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Sampling in rap music
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Sampling in rap music


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From the international conference "Culture, Communication and Cognition", Poland Lublin 7 – 9 May 2012. The presentation consists of four parts. Firstly, I briefly explain what is sampling. Secondly, …

From the international conference "Culture, Communication and Cognition", Poland Lublin 7 – 9 May 2012. The presentation consists of four parts. Firstly, I briefly explain what is sampling. Secondly, I discuss legal issues related to the usage of samples in the USA. Next I prove that Polish rappers are proponents of copyright protection. These three parts of my presentation are a sufficient basis for claiming that it is a paradox: although rappers’ creativity is based on intellectual property rights infringement they advocate for enforcement of these rights. In the last part of my presentation I propose two explanations of the paradox and ask some further questions.

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  • 1. On relationships between technology, ways of thinking and institutions Sampling in rap music Tomasz Kukołowicz Institute of Applied Social Sciences University of WarsawCulture, Communication and Cognition (International Conference) Poland - Lublin - 8 May 2012
  • 2. Sampling1971Urszula SipioskaNim zakwitnie tysiąc róż[Before a thousand of roses comeinto bloom] 2000 Grammatik Friko [For free]
  • 3. Vinyls as a source of music samplesA screenshot of the music videoOrtega Cartel, To historia [This is history], prod. Sixteen Pads Films
  • 4. Sampling as a technical solutionAKAI MPC 60A ‘legendary’ sampler FL Sutio A computer programme which offers similar features to samplers
  • 5. Sampling as copyright infringement in the USA1990-19942 Live Crew v. Roy Orbison,Oh, Pretty Woman1991Vanilla Ice v. David Bowie& Queen, Under Pressure1991Biz Markie v. GilbertOSullivan, Alone Again Source:
  • 6. Polish rappers against music piracy (1)If you play it as an MP3 file and this is the first time this rapmay be not much good. But this toast may be better if youlisten us in a better version. Rap will not please you as longas you don’t devote something. And if you devote twograms of marihuana the sound will not be opaque. Devotetwo grams and you know what you may buy? See, you mayhave a record singel, an album, half a gram of marihuanaand a beer. You may put an original [recording] on youheadphones and this original will be yours as your family is.Only an original has this good climate, only! Only once youmay listen to it for the first time ! Let it sound clearly. Paweł „Pezet” Kapliński source: Pezet, To tylko raz, [It’s Only Once]
  • 7. Polish rappers against music piracy (2)Grammatik, Friko [For free]Buy Polish rap CDs!Leszek „Eldo” KaźmierczakYou know – nothing for free.Maricn „Jotuze” Józwa
  • 8. Polish rappers against music piracy (3) [In Poland] Everything should be given for free and above all mp3. So there is a traffic on the net like in Hel*. I feel sorry that they nastily rob us. * Hel - a popular seaside resortŁukasz „L.U.C” Rostkowski, Co z tą Polską? [What’s with Poland?]
  • 9. Paradox of rappers arguing for copyrights enforcment Explenation 1 Amateurs Professionals Non-commercial recordings Commercial recordings Lack of appropriate formal Intellectual property rights regulations (Lessig) Fair division of profits (Towse) 1999 fot. Maranna Sosnowska, 2009
  • 10. Prophetic nature of music?Jacques AttaliNoise: The Political Economy of MusicChanges in music preceeds social changes 1979 2002 Rap music Creative commons Free cultureProphetic nature of music?
  • 11. Spurious relationship Technological innovations - ? C Causality CausalityRap music A Correlation B Creative commons Free culture
  • 12. Paradox of rappers arguing for copyrights enforcement Explanation 2 Neo institutionalism Path dependence (Douglass North) Institutional change is incremental Rappers Record music Sell music within according to the the old institutional new logic framework
  • 13. Concluding questions• What is the common source of rap music and creative commons licenses?• Why new art forms are accepted faster than new social rules? Thank you for your attention!