level of Weighted Distribution. I was following-up the results in the formof reporting, as well as the final presentation of results, which I presented to BrandGroup.
    • IT Projects for Business:In Seagram Polska I’ve deployed system, whose supplier was Anica System.That was the first implementation of the SFA system in alcohol industry in Poland. InWyborowa I’ve introduced independently system for a team of 100people in Sales and Marketing. In Browar Belgia I was using from .As a Project Lead in JTI Polska I’ve deployed system within the TradeMarketing and Sales Department. The total budget of the project counted for morethan 3 million PLN. In deployment more than 250 people participated from 9nations, including more than 150 mobile users. 120 of them use mobile printers forprinting orders.
    • Reporting system:In Seagram and Wyborowa I’ve introduced (from the very beginning) datareporting system delivering sales results, distribution and Sales Reps’ results.Working as a Trade Marketing Manager in Browar Belgia I’ve automated ACNielsenreports. In JTI Polska I was preparing reports for Trade Marketing Departmentshowing quantity and quality of Loyalty Programs installation, follow-up of WinstonBrand launch during distribution test, permanent and temporary POSM materialsinstallation vs. targets, Sales Reps’ results reporting, hostesses effectiveness in 1-2-1activities, quantitative and qualitative assessment of POS database by Sales Repsterritories.
    • Team recruitment and management:After Seagram acquisition to Wyborowa SA, I received a promotion to SalesAnalysis Manager position (2,5 years after my career started, I was 27). I wasmanaging the team of two Sales Analysts, which I’ve recruited. First goal after joiningJTI Polska was a transfer of 4-person team from Gostków to Warsaw andestablishment of a 6 employees team. From original group I have managed tomotivate to move 1 person. The other 5 employees were recruited by me(including Senior Analyst). Person working as a Senior Analyst was prepared duringsuccession project to move to the position of Sales Analysis Manager when I waspromoted to Trade Marketing Department.
    • Business Analyses and Recommendations:Market Concentration Curve for visited database vs. estimation of market curvereceived from ACNielsen – recommendation: higher volume outlets exist on Polishmarket than the worst that we currently visit, we should explore those newopportunities.Prioritization of Key Accounts using General Electric matrix – recommendation:proper dedication of Brands to specific Key Accounts to invest budget intopromotions and hostess actions.Analysis of visited database potential – recommendation: deletion of unattractiveoutlets from coverage, replacement by new outlets.Analysis of Number of Facings and Position on the Shelf vs. Share of Market –recommendation: increase Brand visualization in International Key Accounts andRetail.
    • Business Analyses and Recommendations:Analysis of hostess efficiency according to the number of effective contacts, loyalcustomers gaining by 1-2-1 actions – recommendation: preferred days and hours ofhostesses work in selected outlets.Analysis of existing Loyalty Programs concerning volume-wise attractiveness of outlets,in which we had contracts signed – recommendation: increase the efficiency of theplacement of Marketing Programs by moving agreements from existing points of lowattractiveness to the high volume points.Analysis of retail outlets coverage – recommendation: new geographical split ofPoland into Sales Representatives territories and Regions.
    • 6 Trade SegmentationTraining usefulness Successful negotiations Investment 5 Route to Consumer Optimization Workshop Project Management using Kepner-Tregoe Change management method 4 Executing Brand Strategy 3 Designing and Presentations to groups Implementing OLAPAssertive communication Solutions Using Recrutimentand effective cooperation Microsoft SQL Server 2 in teams 2000 (M-2074) Time management English 1 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Year
    • Organized Determined Effective Goal-oriented Optimistic Proactive Determined Development Optimistic Working in groups Effective Negotiating skills Imagination Visionary Determined Hardworking Effective Development DeterminedVisionary Proactive EffectiveClient-oriented Optimistic Proactive Visionary EffectiveClient-oriented Determined Working in groups Goal-orientedInnovativeness ImaginationLiability Assertiveness Effective HardworkingDetermined EffectiveImaginationDetermined Business oriented Client-oriented Negotiating skills Accuracy Visionary Assertiveness Proactive Goal-oriented Presentations Proactive Strategic Thinking Visionary Decision making Development Presentations Goal-oriented Effective Accuracy Organized Proactive Proactive Effective AnalyticalNegotiating skills HardworkingLiability Visionary Analytical Skills Proactive Skills Hardworking Development Effective Determined Patience DevelopmentCreative CommunicationLiability Imagination Proactive Communication Patience Optimistic OptimisticLiability Analytical Determined Results-driven AssertivenessAccuracy Intuition Goal-oriented Analytical Accuracy Effective Effective Imagination Negotiating skills Skills Skills Hardworking Liability Analytical Skills Client-oriented
    • English Project management Polish Experienced in training giving Power Point Ability to perform MS Excel presentations CRM: Siebel Sales MS AccessCRM: Siebel Analytics MS Word Statistical analysis MS Outlook SPSS MS Project SAP – user Visual Basic Driving licence B Adobe Photoshop Databases
    • How May I Be Of Assistance To YOU? I’m looking for new and interesting challenges in project management, analysesmaking or marketing activities preparation, which give me a lot of satisfaction. I’d like to develop my skills on demanding position delivering market solutions,recommendations, analyses, managing complex projects as a Project Lead, or creatingmarketing activities. I’m looking for stable job in friendly environment, giving a lot of possibilities toaccomplish ambitious tasks, ensuring work-life balance. I hereby agree to process my personal data included in my job application due to recruitment process(according to Law on Personal Data Protection from 29 August 1997 (Dziennik Ustaw No.133, item 883).
    • Profiles: http://pl.linkedin.com/in/tomaszpiwonski http://www.goldenline.pl/tomasz-piwonski Standard CV: http://hotfile.com/dl/145646570/5cacff4/Tomasz_Piwonski_CV.pdf.htmlhttp://hotfile.com/dl/145649913/6067bc8/Tomasz_Piwonski_CV_en.pdf.html